Are accolade and praise the same?

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As nouns the difference between praise and accolade
is that praise is commendation; favourable representation in words while accolade is an expression of approval; praise.

What are some synonyms for accolade?

  • distinction.
  • kudos.
  • approval.
  • award.
  • badge.
  • decoration.
  • honor.
  • laurels.

Whats the definition of accolade?

1a : a mark of acknowledgment : award received the highest accolade of his profession. b : an expression of praise a movie that has drawn accolades from both fans and critics. 2a : a ceremonial embrace. b : a ceremony or salute conferring knighthood.

What are accolades examples?

The definition of an accolade is something given to a person in order to praise or recognize the person or his accomplishment. An example of accolade would be a thumbs-up review of a play. To praise or honor.

What is the opposite of accolades?

Opposite of an expression of praise or admiration. criticism. blame. condemnation. disapproval.

Accolade Meaning

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Is Accoladed a word?

An accolade is an award, honor, or instance of positive acknowledgment or praise. ... The adjective accoladed can be used to describe a person who has received many accolades, but the term is rarely used.

What does can accommodate mean?

1 : to provide with something desired, needed, or suited I needed money, and they accommodated me with a loan. 2a : to make room for rebuilt the ship to accommodate the bigger containers. b : to hold without crowding or inconvenience a hotel that can accommodate about 100 people.

How do you use the word accolade in a sentence?

Accolades sentence example
  1. The CEO received accolades for business success. ...
  2. The play received accolades from critics and audiences alike. ...
  3. The company walked off with the coveted accolades at the SC Magazine awards 2013 Europe. ...
  4. Within seven years of launching his design firm, Brown had racked up the accolades .

What is accolade in a sentence?

Definition of Accolade. an acknowledgement or an award. Examples of Accolade in a sentence. 1. When the police officer was offered the plaque, he refused to accept an accolade for doing his job.

How would you use accolade in a sentence?

Accolade sentence example. It was the biggest accolade in the industry. The New York awards are the media industry's highest accolade . Surely he now has earned the accolade "master."

How do you give someone an accolade?

After you finish playing an online multiplayer match, follow the instructions on the screen. The Give Accolade screen appears. Choose a player to send an accolade to. Select an accolade to send.

What is the best accolade that an ideal teacher deserve?

What is the best accolade that an ideal teacher deserve? Ans: An ideal teacher has a good sense of humour/smiles. But this fun is not of impolite nature. An ideal teacher has the highest degree of integrity.

How do you say thank you for accolades?

I'm glad the project was a success and I enjoyed being part of it." "Thank you so much! I appreciate your recognition. I had a great time working on the project and with the team."

What is the synonym of accrue?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for accrue. accumulate, amass, collect.

What's another word for autonomy?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for autonomy, like: independence, self-reliance, freedom, legitimacy, sovereignty, self-direction, liberty, independency, free, accountability and voluntariness.

What is the synonym and antonym of Bedlam?

noun. 1'there was bedlam in the stadium after he won' uproar, pandemonium, commotion, mayhem, confusion, unrest, furore, upheaval, hubbub, hurly-burly, turmoil, riot, ruckus, tumult, disarray, turbulence. disorder, chaos, anarchy, lawlessness. informal hullabaloo, ructions, rumpus, snafu.

How do you use ephemeral in a sentence?

Ephemeral sentence example
  1. New words are constantly being coined, some will prove ephemeral , others are here to stay. ...
  2. The civic reaction was an example of the ephemeral nature of the public's interest. ...
  3. Concentrate on remembering the ephemeral moments which will be the most precious 20 years from now.

How do you use admonish in a sentence?

Admonish sentence example
  1. You can admonish a selfish man. ...
  2. Sarah knew better than to admonish him for his threat. ...
  3. They admonish children of men for this reason. ...
  4. And because wee are not without hope of his recovery, wee are not to account him as an enemy but to admonish him as a brother."

How do you use the word accoutre in a sentence?

Nisia follows on a magnificently accoutred elephant. And though the girls do wear pants, they as often wear dresses, accoutred with nifty striped knee socks or prim white anklets. When he arrived the militia consisted of about 10, 000 men, who were by his report " badly accoutred and scarcely at all disciplined ".

What is the part of speech for the word accolade?

part of speech: noun. definition: an expression or mark of approval; honor; award.

How do you use the word accommodate?

The ceilings were too low to accommodate his terrific height. They were kind enough to accommodate me with a ride to the train station. I asked them for additional money, and they accommodated me with a loan. He would often change his schedule to accommodate his clients.

What does well accommodated mean?

: willing to please : helpful, obliging a generous and accommodating host.

What is the other word of accommodate?

house, cater for, entertain, lodge, put up, shelter. help, aid, assist, oblige, serve. adapt, adjust, comply, conform, fit, harmonize, modify, reconcile, settle.

Is accolade plural or singular?

accolade /ˈækəˌleɪd/ noun. plural accolades.