How ytterbium is found?

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Ytterbium is found with other rare-earth elements in several rare minerals. It is most often recovered commercially from monazite sand (0.03% ytterbium). The element is also found in euxenite and xenotime.

Where is ytterbium found in nature?

Ytterbium is never found in nature as the free element. Ytterbium is found in the ore monazite sand [(Ce, La, etc.) PO4] and an ore containing small amounts of all the rare earth metals. It is also found in the ores euxenite and xenotime.

Does ytterbium occur naturally?

Ytterbium is among the less-abundant rare earths. ... Natural ytterbium consists of seven stable isotopes: ytterbium-174 (32.0 percent), ytterbium-172 (21.7 percent), ytterbium-173 (16.1 percent), ytterbium-171 (14.1 percent), ytterbium-176 (13 percent), ytterbium-170 (3 percent), and ytterbium-168 (0.1 percent).

How is yttrium found in nature?

Yttrium is found in most rare-earth minerals, it is found in some uranium ores, but is never found in the Earth's crust as a free element. About 31 ppm of the Earth's crust is yttrium, making it the 28th most abundant element, 400 times more common than silver.

How is yttrium used in everyday life?

Yttrium can be used as an additive to strengthen metals, like aluminum and magnesium alloys. It's also used to help make microwave filters, high-temperature superconductors, oxygen sensors, white LED lights, and metal-cutting lasers. When added to camera lenses, the camera lenses become heat and shock resistant.


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Is ytterbium rare or common?

Ytterbium is the 44th most abundant element in the Earth's crust. It is one of the more common rare earths, present at about 2.7 to 8 parts per million in the crust. It is common in the mineral monazite.

What is an interesting fact about ytterbium?

Ytterbium has a bright silvery luster, is soft, malleable, and quite ductile. One of the lanthanides, it is fairly stable in air but is readily attacked and dissolved by dilute and concentrated mineral acids and reacts slowly with water. Ytterbium occurs along with other rare earths in a number of rare minerals.

How much is ytterbium worth?

It is expected that the price of ytterbium oxide will reach some 69 U.S. dollars per kilogram in 2017.

Is ytterbium a noble gas?

The ground state electronic configuration of Neutral Ytterbium atom is [Xe] 4f14 6s2. The portion of Ytterbium configuration that is equivalent to the noble gas of the preceding period, is abbreviated as [Xe].

Is ytterbium natural or synthetic?

It is a rare earth metal, which despite its name, does not mean that it is hard to find. Rare earth metals are really hard to separate from each other. That's why it took over 70 years to obtain a pure sample! Ytterbium has seven natural isotopes and twenty seven artificial isotopes.

What is ytterbium element family?

Ytterbium belongs to the lanthanide family. The lanthanides make up Row 6 of the periodic table. The periodic table is a chart that shows how the chemical elements are related to each other. The lanthanides are also known as the rare earth elements.

What is astatine worth?

Average Reported Cost: $0.

Which is the cheapest element?

Chlorine, sulfur and carbon (as coal) are cheapest by mass. Hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and chlorine are cheapest by volume at atmospheric pressure. When there is no public data on the element in its pure form, price of a compound is used, per mass of element contained.

What element has 70 neutrons?

Now all tin isotopes have 50 nuclear protons, and 50 electrons; we know this from the atomic number of Sn, Z=50 . 120Sn has 70 neutrons, 70 massive, neutrally charged nuclear particles.

Where is ytterbium most commonly found?

It is most often recovered commercially from monazite sand (0.03% ytterbium). The element is also found in euxenite and xenotime. The main mining areas are China, the United States, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, and Australia. Reserves of ytterbium are estimated as one million tonnes.

What are 3 uses for ytterbium?

Ytterbium has few uses. It can be alloyed with stainless steel to improve some of its mechanical properties and used as a doping agent in fiber optic cable where it can be used as an amplifier. One of ytterbium's isotopes is being considered as a radiation source for portable X-ray machines.

Why is ytterbium named ytterbium?

Ytterbium is named after the town of Ytterby near Stockholm in Sweden, and makes up the fourth element to be named after this town, the others being of course yttrium, terbium and erbium.

What is the difference between yttrium and ytterbium?

As nouns the difference between ytterbium and yttrium

is that ytterbium is a metallic chemical element (symbol yb) with an atomic number of 70 while yttrium is a metallic chemical element (symbol y) with an atomic number of 39.

How many protons does hafnium have?

Hafnium is a divine element! Its most abundant isotope, 180Hf contains 72 protons and 108 neutrons (72 = 23 32; 108 = 22 33).

Is ytterbium flammable?

Specific Hazards Arising from the Material: Flammable in the form of dust when exposed to heat, spark or flame. May react with water under fire conditions liberating flammable hydrogen gas. May emit fumes of ytterbium oxide under fire conditions. ... Use only non-sparking tools and natural bristle brushes.

Where is yttrium found?

It is mined in China and Malaysia. Yttrium also occurs in the other 'rare earth' minerals, monazite and bastnaesite. Yttrium metal is produced by reducing yttrium fluoride with calcium metal.

Where does Molybdenum come from?

The main molybdenum ore is molybdenite (molybdenum disulfide), but can also be found in wulfenite (lead molybdate) and powellite (calcium molybdate). It is recovered as a by-product of copper or tungsten mining. Molybdenum is mined primarily in the United States, China, Chile and Peru.

How is yttrium used in phones?

Yttrium is widely used to produce phosphors that are used in cell phones and larger display screens as well as general lighting.

How much does polonium cost?

Polonium's most stable isotope, polonium-209, has a half-life of 102 years. It decays into lead-205 through alpha decay. Polonium-209 is available from Oak Ridge National Laboratory at the cost of about $3200 per microcurie.