Has alan hickey left 5aa?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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Alan Hickey is stepping back from nights on FIVEaa as he battles cancer. After last week announcing his intention to depart FIVEaa, Jeremy Cordeaux will be staying to take over FIVEaa's nights program, 8pm-12am.

What happened to Alan Hickey?

RADIO legend Jeremy Cordeaux will be back on air at FIVEaa next year to replace night-time host Alan Hickey who is battling cancer. Cordeaux, 71, announced last Friday the station wanted him to change timeslots but he declined, saying he would not take another broadcaster's job.

Is Jeremy Cordeaux leaving 5AA?

Mr Cordeaux's employment has been terminated and 5AA and Nova Entertainment have taken action to ensure this can never happen again.” But Mr Cordeaux doubled down on his controversial comments, telling Channel 7 he was surprised and disappointed with his sacking but that he does not retract anything.

Is Tony Pilkington married?

Married with six children and three grandchildren, Pilko and his wife, Anne now live in Sydney.

Does Jeremy Cordeaux own a radio station?

In 1990, Jeremy Cordeaux sold his interest in 5DN and bought radio stations 5AD and 5SE from Hoyts Media.

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How many cars does Jeremy Cordeaux have?

In a 2017 interview, Cordeaux revealed he had collected about 60 cars and had more than 25 registered and ready to drive in a purpose-built garage showroom at his eastern suburbs home. He estimated the showroom cars were likely to be worth between $5million to $6million.

How do I contact 5aa?

Contact Us
  1. Lifeline on 13 11 14.
  2. Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636.
  3. Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467; or 000 in the event of an emergency.

Is Reimer leaving 5aa?

David Penberthy (pictured above), who co-hosts the breakfast program on Adelaide's FIVEaa, took to Twitter yesterday to call for the sacking of colleague Andrew Reimer, who handles the weekend evening slots on the station.

Is Sonya Feldhoff married?

Sonya has been step-mum to Amelia and brother Elliot since they were 14 and 12 years old, respectively. ... She married their father Mark Webb in 2008 and has always had a strong relationship with both children.

What car does John Laws drive?

'There's nobody better than Alan Jones': John Laws

The top radio broadcaster was photographed behind the wheels of his Mercedes Maybach, which he took ownership of on Monday. Laws, 84, has long been a fan and collector of high end vehicles and has several in the garage at his Woolloomooloo home.

How do I call Nova Brisbane?

  1. Website: novafm.com.au/brisbane.
  2. Telephone: 07 3872 6999.

Who owns Nova?

NOVA Entertainment is Australia's fastest growing entertainment company with broad interests across the media industry. NOVA Entertainment is wholly owned by Illyria Nominees Television, a private investment company of Lachlan Murdoch.

What's playing on Nova right now?

  • Easy On Me Adele.
  • Youngblood 5 Seconds Of Summer.
  • Your Love (9Pm) Atb / Topic / A7s.
  • Leave Before You Love Me Marshmello / Jonas Brothers.
  • Don't Call Me Up Mabel.
  • Cold Heart (Pnau Remix) Elton John / Dua Lipa / Pnau.
  • Sunflower Post Malone / Swae Lee.
  • Cover Me In Sunshine Pink / Willow Sage Hart.

Who reads the news on 5AA?

Kate Collins, Brenton Ragless and the Nine team deliver a half-hour weekday news bulletin on FIVEaa at 12 noon.

Who is Will Goodings married to?

Goodings is married to Eve and they have three children. His son Will Goodings currently also works in the media at 5AA. He hosts Rural Live TV and reads the sport on KG and the General with episodes live and podcast on www.australialivetv.com.

What number is 5AA?

FIVEaa, 5AA 1395 AM, Adelaide, Australia | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

What station is Leon Byner on?

Byner has been at 5AA for over 2 decades and currently hosts a top rating morning talk show on radio station 5AA Adelaide and 9 radio Macquarie affiliates in country SA.

What radio channel is AFL on?

ABC Grandstand's AFL coverage reaches all parts of the country and beyond, through ABC Radio, ABC Grandstand on digital radio, ABC NewsRadio and into the Asia Pacific on Radio Australia.

Who is Will Goodings father?

His father, Channel Seven weekend news host and media identity Graham Goodings, had a long career in radio which also contributed to his love for the industry. Will has had a number of roles on air at FIVEaa including producing the top rating FIVEaa Breakfast Show for two years.

Who is Mel Usher?

Mel Usher. This year's ACRA winner, FiveAA's Mel Usher, is a 'relative' newcomer to news presenting. She walked a slightly different path to reading news on Adelaide's #1 breakfast show. “I started in commercial radio in 1997 handing out 'icy cold cans of coke' for Triple M Adelaide.