Is gloriana a real band?

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Gloriana was an American country music group founded in 2008 by Cheyenne Kimball (vocals, mandolin), Rachel Reinert (vocals), and brothers Tom Gossin (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Mike Gossin (vocals, electric guitar). ... After a third album, Three, Reinert left as well, effectively disbanding the group.

What happened to the band Gloriana?

After eight years and three albums with Gloriana, she decided to go her own way. “When I decided to leave the band, I pretty much just walked away from everything,” she recalls. “I wanted a total fresh start as a solo artist and I wanted to sort of disengage myself from everything that was a part of my past.

Who played Gloriana on Hart of Dixie?

Taking a few minutes to chat in the set for Dr. Brick Breeland, Matheson's character, Gloriana member Tom Gossin explains the song choice. “I came in screaming 'Free Bird,'” he quips, “but they didn't want 'Free Bird. '”

Why is Queen Victoria called Gloriana?

Gloriana, as Britannica states, was the name of the queen of the fairies. More accurately, she's the queen of the fairies in The Faerie Queene, a long work by Edmund Spenser published during Elizabeth's reign. ... In other words, using the name Gloriana hearkens back to a queen who gave her time period her name.

Who is the band in Hart of Dixie?

Needtobreathe will make its TV series debut on the CW's “Hart of Dixie” in May. The band will perform its current single "The Heart" in the Rammer Jammer restaurant, where many of the show's events take place.

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Why did Hart of Dixie get Cancelled?

It seems the real reason for the show's cancellation was far more mundane: The linear ratings just weren't up to par for The CW. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Hart of Dixie" was bounced to Fridays for Seasons 3 and 4, and as a result, the show's ratings declined.

Is Lavon Hayes a real football player?

Cress - who has starred in Prison Break and Beverly Hills 90210 - plays Mayor Lavon Hayes on the CW series. His character is a former football star who becomes a mayor in the popular show that also stars Rachel Bilson.

Is Queen Elizabeth related to Queen Elizabeth 1?

The Queen comes from a long line of nobility and has hundreds of ancestors from various royal houses in history. Her namesake, Elizabeth I, ruled hundreds of years ago - and is distantly related to the current monarch, despite the two Queen's both being from separate royal houses.

Is Queen Elizabeth related to Anne Boleyn?

Queen Elizabeth II is descended from Mary Boleyn, sister of Anne Boleyn.