Did toto and nana become friends?

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Toto and Nana never became friends because:
Toto and Nana were asked to stay together. But Toto being very naughty never allowed Nana to sleep. The comfort zone of Nana and all other animals vanished just because of Toto. Hence, Toto and Nana never became friends.

Why did Toto and Nana become friends?

Toto and Nana never became good friends because Toto was a very mischievous animal while Nana was a very calm one. Toto was a very destructive monkey who always used to disturb others. Nana was the family donkey who used to be very calm and silent.

Why did Toto and Nana not become friends?

Toto was very naughty and wicked and could not stay still for a long time. Nana was a well behaved and docile animal. When they were together Toto bit on the long ears of Nana and Nana got annoyed with Toto. Thus, Nana and Toto could not become friends.

What was the relationship between Toto and Nana?

Answer: Nana and Toto shared a hatred against each other. Because, Nana was the narrator's family donkey ,toto troubled Nana by clinging on to its long ears with his sharp teeth. He did so on the very first night that he shared the stable with the donkey.

Why did Toto shift Naina?

The day when Toto was shifted from the compartment to the statement there was a donkey whose name was Nana. Toto was a very mischevious monkey and he caught hold of Nana's long ears and fastened both the ears with his teeth. He also did not allow Nan to rest.

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Why was Toto kept secretly?

Toto's presence was kept a secret because grandmother didn't approve the addition of any pet in already existing pets. ... When grandfather took Toto to home, he kept Toto in closet and tied to a peg because writer's grandmother didn't like animals or any pets.

What Would Toto do with his tail?

Answer: Toto's tail added to his good looks and also served as a third hand. He could use it to hang from a branch, and it was capable of scooping up any delicacy that might be out of reach of his hands.

How did Toto prove to other animals?

Answer: Toto's presence was kept in secret from the grandmother. Every time grandfather would bring a new bird or animal to include in his private zoo, the grandmother would become fuss. She was fed up with the inclusion of animals day by day.

How did Toto check the warmth of the water?

Answer: by dipping his toe in the water,he checked whether the temperature of the water is moderate or not.

Why did Toto run away with the dish of Pulao?

Explanation: Toto grabbed the plate of pulao and ran off because he wanted to eat the whole plate of tasty rice all alone. When he was interrupted by grandmother and the aunties of the narrator, he threw things and water at them. ... Toto sat there all afternoon, gradually devouring each rice with ease and comfort.

Why did Nana drag Toto with her?

On the first night in the stable, grandfather visited Toto. He found Nana restless, pulling its rope in order to stay away from the heap of hay. Grandfather gave Nana a slap across her haunches, and she jerked back, dragging Toto with her.

Why was not Toto not good enough to be kept at home?

Yes, Toto was not good enough to be kept at home. He was upto some kind of mischief all the time. He tore the wall papers of the rooms, and also tore the school blazer. He troubled other fellow animals.

Under what circumstances did Toto refused to take bath?

Toto would refuse to take a bath if someone laughed at him as he rushed to the kitchen fire to dry himself. He would feel hurt at being mocked in this manner.

How was Toto a nuisance in the house?

Answer : Toto was a nuisance in the house because he was always up to some mischief. He sometimes tore curtains, tore people's clothes, scratched wallpaper, broke dishes by throwing them and so on. He even fought with the pet donkey. Will all these losses, he was surely a nuisance to all.

How did Toto boil himself?

How does Toto almost boil himself alive? Answer: Toto cunningly tested the temperature with his hand then gradually stepped into the bath. He stepped first one foot, then the other, until he was into the water up to his neck. He rubbed himself all over with the soap.

What happens when one day Toto stole the plate of Pulao from the table?

⇒ One day, Toto picked up the dish of pulao and ran on a branch for eating it. But when he was scolded, he thre the plate and broke it. He had crossed his limits and this is when the grandfather realized that Toto was not the sort of pet he could keep and later he sold Toto back to the Tongawalah. Hope it helps you!

Why did ticket collector called Toto a dog?

The Ticket collector classified Toto as a dog because there was no mention of fare in his rulebook for a monkey to travel in the railways. ... Toto was a pretty monkey because his eyes were bright and sparkled with mischief beneath deep set eyebrows.

Why was monkey called Pretty?

The author said Toto as a pretty monkey because Toto had bright eyes which sparkled with mischeif beneath the deep set of attractive eyebrows and his teeth which were pearly white were displayed often adding to it the best thing was its tail which added more beauty to Toto.

How did toto take his bath?

Toto takes bath in a large bowl of warm water. He would test the temperature with his hand before stepping into the bowl. He would take the soap and rub it all over himself in that bowl. Toto learnt to do so as he had seen the author doing the same.

Why did Toto throw a plate at grandmother?

On Grandfather's arrival, Toto picked up the dish and got out to sit in the branches of the jackfruit tree. He stayed there all afternoon and ate slowly till he finished all the rice. Then, to irritate Grandmother, he threw the dish from the tree thus breaking it into pieces.

Why did Toto enter the large kitchen kettle?

Toto entered the kitchen. He got into the kettle because it was too cold outside and he wanted to enjoy a hot bath. Water was too hot that he kept on hopping up and down.

Why did grandfather buy the monkey?

Grandfather was a great lover of animals and birds and was maintaining a mini zoo by himself to take care of the animals and birds in his possession. Once, he saw a monkey in captivity under a tonga driver. ... The monkey was too small and looked very cute which made the grandfather decide to get the monkey for himself.

Why was Toto sold at such a cheap rate?

Answer: Toto was sold at such a cheap rate because he was a great nuisance in the house. He tore the curtains, destroyed the plates, and disturbed nana. So the family couldn't bear the expenses, that's why toto was sold to the Tonga driver at such a cheap rate.

What added TOTO to his good looks?

Toto's tail added to his good looks and served him as a third hand which would help him to climb from one branch to another and scoop any delicacy that might be out of reach of his hands. Correct is (d) tail as grandfather said . Toto's tail added to his good looks and also served as a third hand.

Who was Nana How did Toto trouble him?

How did Toto trouble him? Ans: Nana was the narrator's family donkey. Toto troubled Nana by clinging on to its long ears with his sharp teeth. He did so on the very first night that he shared the stable with the donkey.