Can't begin to fathom?

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Fathom = imagine/understand You'd use this phrase to mean "I can't truly understand" or "I can't even imagine" Ex. I can only begin to fathom the horrors the soldiers endured during the war.

What does it mean when you can't fathom?

To fathom something is to understand it thoroughly, and is usually used in the negative, as in "I can't fathom why he doesn't want to go along with us."

How is fathom used in a sentence?

Fathom sentence example. He could not fathom the depth of the ocean. She couldn't fathom the idea. ... Another part of her couldn't fathom how a man colder than a sociopath could be working for the side of good.

What is fathom sentence?

Definition of Fathom. to penetrate for understanding. Examples of Fathom in a sentence. 1. Since I have always done my work, I cannot fathom why my boss just fired me.

How deep is a fathom in feet?

Fathom, old English measure of length, now standardized at 6 feet (1.83 metre), which has long been used as a nautical unit of depth.

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What is the difference between fathom and understand?

As verbs the difference between understand and fathom

is that understand is to be aware of the meaning of while fathom is (archaic) to encircle with outstretched arms, especially to take a measurement; to embrace.

Who did fathom marry?

Indigo was an adult female SeaWing who was introduced in Darkstalker. She was the partner of Fathom and the mother of Clearpool, Cowrie, and Ripple. Her last known location was an island off the coast of the Rainforest Kingdom, where she was raising her three dragonets with her partner, Fathom.

Is fathomable a word?

Capable of being readily understood: comprehensible, intelligible, knowable, understandable.

What does Deresive mean?

adjective. characterized by or expressing derision; contemptuous; mocking: derisive heckling.

What is the meaning of Fantom?

Definition of 'fantom'

a. an apparition or spectre. b. (as modifier) a phantom army marching through the sky.

What is meaning of reverberating?

reverberate \rih-VER-buh-rayt\ verb. 1 : to reflect or become reflected. 2 : to repel or become driven back. 3 : to continue in or as if in a series of echoes : resound.

What does it mean to be adulterated?

transitive verb. : to corrupt, debase, or make impure by the addition of a foreign or inferior substance or element especially : to prepare for sale by replacing more valuable with less valuable or inert ingredients He was in the same plight as the manufacturer who has to adulterate and misrepresent his product.

What do you mean by Null?

1 : having no legal or binding force : invalid a null contract. 2 : amounting to nothing : nil the null uselessness of the wireless transmitter that lacks a receiving station— Fred Majdalany. 3 : having no value : insignificant …

What is the meaning of my thoughts are stars I Cannot fathom into constellations?

"My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations." It means that Augustus had the ideas but not the organization required to become an author. But actually, from his last letter, he seemed to be an incredible writer. I wish John Green didn't make him write those awesome words.

Is Sunstreak a BeetleWing?

Sunstreak was an adult male BeetleWing who was introduced in The Lost Continent. He lived over 2,000 years before the events of The Dragonet Prophecy, and after Clearsight moved to Pantala, she saw a possible future where they fell in love, were married, and had at least four dragonets together.

How old is kinkajou in Wings of Fire?

4 (Hatched in 5008 A.S.)

Who is queen of SeaWings?

Coral is an adult female SeaWing who was introduced in The Lost Heir. She is the current queen of the SeaWings and is renowned in the Kingdom of the Sea for writing countless scrolls, most of which primarily revolve around herself and her kingdom.

How deep is a league of water?

A league is an old-fashioned measurement of distance that's roughly equivalent to three miles. 3 x 20,000 = 60,000 miles. This is the distance Aronnax, Nemo, and company travel under the sea, not the depth they go while traveling.

How many feet is a shackle?

A nautical unit used for measuring the lengths of the cables and chains (especially anchor chains), equal to 15 fathoms, 90 feet or 27.432 meters.

Why is a nautical mile different than a mile?

Nautical miles are used to measure the distance traveled through the water. A nautical mile is slightly longer than a mile on land, equalling 1.1508 land-measured (or statute) miles. The nautical mile is based on the Earth's longitude and latitude coordinates, with one nautical mile equaling one minute of latitude.