Does webex capture attendee?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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Webex Events captures the source ID when an attendee selects the URL link in the event, program, or recording email messages from a particular vendor. You or your site administrator can then generate an attendance, a registration, or a recording report that shows each attendee's source ID.

Can Webex capture attendee list?

Find a Cisco Webex Event ID

In the Search by: drop-down list, select Event name, enter the event name, and click Display Report. This generates an attendance list report, which contains the event ID. In the List Report Download History section, click the . csv file link to download the attendance list report.

Does Webex take attendance?

After hosting a WebEx meeting, you have the ability create a report of all of the participants and the times that they entered and left the meeting. ... To see the attendance for a particular meeting, click on the name of the meeting. An attendance report will be created, with options to print and export.

Can Webex track your activity?

Only the host can turn on or off attention tracking in a session. ... On the Communications tab, select Attention tracking. For Mac users, select Webex Training > Preferences > Tools > Attention Tracking.

Can Webex Host see what participants are doing?

During an event, the host (and panelists if granted permission) can use the attention tracking feature to monitor if attendees are focused on the presentation.

Cisco WebEx Online Class : How to Check Attendance and Attentiveness of Students

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Does Webex detect cheating?

Webex is a cloud-based web and video conferencing service provided by Cisco. standard-based video systems, including features such as meeting recording and broadcasting. behavior, e.g., when candidates know they are monitored, they won't even try to cheat. ... Candidates join the meeting from their assignments page.

Does Webex know if you screenshot?

WebEx will notify meeting participants that a screenshot is being recorded. When someone else is sharing their official screenshot in a meeting using Cisco WebEx, one can take a screenshot of what's being shared.

Can Webex see your screen without permission?

View Your Customer's Desktop in a Webex Support Session. You can view your customer's desktop without requesting to control it to observe or advise them on how to schedule or troubleshoot an issue that they have.

How does Webex know you're active?

When people send or read new messages in the app, their availability displays as active in Webex on iPhone, iPad, or Android. When they're away from the app, Webex shows when they were last active. You can only see the availability of people in your organization.

Can you join Webex without video?

Webex supports different call and video options, depending on how your account is setup. If you prefer, you can turn off your video before making or answering a call or joining a meeting. ... See Join a Meeting or Call with Audio Only on Cisco Webex for more details.

Can I see who joined my Webex meeting?

When you're in a meeting in Webex, you can quickly see who's joined the meeting regardless of whether they've joined from the Webex app, from the Cisco Webex Meetings app, or from a video device. You can even see what they're up to during the meeting, such as who's muted and who's sharing their screen.

How do I save Participants in Webex?

This guide will walk you through the steps to view and export Webex meeting information.
  1. Log into WebEx by going. to
  2. Select Classic View from. ...
  3. Select the My WebEx tab. ...
  4. Select Usage Report.
  5. Select the start and end. ...
  6. Click the Display Reports. ...
  7. Select your meeting from. ...
  8. Click the Export Report.

How does Webex track attention?

How do I track participant attention in a Webex Event? ... The attention indicator shows if an attendee has minimized the event window or brought another window in front of the event window. After an event ends, you can generate reports to obtain data about individual attentiveness.

How do I keep a Webex session active?

From the customer view in, go to Settings, and scroll to the Idle Timeouts section. Turn on the switch beneath Webex Teams Web Client Idle Timeout. Below Off Network, select the amount of time that off network Webex for Web users can stay idle.

How do I appear offline on Webex?

Tap your profile picture, and then select Settings > General. Turn off the Share Your Status toggle.

How do I go invisible on Webex?

Hide or Show Your People Insights Profile - Webex Meetings and Webex Events (New) Account Holders. Select your name in the top of the left navigation bar, select My Profile, and select View my People Insights profile. and then select Hide or Unhide.

How do I host Webex without permission?

To enable Join Before Host for a host account:
  1. Log in to your Webex Site Administration page.
  2. Click on User Management > Edit User.
  3. Enter search criteria for the host account in the User name: or Email: field, then click the Search button.
  4. Click on the name link of the host account.

How do I optimize video for Webex?

Select the screen or application you want to share. at the top of the screen, and then select Share Content. The optimization options are available for the Chrome browser only. and then select Optimize for text and images or Optimize for motion and video.

Does Webex notify?

Webex supports smart notifications, so you can get pop-up notifications and alerts outside of the app when you get new messages. See Smart Notifications on Multiple Devices for more details. This is the default setting. If you only care about messages sent directly to you.

Does Webex mirror video for others?

Mirror view applies only to your self-view video. Your video isn't broadcast to other meeting participants in mirror view. If you want to see yourself as other participants see you during a meeting, turn off mirror view.

Can I turn off video on Webex?

The video is on by default when you join a call or a meeting. It is possible to hide the Turn video off button from the user interface. ... The meeting host can turn off the video of a participant in Webex Meetings. You can turn it back on directly from your device by tapping the camera icon.

How do I cheat on Webex exam?

How to Cheat in an Online Exam
  1. Sending Screenshots to an Expert. ...
  2. Screen Sharing or Mirroring to cheat. ...
  3. Cheating with Technological Devices. ...
  4. Impersonation or Using a Friend. ...
  5. Intercepting Video Feeds. ...
  6. Using External Projector. ...
  7. Using a Virtual Machine. ...
  8. Other Non-technical Approaches to cheat.