How to unhide tabs in excel?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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To unhide a worksheet, right-click on any visible tab and then click Unhide. In the Unhide dialog box, click the sheet you want to unhide and then click OK.

How do you unhide all tabs in Excel?

Unhide multiple worksheets
  1. Right-click the Sheet tab at the bottom, and select Unhide.
  2. In the Unhide dialog box, - Press the Ctrl key (CMD on Mac) and click the sheets you want to show, or. - Press the Shift + Up/Down Arrow keys to select multiple (or all) worksheets, and then press OK.

Why can't I unhide a tab in Excel?

If the workbook contains only very hidden sheets, you won't even be able to open the Unhide dialog box because the Unhide command will be disabled. If the workbook contains both hidden and very hidden sheets, the Unhide dialog will be available, but very hidden sheets won't be listed there.

What is the shortcut to unhide tabs in Excel?

As with hiding worksheets, Excel has no keyboard shortcut for unhiding a sheet, but you can still use the ribbon.
  1. Select one or more worksheet tabs at the bottom of the Excel file.
  2. Click the Home tab on the ribbon.
  3. Select Format.
  4. Click Hide & Unhide.
  5. Select Unhide Sheet.

How do I restore tabs in Excel?

How to undo/restore deleted worksheets in Excel?
  1. Open the folder which contains the current workbook with right clicking this workbook's tab and selecting the Open Folder from the right-clicking menu.
  2. Go back to Excel and click File (or Office button) > Save As.

3 Methods to Unhide All Sheets in Excel (& how to hide)

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How do you get your tabs back?

You can simply right-click an empty area in the tab bar section and choose reopen closed tabs. You can also use a keyboard shortcut — press Ctrl+Shift+T (or Command+Shift+T on a Mac) and the last tab you closed will reopen in a new tab page.

How do you find an Excel File that disappeared?

Launch Excel and go to the File tab. Click Open and then select the Recent Workbooks option on the top left. Scroll down and click the Recover Unsaved Workbooks button. Locate the lost file and double-click it to open the document.

How do you unhide data in Excel?

To unhide all of the cells in a worksheet:
  1. Click the Select All button, in the upper-left corner of the worksheet or press Ctrl + A.
  2. Click the Home tab > Format (in the Cells group) > Hide & Unhide > Unhide Rows or Unhide Columns.
  3. All cells are now visible.

How do I unhide the scroll bar in Excel?

Show scroll bars in Word and Excel for Windows

Click File > Options. On the Advanced tab, scroll to the Display section. Select Show horizontal scroll bar and Show vertical scroll bar, and then click OK.

How do I unhide rows?

On the Home tab, in the Cells group, click Format. Do one of the following: Under Visibility, click Hide & Unhide, and then click Unhide Rows or Unhide Columns.

What is the shortcut to unhide columns in Excel?

There are several dedicated keyboard shortcuts to hide and unhide rows and columns.
  1. Ctrl+9 to Hide Rows.
  2. Ctrl+0 (zero) to Hide Columns.
  3. Ctrl+Shift+( to Unhide Rows.
  4. Ctrl+Shift+) to Unhide Columns – If this doesn't work for you try Alt,O,C,U (old Excel 2003 shortcut that still works).

Why my Excel open but not visible?

However, sometimes when you open a workbook, you see that it is open but you can't actually see it. This could be as a result of an intentional or accidental hiding of the workbook (as apposed to a sheet). Under the VIEW tab you will see buttons called Hide and Unhide.

How do I unhide all?

If you decide to unhide all cells later, select the entire sheet, then press Ctrl + Shift + 9 to unhide all rows and Ctrl + Shift + 0 to unhide all columns.

How do you unhide all Excel columns at once?

How to unhide columns in Excel:
  1. Click on the small green triangle in the top left corner of your spreadsheet. This will select the entire spreadsheet.
  2. Now right-click anywhere in the entire selection and choose the Unhide option from the menu.
  3. You should now be able to see all of your columns.

How do you unhide multiple rows in Excel?

If you notice that several rows are missing, you can unhide all of the rows by doing the following:
  1. Hold down Ctrl (Windows) or ⌘ Command (Mac) while clicking the row number above the hidden rows and the row number below the hidden rows.
  2. Right-click one of the selected row numbers.
  3. Click Unhide in the drop-down menu.

Why has my scroll bar disappeared?

Scroll bars may disappear when a page element that holds content expands to accommodate excess content. ... Clicking the browser window's "Maximize" button will expand the window width to the monitor's width, which causes the horizontal scroll bar to disappear.

Why is scroll bar not working in Excel?

In most cases, users can't scroll down Excel spreadsheets because there are frozen panes within them. To unfreeze panes in Excel, select the View tab. Click the Freeze Panes button. Then select the Unfreeze panes option.

How do I enable scrolling in Excel?

Click File > Options. , and then click Excel Options. Click Advanced, and then under Display options for this workbook, make sure that the Show horizontal scroll bar and the Show vertical scroll bar check boxes are selected, and then click OK.

How do you unhide top rows in Excel 2016?

Select the Home tab from the toolbar at the top of the screen. Select Cells > Format > Hide & Unhide > Unhide Rows. Row 1 should now be visible in the spreadsheet.

Can I recover an Excel File I didn't save?

Open the Office application that you were using. Click the File tab. Click Recent. Scroll to the bottom of your "Recent Documents" (Office 2013 only), then click "Recover Unsaved Documents" if you are in Word, "Recover Unsaved Workbooks" if you are in Excel, or "Recover Unsaved Presentations" if you are in PowerPoint.

Why did my spreadsheet disappeared?

The Show sheet tabs setting is turned off. First ensure that the Show sheet tabs is enabled. To do this, For all other Excel versions, click File > Options > Advanced—in under Display options for this workbook—and then ensure that there is a check in the Show sheet tabs box.

How do I recover unsaved Excel 2020?

Open Excel. In the left panel, choose Open Other Workbooks. In the center panel, scroll all the way to the bottom of the recent files. At the very end, click Recover Unsaved Workbooks.

Where did all my Safari tabs go?

Open Safari. From the menu bar, go to History > Recently Closed. A list of recently closed tabs appears, click an item to open it in a new tab. Alternatively, go to History > Reopen Last Closed Tab or press Cmd + Shift + T to automatically reopen your las closed tab.

How do I restore tabs on edge?

Launch the Edge browser on the computer. Right-click in the blank Tabs bar. Select the option Reopen Closed Tab. Repeat the Reopen Closed Tab action until you find the desired tab.

How do I get my old Chrome tabs back?

How do I restore tabs on Android? All you need to do go to the “Tabs” menu like you normally would, then hit the three-dot menu button in the upper-right corner and tap on “Reopen closed tab.” As seen in the GIFs below, this button can reopen all the tabs you recently closed during the current browsing session.