How to spell smew?

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a Eurasian duck, Mergus albellus, closely akin to mergansers: the male is white marked with black and gray.

Is there a word Smew?

noun. A small migratory merganser (diving duck) of northern Eurasia, the male of which has white plumage with a crest and fine black markings.

What does the word SMEW mean?

: a small Eurasian merganser (Mergus albellus) with the male being white, gray, and black and the female chiefly gray but with a chestnut and white head.

Where do SMEW ducks live?

The smew lives on fish-rich lakes and slow rivers. As a migrant, it leaves its breeding areas and winters on sheltered coasts or inland lakes of the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, northern Germany and the Low Countries, with a small number reaching Great Britain (for example, at Dungeness), mostly at regular sites.

Is SMEW a duck?

The smew is a small compact diving duck with a delicate bill. The male is white with a black mask and a black back, the female is grey with a reddish-brown head and white cheek.

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Is a SMEW a merganser?

A small merganser of northern Europe and Asia. A few turn up during migration and winter in the western Aleutian Islands, Alaska.