Is not applicable a word?

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N/A or sometimes n/a is a common abbreviation in tables and lists for the phrase not applicable, not available, not assessed, or no answer. ...

What can I use instead of not applicable?

synonyms for not applicable
  • impossible.
  • impractical.
  • improbable.
  • quixotic.
  • silly.
  • unreal.
  • unworkable.
  • floating.

Is the word non applicable?

Not applicable; inapplicable.

What is another way to say applicable?

Some common synonyms of applicable are apposite, apropos, germane, material, pertinent, and relevant.

Whats does applicable mean?

“As applicable” means “when relevant”

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How do you use applicable in a sentence?

readily applicable or practical.
  1. This rule is not applicable to young persons.
  2. The rules have now been made equally applicable to all members.
  3. The offer is only applicable to bookings for double rooms.
  4. The law is applicable to everyone.
  5. The new qualifications are applicable to all European countries.

What is the opposite of applicability?

applicableadjective. Antonyms: inapplicable, irrelevant, inapposite. Synonyms: relevant, pertinent, apposite, germane, appropriate, befitting.

Is it non applicable or not applicable?

As adjectives the difference between applicable and nonapplicable. is that applicable is suitable for application, relevant while nonapplicable is not applicable; inapplicable.

Was not applicable meaning?

Not applicable is a term that is used to indicate information that is not available or that does not apply to a particular situation.

How do you use inapplicable in a sentence?

I rejected the insurance principle as being wholly inapplicable in a scheme of this kind. It was not that the terms could not be enforced, they were simply inapplicable . The first is in the highest degree unsteady and indeterminate, and altogether inapplicable .

What is a unrelated?

: not related: such as. a : not connected by birth or family They have the same last name but are unrelated. b : not connected in any way : discrete, separate an unrelated incident. c : not told a previously unrelated tale.

What is the abbreviation of Na?

N.A. is a written abbreviation for not applicable or not available.

Is it NA or N A?

According to the Wikipedia article entitled "Manual of Style (abbreviations)", N/A is the only one that is proper; however, according to the Wikipedia article entitled "n/a" ("Not applicable" redirects to "n/a"), all of the other forms are also acceptable.

What does NVT mean Unisa?

2 Replies. Mjita WaseDbn. "NVT- Not Applicable" is not for u to worry about. That is for UNISA workers to know that course u chose does not have specifications.

What does N A mean for piercings?

N/A means "Not Applicable."

What is the difference between applicability and allegory?

According to the dictionary, allegory means the following: a story in which the characters and events are symbols that stand for ideas about human life or for a political or historical situation. Whereas the word applicable means: able to be applied or used in a particular situation.

What does Appositeness mean?

noun. The fact of being related to the matter at hand: applicability, application, bearing, concernment, germaneness, materiality, pertinence, pertinency, relevance, relevancy.

Is Pertinency a word?

per·ti·nent. adj. Clearly related to a matter at hand.

What is applicable example?

The definition of applicable is something that is appropriate or relevant. An example of something that is applicable to everyone is the speed limit.

How do you use as applicable?

Consider a sentence such as: In your application, please include your telephone number, cell phone number, e-mail address, names of maiden aunts, and a list of schools you have attended. It calls for an "as applicable" at the end because you may not have a maiden aunt, for instance.

What's the difference between applicable and applicable?

is that applicable is suitable for application, relevant while applicable is suitable for application, relevant.

Can a person be applicable?

Applicable Person means any Holder or beneficial owner of a beneficial interest in a Subject Security, and each agent or representative of or intermediary with respect to a holder of such a beneficial interest. Applicable Person .