Did ronan o'gara shake the queen's hand?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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Speaking to Paddy McKenna for the 'Frank and Honest' interview series, the Munster legend debunked the myth. He said: "The picture appeared in the Irish Times where everyone was convinced that I refused to shake her hand. "It's a completely opportunistic photo."

Did Ronan O'Gara shake hands with the Queen?

During the reception, the team were introduced to the Queen, and this infamous photo was taken, which some people misconstrued as ROG snubbing the Queen. But as the former Munster legend says on An Irishman Abroad, the hugely popular podcast by Jarlath Regan, that's most certainly not the case.

Is Ronan ogara married?

Personal life. On 6 July 2006, O'Gara married his longtime girlfriend Jessica Daly. They have five children – twins, a boy and a girl named Rua and Molly, born in 2008, and three more sons – JJ, born in 2010, Zak, born in 2012 and Max, born in 2014.

Where did Ronan O'Gara get married?

Ronan (29) capped a superb Triple Crown winning year with Ireland and a Heineken European Cup winning year with Munster when he walked up the aisle with Jessica (28) at University College Cork's Honan Chapel yesterday afternoon.

Where is Jessica O'Gara from?

Jessica O'Gara is a mother of five, wife of retired rugby player Ronan and a primary school teacher. She lives in Paris in a suburb 10km from the city centre.

Queen & Ronan O'Gara

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Does Ronan O'Gara live in France?

Ronan O'Gara: The La Rochelle coach is loving life on France's Atlantic coast. Head coach Ronan O'Gara is close to settling his medium-term future with a commitment to La Rochelle for the next three years.

Who is Brian O Driscoll's wife?

O'Driscoll married actress Amy Huberman in July 2010 in Lough Rynn Castle.

What happened Duncan Macrae?

McRae received a seven-week suspension after the disciplinary panel concluded the following: “The Committee concluded that this was a very serious incident, a repeated striking of a player on the ground who was in no real position to defend himself.”

What number was Ronan O Gara?


Perhaps his most notable moment in a green jersey was the last-minute drop goal which brought Ireland a 17-15 win over Wales and the 2009 Six Nations Grand Slam – Ireland's first for 61 years.

How do I contact Ronan O Gara?

To book England International Rugby Player, Ronan O'Gara, as the rugby speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Rugby Speakers agency by filling in our online contact form. Alternatively, call a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

How much does Ronan O'Gara get paid?

A target for the American football franchise as a kicker in a deal reportedly worth $12 million over four years, O'Gara confirmed yesterday that he has had preliminary talks with the club's owner, H Wayne Huizenga.

Who did Ronan O'Gara take over from?

Ronan O'Gara will take over as Head of the Professional Team at La Rochelle. Image credit: Sportsfile. RONAN O'Gara's accelerating career path is set for another significant boost after being handed the huge opportunity to become the main man responsible for all rugby affairs at European Cup semi-finalists La Rochelle.

How many points has Johnny Sexton scored for Ireland?

O'Gara has 130, O'Connell has 113, Hayes has 107, Sexton has 105, and Heaslip has 100.

Who coaches La Rochelle?

Donnacha Ryan is set to join Ronan O'Gara's La Rochelle in a coaching role ahead of next season. The 37-year-old will bring the curtain down on his successful 17-year professional playing career, as he takes his first steps into the coaching world.

Who Punched O Gara?

New South Wales' Duncan McRae was sent off after punching Ronan O'Gara, leaivng the Irishman needing stitches.

What punishment did Duncan McRae get?

In 2001, during the match between the New South Wales Waratahs and the British and Irish Lions, McRae was sent off for punching Irish fly-half Ronan O'Gara eleven times in the head as O'Gara lay grounded. He received a seven-week ban for the assault.

How long was Duncan McRae banned for?

New South Wales Waratahs fullback Duncan McRae was todaysuspended for seven weeks for repeatedly punchingBritish and Irish Lions back Ronan O'Gara in Saturday's tour rugby match.