How to not give up stingtail?

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You can save Stingtail from death if you attack and defeat Silence, and this will not cause Griffs crew to become hostile. Stingtail advances personal quests for both The Red Prince, and Sebille through allowing them to converse with him.

Does Sebille have to kill Stingtail?

If she doesn't kill him you cannot advance her quest line. Also, if you tell Griff Stingtail was the thief during the quest: The Imprisoned Elf, then you will not be able to advance this quest.

How do I not fight Griff?

You don't have to kill him straight away. Just give him the orange and tell him Stingtail is dead. I would kill Griff once you get out of Fort Joy, as he and his minions are vendors. Flirt w butter and she'll help you during the fight.

How do I save my Dain?

Doctor Leste will ask you to assist her in helping Dain recover, you can bring her a Beer for Dain to comfort his passing, you can forcefully put a potion in his mouth or you can use Restoration on him to instantly heal him. If you save him he will give you The Sparkler Card or if he dies you can loot it off his body.

Who is Stingtail?

Stingtail is a lizard dreamer who was collared and now resides on Fort Joy. He made his tent on beach south of the Camp Kitchen. He is responsible for imprisonment of an elf Amyro because it was he who stole drudanae from Griff.

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Should I give up Stingtail?

Stingtail is the one that stole Griffs "oranges", can be convinced to give them up to any character with two points in persuade, as his highest skill is fairly low. ... You can save Stingtail from death if you attack and defeat Silence, and this will not cause Griffs crew to become hostile.

Who stole griffs oranges?

The real thief is a lizard named Stingtail, he is on the south beach, always sleeping, and smells like oranges. You can persuade Stingtail to hand you Griff's supplies, or take them by force.

Where is butter divinity original sin2?

You can find her to the west of Arx on an island connected to the south of Kemm's Mansion.

Where can I find Drudanae?

  • Can be purchased from Griff at Fort Joy.
  • Arx.

Should I kill the mother tree?

At the top of the tree, there is an Elven Scion you can talk to, who will bid you to kill the Shadow Prince. ... If you choose to kill the Mother Tree, you will need to interact with it and use the wooden box the Shadow Prince gave you, or have Sebille in your party; otherwise, there is no option to kill the Mother Tree.

Is it bad if Lora died?

If Sir Lora dies, he will follow you in spirit form. You can see him with Spirit Vision. His quest yields no experience and is not noted in the logbook.

Does Divinity Original Sin 2 have romance?

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a fantastic game with diverse romance options, so be sure you know which choices are the best and how to make them happen. ... In fact, all of them are available for romance, but some are better than others.

Where is butter in Arx?

Butter information

Later, she can be found in Arx on the islands south of Kemm's Mansion near coordinates (X:205 Y:185), if the MC flirts with her in Fort Joy.

What is Drudanae used for?

Description. Drudanae is an illicit herb that was used for healing and rituals in the past, but is now banned due its highly addictive nature. It can still be found being used for recreational purposes due to its effect on the brain. Users describe it as inspiring, relaxing, and capable of slowing down the mind.

Where is Yarrow in dos2?

Just outside town, on a beach, you will see a large person in armor eating corpses. If you approach him, he asks about Yarrow. This is a type of flower. You can find them very rarely North of town.

How do you get Spear of Braccus Rex?

  1. Inside the Forgotten Cell in the elven cave of Fort Joy.
  2. Speak to Mody to play a game of hide and seek; find him and he'll reveal the location of the cell.
  3. The spear is lodged inside of Lord Withermoore, requiring Strength 12 to pull out.

How do I make orange griffs?

Take the oranges to Griff and hand them over to free Amyro. Speak to Amyro and he will tell you of an important task. Agree and he will give you an amulet and tell you to seek out the elves so they can save Saheila.

What do I do after free Amyro?

After you free Amyro, he will tell you the secret passage out of Fort Joy. At the same time, he will ask you to give his amulet to his clairvoyant friend. If you accept the quest, a new entry will appear in your journal - Saheila's Signet - you will find the walkthrough for this quest in a separate chapter.

How do you turn in a Stingtail?

It is quite simple:
  1. Have Red talk to Stingtail without Sebille in the party.
  2. Start imprisoned elf and complete it.
  3. Rat out Stingtail.
  4. Run to Stingtails home and save him.
  5. Have Red talk to Stingtail.
  6. Have Sebille talk to Stingtail.
  7. Have Sebille talk to Griffith.

How do I find my Lohse demon name?

It turns out that his master is a demonologist called Jahan. He orders you to kill a demon called The Advocate and to learn a name of the demon that possessed Loshe. You can learn about his name by speaking with Ancestor Tree. Go to Bloodmoon Island Archives.

Where is Samadel Fort joy?

Samadel Location

Samadel first appears in the Sanctuary of Amadia. Samadel can join the others during Call to Arms, and can then be found at the Abandoned Camp.

Is Lohse a good companion?

Lohse is amazing companion, because she will sing you a song =) Fane is funny as bag of badgers sometimes, and really helps with uncovering the history of Rivellon (it just feels right to have him on board).

Who can you romance in Divinity: Original Sin 2?

The Top Five Divinity: Original Sin 2 Romance Options
  • Ifan Ben Mezd. The Lone Wolf mercenary Ifan Ben Mezd is decidedly our top choice to romance in the game. ...
  • Sebille. It's hard not to love a sexy female assassin. ...
  • The Red Prince. ...
  • Lohse. ...
  • Beast. ...
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Where does Fane go when you dismiss him?

Sebille, The Red Prince, and Fane all go to Amadia's Sanctuary. Fane is located on the beach above Kerban's smithy.