How old is locky gilbert?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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The eighth season of The Bachelor premiered on 12 August 2020. This season features Locky Gilbert, a 30-year-old adventure tour guide from Perth, Western Australia.

How old is Locky?

Channel 10 has chosen women in their 20s and 30s to date Locky. And that's because Locky himself is 30 years old. The tour adventure guide from Perth was born in 1990.

What is Locky Gilbert's profession?

Locky spends half the year in Perth as a roof plumber and the other half in Europe, where he is an adventure guide. Having spent a lot of time outside and in exciting challenges, Locky knew Australian Survivor was the right fit for him.

How tall is Locky?

According to his Survivor stats, Gilbert stands at 195 cm tall. That's 6 ft 4!

Where was Locky Gilbert born?

Whilst the adventure guide now seems to split his time between Perth and Bali, it turns out Bachie Locky actually hails from Murray Bridge. Bachie Lachie was born and bred in the South Australian town, residing there until the age of seventeen.

Meet Australia’s Newest Bachelor, Locky Gilbert! | Studio 10

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How much did locky Gilbert get paid for The Bachelor?

Survivor turned Bachie Locky Gilbert has reportedly earned a sweet $100,000 for his appearance on The Bachelor. An insider said his five figure cheque wasn't too bad for someone who was an “average Joe batch” and not “very witty”.

Is locky Gilbert still with Irena?

Nearly a year after the finale aired, Srbinovska and Gilbert are still going strong. The pair have been enjoying a seven-month road trip around Australia, and plan to return to Perth in the next three weeks to settle down in a new home.

How tall is locky Gilbert Bachelor?

How tall is Locky Gilbert? Locky Gilbert is 196cm, which correlates to a hefty 6'5. Yep, that means Aussie's new Bachie is in the same league as the likes of Hollywood screen ledge Dwayne Johnson, as well as sprinting icon Usain Bolt.

How tall is this year's Bachelor?

And now the latest Bachelor, pilot Jimmy Nicholson, has revealed his true height during an interview with Now To Love. 'I think I'm 6'1,' said the 32-year-old hunk. Despite being inches taller than the Australian adult male average of around 5ft9in, Nicholson is still the shortest of recent Bachelors.

How tall is tall in Australia?

Australia — 172.53cm (5 feet 7.92 inches)

Australians are 172.53cm (5 feet 7.92 inches) tall on average. Australian men are 179.20cm (5 feet 10.55 inches) tall on average. Australian women are 165.85cm (5 feet 5.29 inches) tall.

Who is Locky Gilbert with now?

Irena Srbinovska found love with Locky Gilbert on last year's season of The Bachelor, and now she's shared a sweet update on their romance just weeks before their one year anniversary.

What does The Bachelor do for a living 2020?

While much of Bachelor Nation has fallen in love with him already, many will meet the 28-year-old real estate broker, entrepreneur and community organization founder on his journey to find love for the first time.

Is Locky Gilbert married?

In an Instagram Q and A, a fan asked: 'Have you and Locky talked about having kids and getting married?' ... However, she made it clear to her fans that she and Locky are not yet engaged. 'But we are not engaged yet and don't worry I won't be able to keep it a secret for long when it does happen,' she clarified.

Is lachie still with Irina?

Perth-based The Bachelor star Locky Gilbert and Irena Srbinovska have revealed their heartbreak at suffering a miscarriage after the series aired last year. Gilbert and Srbinovska have been together since the show's finale and have travelled Ausrtalia together as their relationship blossomed.

Who does locky end up with?

In the finale of The Bachelor Australia Locky Gilbert pledged his love to nurse, Irena Srbinovska on 10 and 10 Play. In the final episode, The Bachelor called his mum for a bit of advice and his mum could easily see why her son had fallen for both ladies.

Are Jimmy and Holly still together?

The Bachelor's Jimmy and Holly celebrate a new relationship milestone. Australia watched on as Jimmy Nicholson declared his love for Holly Kingston during The Bachelor finale, and fans will be pleased to know that the couple is still going strong.

How old is Chasen?

Another Bachelorette Season 16 contestant who vied for Clare's heart, and then Tayshia Adams' heart (and got sent home in Week 6), Chasen is a 33-year-old from San Diego who “grew up in the world of competitive swimming,” according to his official show bio.

How tall is the Australian Bachelor?

Jimmy Nicholson is 6′1, which is around 185cm tall.

How old is the Bachelor 2020 Australia?

At age 30, Gilbert is an experienced cave diver, base jumper, mountaineer and athlete from Western Australia — so safe to say the girl he's looking for must love adventure. “I really want to find love.

Are lucky and Irena still together?

We're so in love with each other and we love being around each other but we do still have our fights," the 2020 Bachelor star explains. However there's a very sweet silver lining of spending the better part of the last six months travelling around the country together. "It's definitely cemented our relationship.

Are Brooke and Nick together?

Nick Power

The happy couple dated for around a year before Brooke sadly announced their split in February 2020 in an emotional social media post. "If you haven't noticed, I have been MIA on social media," the shattered Bachelor In Paradise star wrote.

Where is Irena and Locky now?

Both Irena and Locky have made no secret that marriage and kids are on the cards for them. The couple are currently travelling around Australia, and have admitted that they can't wait to share the memories with their future kids.