At overseas or in oversea?

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4 Answers. You should use overseas: both oversea and overseas literally mean across a sea, but overseas is much more common for the abstract meaning of abroad. So if you're talking about literal travel across a sea, use oversea: I work in oversea shipping.

How do you use overseas in a sentence?

Overseas sentence example
  • The news was carried overseas to Henry, who was then in Normandy. ...
  • General Greene has spent too long at war overseas to know where Ohio is. ...
  • You can send me overseas , like the elite do their unwanted children. ...
  • I hadn't heard you returned from overseas . ...
  • He spent too much time overseas .

What it means to be overseas?

1 : of or relating to movement, transport, or communication over the sea an overseas liner. 2 : situated, originating in, or relating to lands beyond the sea overseas installations overseas immigrants.

What does Overseas mean in the UK?

You use overseas to describe things that involve or are in foreign countries, usually across a sea or an ocean. ... An overseas student or visitor comes from a foreign country, usually across a sea or an ocean. Every year millions of overseas visitors come to London.

What is the synonym of overseas?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for overseas, like: abroad, transpontine, alien, away, across, foreign, in foreign countries, ultramarine, oversea, transpolar and transarctic.


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What means travel overseas?

over, across, or beyond the sea; abroad: to be sent overseas. adjective. of or relating to passage over the sea: overseas travel. situated beyond the sea: overseas territories. pertaining to countries, associations, activities, etc., beyond the sea: overseas military service; overseas commitments.

What is opposite of abroad?

Antonyms: domestic. Synonyms: overseas, oversea, afield.

What is British National Overseas status?

British National (Overseas), abbreviated BN(O), is a class of British nationality associated with the former colony of Hong Kong. ... There are an estimated 2.9 million BN(O)s; about 623,000 of them hold active British passports with this status and enjoy consular protection when travelling abroad.

Can a British Overseas Citizen live in the UK?

If you are a British citizen, you can freely live and work in the United Kingdom without immigration controls. A British overseas territories citizen is someone who is part of the United Kingdom colonies, because they themselves or their parents or grandparents became the citizens of these territories on January 1.

What do you mean by overseas players?

Overseas Player means any player who plays the game of football in any country other than England and is recognised as such by their National Association.

What is an overseas company?

overseas company means a company, body corporate or corporate entity existing under the laws of a jurisdiction outside the Islands; Sample 1.

How long can a British Overseas Citizen stay in the UK?

British Overseas citizens are exempted from obtaining a visa or entry certificate when visiting the United Kingdom for less than six months. They are eligible to apply for two-year working holiday visas and do not face annual quotas or sponsorship requirements.

Can you lose your UK citizenship if you move to another country?

Your citizenship will not be impacted if you move or retire abroad. This means that you will not lose your British citizenship if you move to another country. ... Otherwise, you may lose your British citizenship when applying for nationality of another country.

Can I apply for UK citizenship from abroad?

If you're from any other country

You can usually apply for citizenship 12 months after you get indefinite leave to remain (or 'indefinite leave to enter') unless you're married to a British citizen.

Is British my nationality?

Overview. If you or your parents were born in the UK, you might automatically be a British citizen. Check if you're a British citizen based on whether you were: born in the UK or a British colony before 1 January 1983.

How can I prove my BNO status?

If you're a British national (overseas) ( BNO ), you can use a current or expired BNO passport (or a photocopy) to show your BNO status when you apply. If you no longer have a BNO passport you can still apply. The Home Office will check your status but it may take longer to get a decision on your application.

Who is eligible for British National Overseas passport?

You may be able to register as a British overseas citizen if you're stateless (not recognised by any country as having a nationality) and both of these apply: you were born in the UK or an overseas territory. one of your parents is a British overseas citizen.

What is the opposite ancestor?

Opposite of a person's ancestors or family and social background. descendant. descendent. anaphor. consequent.

What is the synonym of domestic?

domesticated, tame, pet, household, trained, not wild.

Does Overseas mean out of the country?

Overseas can be an adverb or an adjective. If you go overseas, you visit a foreign country which is separated from your own country by sea.

Does Overseas mean international?

As adjectives the difference between international and overseas. is that international is of or having to do with more than one nation while overseas is abroad.

What is the difference between British national overseas and British citizen?

Understanding British National (Overseas) nationality

All British nationals are eligible to be issued with UK passports. However, only British citizens have the automatic right to live and work in the UK.

Does UK allow dual citizenship?

Our policy on dual nationality

The United Kingdom: recognises dual nationality. allows British nationals who have dual nationality, to hold a British passport.

How do I apply for a British national passport overseas?

  1. Get a digital passport photo. There are 3 ways:
  2. Apply online. Fill in your personal details: • Full name, date of birth and contact. ...
  3. Pay for your new passport. You'll need a debit or credit card.
  4. Send us your documents. You must send original documents, unless we ask for a photocopy.