Is fences a word in english?

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fence noun [C] (STRUCTURE)
a structure of wood or wire forming a wall around a house or a piece of land, often to keep people or animals from coming in or going out: He put up a fence to keep his dog in the backyard.

Is fence line one word or two?

Fenceline meaning

Frequency: The area immediately around a fence.

What is fencing in English?

Fencing is a sport in which two competitors fight each other using very thin swords. The ends of the swords are covered and the competitors wear protective clothes, so that they do not hurt each other. ... ... Materials such as wood or wire that are used to make fences are called fencing.

What is the opposite of a fence?

ditch. Noun. ▲ Opposite of a fence or other obstacle that prevents movement or access.

What is the plural of gate?

gate. plural. gates. DEFINITIONS3. countable a door in a fence or wall that you go through to enter or leave a place.


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What is plural for dwarf?

dwarf. noun. \ ˈdwȯrf \ plural dwarfs\ ˈdwȯrfs \ also dwarves\ ˈdwȯrvz \

What is the plural of sheep?

The plural of sheep is sheep. ... The meat of a young sheep is called lamb. When it is used with this meaning, lamb is an uncountable noun.

Why do fencers wear white?

To assist the judges, the tips of the weapon bore a wad of cotton soaked in ink. When a fencer made contact with his/her opponent, the mark would show quite well on the white uniform. ... To connect to this historical aspect of fencing, modern fencing adopted this style as part of the uniform.

What are the 3 types of fencing?

The weapons

There are three fencing blades used in Olympic fencing - the foil, épée and sabre - each of which have different compositions, techniques and scoring target areas.

What does fence line mean?

Definitions of fence line. a boundary line created by a fence. type of: border, borderline, boundary line, delimitation, mete. a line that indicates a boundary.

What do the lines mean in fencing?

fence line - a boundary line created by a fence. fence, fencing - a barrier that serves to enclose an area. border, borderline, boundary line, delimitation, mete - a line that indicates a boundary.

What is a dwarfs lifespan?

In cases of proportionate dwarfism, both the limbs and torso are unusually small. Intelligence is usually normal, and most have a nearly normal life expectancy. People with dwarfism can usually bear children, although there are additional risks to mother and child, dependent upon the underlying condition.

Are dwarfs taller than hobbits?

Dwarves and Hobbits are smaller than Men and Elves, while Dwarves are slightly taller than Hobbits. They are very strong and have excellent durability. ... As for Hobbits, most of them are 3 to 4 feet tall.

What is the plural of wife?

A wife is a married woman. ... The plural of wife is wives.

What is the plural of Fox?

/ (fɒks) / noun plural foxes or fox.

What is noun of great?

greatness. The state, condition, or quality of being great.

What is the plural of uniform?

(juːnɪfɔːʳm ) Word forms: plural uniforms.

Do you fence meaning?

V P n. 2 phrasal verb If you are fenced in by someone or something, they are so close to you that you are unable to move or leave.

What are two synonyms for sordid?

synonyms for sordid
  • disreputable.
  • nasty.
  • shameful.
  • sleazy.
  • squalid.
  • vile.
  • abject.
  • avaricious.

What do you call a fence?

A fence, also known as a receiver, mover, or moving man, is an individual who knowingly buys stolen goods in order to later resell them for profit. The fence acts as a middleman between thieves and the eventual buyers of stolen goods who may not be aware that the goods are stolen.