Can we cancel ttd darshan tickets?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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Can TTD Special Darshan Tickets Be Cancelled? No, the authorities of the temple have not given the option of cancelling TTD Special Darshan Tickets. But if there occurs an error while the transaction is in progress the concerned devotee will be refunded but general cancellations are not allowed.

Can we get refund for TTD darshan tickets?

Devotees who have booked darshan tickets and accommodation at Tirumala will be refunded if they wish to cancel their journey to the temple town in view of the coronavirus threat, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) Executive Officer A.V. Dharma Reddy said on Tuesday.

Can we transfer Tirumala darshan tickets?

No u can't transfer your tickets. over a year ago.

Can we cancel Tirupati accommodation?

With regards to cancellation, the TTD has pointed out that the facility would be available until a day ahead of the appointed date. No cancellation will be allowed and no money will be refunded if accommodation is not utilised. ... TTD has also introduced some incentives to the pilgrims who book accommodation online.

Can we change TTD special darshan tickets date?

Devotees who have booked their darshan tickets online between April 21 and May 31 can modify their scheduled date of darshan to any day before the year end.

TTD special entry darshan tickets cancellation | TTD special entry darshan cancellation

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How can I get VIP darshan in Tirumala?

Devotees can avail of the facility on any day of their choice by submitting details of their tickets at the Arjitham office at Tirumala a day in advance before 5 pm. For more details, devotees can dial the phone number 0877-2263589 or send mail to [email protected]

Can we visit Tirumala without booking?

Tirupati Darshan Without Online Booking : Every morning at srinivasam pligrimage guest house 300 rupees tickets are issued for same day darshanam you can come here and take the tickets with a valid id proof along with all the family members who are coming with you 90 percent chances are there that you will get a ticket ...

Can we get room in Tirumala?

So the first and simplest answer to your question is that, yes, you will get accommodation at Tirumala. ... There are huge accommodation facilities available at Tirumala. There are guest houses called Sri Padmavathi guest houses, Sri Venkateswara guest houses, Sri Varahaswami guest houses.

Can we extend accommodation in Tirumala?

Accommodation in Tirumala will be organised on an alternate (Odd-Odd, Even-Even) mode to pilgrims and only two persons per room will be allowed to stay in Tirumala only for 24 hours. No extension of the rooms will be provided.

How can I book 300 RS ticket in Tirumala offline?

52 answers. One can get special darshan tickets for RS. 300 offline for that day at Srinivasam complex near APSRTC bus stand, Tirupathi. But one has to be in the line early in the morning.

How many times we can visit Tirumala in a year?

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam plans to restrict the number of darshans by each devotee to only one a year. And a 'biometric system' will record fingerprints and photographs of pilgrims so that no one gets darshan tickets for the second time in a year.

Is Aadhaar card mandatory for TTD darshan?

The Lord Venkateswara Temple in Tirupati has made Aadhaar cards mandatory for availing 'privileged special entry darshan' and free laddus. Those without an Aadhaar card can, however, submit any other authorised identity card midway on the 10-km-long stairway to the shrine.

What is break darshan in Tirumala?

The VIP break Darshan is generally allowed during the break of the regular Darshan types like Sarva Darshanam and Divya Darshanam process. VIP break Darshan is the fastest mode, safest Darshan in Tirumala Temple, but during heavy crowd season, this Darshan also takes up to 3-4 hours only high recommendations work only.

How can I print my TTD ticket?

You may visit and download the file once again for taking the print-out. Once you arrive in Tirupati visit a Internet Center login and take a print.

Are babies allowed in Tirupati?

Amaravati: Restrictions on entry for kids below 10 years of age and elders aged above 65 years at Tirupati Balaji temple have been relaxed. ... The temple administration announced on Friday that there would be no special queues or arrangements for children and the elderly.

How many tickets can you book online TTD?

It is to be noted that an individual can book upto 6 tickets at at time. You can only book tickets 60 days before the actual darshan. The slots will not open before 60 days, so you cannot plan much ahead of time.

How many days we can stay in Tirumala?

you can plan to stay 3 days but you can book only for the first day. After you can renew your reservation everyday in the morning.In 3 days you can see also the beautiful surrounding of the main temple. Book also the special darshan, it is better.

How can I avail additional room in Tirumala?

The only official way to book multiple rooms is approaching Tirumala Devesthanam by sending the Demand Draft. Other option is 5 or 6 persons book the rooms individually using their own Photo Id from however there is no guarantee that all of you will get the same cottage.

Is 300 RS ticket available in Tirumala?

Candidates can buy TTD 300 rs tickets online from the official website. After completing the registration process, visitors can check the Rs 500 Online Booking Status by using Login details. Candidates can also apply for TTD Laddu Order through Tirumala Tirupati Devsthanam's online services.

Which Seva is good in Tirumala?

You can go for suprabhaatam and tomala seva can go little nearer to deity. All savas out side temple only. All sevas almost having complementary Darshan, Better You can check ttd site for all sevas.

Why is hair given in Tirupati?

According to Hindu belief, the reason behind giving this donation is said to be that Lord Venkateswara repays the loan taken from Kubera. It is believed that the price of hair we give, Lord Venkateswara, gives you ten times more than that. The good thing is that devotees here donate hair of their own free will.

When Tirumala tickets will open?

Officials further mentioned that the issuance of Sarva Darshan tokens will be stopped in Tirupati from September 23. The Tirumala Tirupati Temple officials have notified devotees that tickets for Tirumala Srivari Darshan will be released online from September 23.

Are laptops allowed in Tirumala?

You can book in tirumala same day or previous day online thru ur phone or laptop and get it printed privately at the shopping ctr in tirumala. Phone is safe in the phone bag shoe location before the 300 entry. They collect everything and give back outside the temple.

How much time it will take for free darshan in Tirumala?

actually darshan is Available 24 hours a day. it is not that problematic what people used today. simple thing Is that u book 300 rs darshan , reach before an hour, go in line , u will be free within 3 hours.

What is 500 Rs darshan in Tirumala?

The Tirupati Darshan 500 rupees ticket is for the VIP Break Darshan.In this the visitor can have a total Darshan time of 2-3 hours including the waiting time. The Tirupati VIP Darshan has three layers, L1 category available for VVIP that is people in higher positions in Government of India such as Judges.