Is obtainability a word?

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Definition of obtainability in the English dictionary
The definition of obtainability in the dictionary is the ability of being acquired.

What does Obtainability mean?

When something is obtainable, you can get your hands on it. Most information is easily obtainable or gettable on the internet these days. It's just a click away! Obtainable comes from the Latin obtinere meaning to "hold, take hold of, acquire." When something is obtainable, you are able to take hold of it.

How do you use obtainable in a sentence?

Obtainable in a Sentence ?
  1. Her only obtainable goal was to make straight A's since she was too short for the basketball team and too clumsy for cheerleading.
  2. Due to Betty's test scores and IQ, her highest obtainable grade in English seemed to be a C+ according to her teachers.

What is the noun form of obtain?

obtainment. The act of obtaining something; attainment.

What does procurable mean?

Procurable means able to be procured—obtained, especially through special means or extra effort. A more common word is obtainable.

“Obtainable” Word Pronunciation

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What does exchangeable mean?

Exchangeable, interchangeable apply to something that may replace something else. That which is exchangeable may be exchanged for money, credit, or other purchases to the amount of the original purchase: These dishes are exchangeable if you find they are not satisfactory.

Is evaluate a verb or noun?

verb (used with object), e·val·u·at·ed, e·val·u·at·ing. to determine or set the value or amount of; appraise: to evaluate property. to judge or determine the significance, worth, or quality of; assess: to evaluate the results of an experiment.

What is the adjective of obtain?

obtainable \ əb-​ˈtā-​nə-​bəl , äb-​ \ adjective. obtainer noun. obtainment \ əb-​ˈtān-​mənt , äb-​ \ noun.

Is attain and obtain the same thing?

Essentially, 'attain' is applicable when one achieves or reaches a set criteria or goal, whereas 'obtain' should be used when you actually acquire something, be it a physical item or a notional characteristic. For example, when you attain a sufficient result in an examination, you will obtain a qualification.

How do you use obtain?

  1. to obtain information/data/results.
  2. I've been trying to obtain permission to publish this material.
  3. I finally managed to obtain a copy of the report.
  4. Further details can be obtained by writing to the above address.
  5. To obtain the overall score, add up the totals in each column.

What does feasible mean?

1 : capable of being done or carried out a feasible plan. 2 : capable of being used or dealt with successfully : suitable. 3 : reasonable, likely gave an explanation that seemed feasible enough.

What is the difference between obtainable and attainable?

obtainable speaks of truth that some thing exists and one can get. attainable speaks use of intelligence to get it. "A prostitute is obtainable, but true love is not attainable so easily." obtainable- that may be procured or gained.

What does it mean by in season?

Available and ready for eating, or other use; also, legal for hunting or fishing. For example, Strawberries are now in season, or Let me know when trout are in season and I'll go fishing with you.

Is Octant a word?

the eighth part of a circle.

Is the word obtain an adjective?

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb obtain which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. Capable of being obtained or procured.

What is noun of expect?

expectation. The act or state of expecting or looking forward to an event as about to happen. That which is expected or looked for.

What is the verb of evaluate?

transitive verb. 1 : to determine or fix the value of. 2 : to determine the significance, worth, or condition of usually by careful appraisal and study. Other Words from evaluate Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym Example Sentences Learn More About evaluate.

Is Evaluatory a word?

Evaluatory meaning

That serves to evaluate.

What is the difference between interchangeable and exchangeable?

As adjectives the difference between exchangeable and interchangeable. is that exchangeable is able to be exchanged while interchangeable is freely substitutable may be swapped at will.

What is non exchangeable?

Filters. Not exchangeable; unable to be exchanged. adjective.

What is a returnable?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : legally required to be returned, delivered, or argued at a specified time or place a writ returnable on the date indicated. 2a : capable of returning or of being returned (as for reuse) returnable beer bottles. b : permitted to be returned sale items are not returnable.