Do jasper and octavia get together?

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In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Octavia and Jasper finally reunite after being separated from each other in Mount Weather.

Who does Jasper end up with in the 100?

In the Earth Skills, after Jasper was speared in the chest, Clarke cared for him and treated his wounds till he got better. Later on, in Season Two, Jasper falls in love with Maya Vie. However, in order to save the Sky People from Mount Weather, Clarke is forced to irradiate level 5, killing Maya.

Who does Octavia date in the 100?

In the end, Octavia convinces the two factions to stand down and in so doing, passes the Judge's test, leading to the Transcendence of humanity. Along with the rest of Clarke's friends, Octavia chooses to return to human form in order to live out life on Earth alongside her new boyfriend Levitt.

Do Clarke and Octavia get together?

Clarke and Octavia become good friends during Season One, working and overcoming many obstacles together. ... In Season Five, Clarke and Octavia reunite after six years but their relationship is strained due to Octavia's threat to Clarke's adoptive daughter Madi and her actions as Blodreina.

Do Octavia and Lincoln have a baby?

They never had a kid Octavia was never pregnant. ... The scene with the baby is her when she was born and the scene where she says shes pregnant is actually a scene where she says something else.

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