Do o’brien and jorgenson make peace?

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He almost forgives him, but instead keeps alive the tension between them. More important than making peace, "O'Brien" acts out his need for making war, something that he desperately missed being stationed on a base. ... So with much effort, "O'Brien" finds a way back into the war; his new enemy is Jorgenson.

Why does O'Brien play a trick on Jorgenson?

Jorgenson neglects to treat O'Brien for shock, and he does a poor job on the shot wound, which eventually almost turns gangrene. What prank do O'Brien and Azar play on Jorgensen? In order to get revenge, O'Brien plans to psychologically traumatize Jorgenson while Jorgenson is keeping watch at night.

Why does Tim O'Brien hate Bobby Jorgenson?

Tim hates Bobby Jorgenson for many reasons. He almost lost his life because of him. Tim describes Bobby as green and incompetent, "When I got shot the second time, in the butt, along the Song Tra Bong, it took at son of a b*tch almost ten minutes to crawl over to me". O'Brien had almost died of shock.

Why did Azar kick O Brien?

Azar, who might not even know what the word "moral" means, and who would almost certainly have no truck with it if he did, obviously agrees to help him scare Bobby Jorgenson. But when O'Brien decides to pull out, Azar goes through with the prank anyway and then kicks O'Brien in the head for being weak.

What role does the Morty Phillips story serve in the ghost soldiers?

O'Brien asks where Jorgenson is to break the silence. The story of Morty Phillips is about the arbitrariness of death in war, which the men choose to call luck because that makes it feel like they have some semblance of control over their fate.

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How does Obrien view death?

O'Brien's worldview is one of acceptance and peace in the face of death, of celebrating the dead by remembering them living.

What is the theme of ghost soldiers?

Jorgenson finally understood what it meant to be scared in war, how the fear robbed you of your humanity and sanity. This is the theme of “The Ghost Soldiers” in The Things They Carried. O'Brien asked Azar to stop, feeling that his need to psychologically balance the equation with Jorgenson had been met.

What does Tim say you shouldn't have to feel about being wounded?

What does Tim say you shouldn't have to feel about being wounded? ... Tim didn't feel like he was in war as much; he felt like an outsider.

Where does O'Brien get shot?

By Tim O'Brien. O'Brien gets shot twice in his time in Vietnam. The first time, Rat Kiley is there and takes care of him. O'Brien is sent away to recover and is fine.

Why does Rat Kiley shoot himself?

In The Things They Carried, Rat Kiley shoots himself in the foot order to get out of fighting. As a result, he is transferred out of the combat zone without causing himself any serious damage.

Who are the ghost soldiers?

Ghost soldiers, people whose names appear on military rolls, but are not in military service, generally used to divert salaries.

How does O'Brien exact his revenge on Jorgenson?

How does O'Brien exact his revenge on Jorgenson? He beats him up.

What does the ghost soldiers add to the book?

What does "The Ghost Soldiers" add to the book that we have almost completed? The chapter adds a lot of heaviness. The chapter gives like a better view of how these soldiers are affected by the war in ways we wouldn't think. Does your opinion of O'Brien change throughout the course of the novel?

What was hard for the narrator to admit to himself?

What was hard for the narrator to admit to himself? That is was not right for him to be mad at bobby. What did it mean to "get spooked"? To die.

Why did O Brien's relationship with Linda end?

Why did O'Brien's relationship with Linda end? She died of a brain tumor.

What does Kiley confess to Sanders?

What does Kiley confess to Sanders? He likes killing the Viet Cong. He's in love with Martha.

What was O Brien's worst day of the war?

In “The Lives of the Dead,” O'Brien described how his “worst day at the war” was during his assignment to carry “the bodies [of twenty-seven soldiers] down the mountain to a clearing alongside a narrow dirt road” (230).

How many times does O'Brien get shot?

Summary and Analysis The Ghost Soldiers. O'Brien recalls the two times he was shot in Vietnam.

What does Linda say being dead is like?

The Power of Stories

Tim talks to Linda in one of his dreams, and she tells him that being dead is 'like being inside a book that nobody's reading. ' And all the dead can do is 'wait…and hope somebody'll pick it up and start reading. '

What happened to Norman's friend Max?

What happened to Norman's friend Max? He drowned in a lake.

What happened to rat after five or six days what did he keep talking about?

The soldiers' platoon is always out at night. Who did Tim get this story from in "night life"? What happened to Rat after five or six days? Rat Kiley became extremely outgoing and wanted to talk a lot.

Why does Rat Kiley almost hug O Brien?

Rat Kiley almost hugs O'Brien in The Things They Carried because he hates war and is glad that O'Brien will no longer have to be part of it. That Rat is genuinely happy for O'Brien can be seen in the fact that he indulges in such unusual behavior.

Who is Bobby Jorgenson?

Bobby Jorgenson is the new medic in O'Brien's squad after Rat is shipped out. O'Brien gets shot and calls for medic.

How is Rat Kiley wounded in Vietnam?

He says that he is haunted by images of body parts, especially at night. He sees his own body and he imagines bugs chewing through him. The next morning, he shoots himself in the toe—an injury large enough to earn his release from duty.