Is waffling in the dictionary?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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The definition of waffling in the dictionary is the act of speaking or writing in a vague and wordy manner. Other definition of waffling is if someone is waffling on an issue or question, they cannot decide what to do or what their opinion is about it.

What does it mean when someone is waffling?

to talk or write a lot without giving any useful information or any clear answers: If you don't know the answer, it's no good just waffling (on) for pages and pages.

Is waffling a British term?

verb (used without object), waf·fled, waf·fling. British. to talk foolishly or without purpose; idle away time talking.

What does it mean to waffle in UK?

waffle on. ​British​informalto talk or write using a lot of words but without saying anything interesting or important. Synonyms and related words. To talk a lot about other people or unimportant things. gossip.

What is the world's largest waffle?

The largest waffle weighs 50 kg (110 lb 3.68 oz) and was created by Stichting Gouda Oogst (Netherlands) in Nieuwe Markt, Gouda, Netherlands, on 29 June 2013. The waffle had a diameter of 2.47 m (8 ft 1.24 in).

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Is waffling a bad word?

It can be used as a derogatory term; to describe, for instance, a candidate or politician who is considered to easily switch sides on issues to curry political favor (i.e. "flip-flop"), as an easily flipped breakfast food with the same name – hence the waffle famously used to represent President Bill Clinton in the ...

How do you stop waffling?

How to avoid waffling
  1. When you're preparing your presentation, write your main points as assertions. Writing an assertion forces you to think through exactly what you want to say and how to express it succinctly. ...
  2. Create notes to keep you on track. Rehearse with your notes to ensure that they work for you.

What does Booky mean?

Definition of 'booky'

1. fond of reading; studious. 2. consisting of or forming opinions or attitudes through reading rather than direct personal experience; academic.

What does stop waffling mean?

by Olivia Mitchell | 8 comments. Waffling happens when your brain stops working but your mouth keeps going. The solution to waffling is simple: When you have nothing ready to say, stop, look at your notes, work out what you to say, look up again and start talking. Easy to say.

Is Booky a real word?

noun Same as bookmaker , 3. Bookish; given to reading: as, a booky person. Derived from books: as, booky lessons.

What's a ting?

The slang term “Ting” is a noun, the word is Jamaican/Caribbean way of saying “thing” but ting is widely used to reference a beautiful girl.

What do Roadmen call their friends?

'Mandem' is commonly used by males to describe their group of friends. Your crew is your mandem.

How do I stop rambling in a conversation?

4 ways to stop rambling
  1. Practice speaking. This is the most obvious thing that you can do to reduce your rambling. ...
  2. Don't get lost in thought. If you spend a lot of time in speeches thinking about random things, snap back to reality. ...
  3. Speak slower, or pause. ...
  4. Stick to one thought at a time.

How do I train myself to talk less?

11 Ways To Talk Less And Listen More
  1. Learn to control your impulse. ...
  2. Practice not interrupting people. ...
  3. Avoid commandeering the conversation. ...
  4. Ask questions. ...
  5. Shift gratification to listening. ...
  6. Accept differences of opinion. ...
  7. Think before you speak. ...
  8. Work on your self-esteem.

How do I stop babbling?

Here's what you do:
  1. Practice saying nothing. ...
  2. Eventually, you can graduate to the “stoplight rule.” ...
  3. You can be in the green and yellow as much as you need as long as you don't break the “50/50 rule,” which basically just says you should be listening as just as much as you speak—if not more.

What is an example of waffling?

(To ramble on without a point; to argue a point without substantial evidence or a clear opinion.) "Brad and Nicole were waffling in humanities class because they didn't know the answer."

What does waffle mean in improv?

Waffling is Postponing by lack of ideas; you just keep on babbling in the hope you`ll have an idea. Another example of waffling is Wimping , when you accept the other`s Offer but babble about them without doing anything constructive with the offer.

What is the world's largest pizza?

World's Heaviest Pizza

The heaviest pizza in the world weighed a whopping 26,883 pounds. Made in Norwood Hypermarket in Norwood, South Africa, the world's heaviest pizza was just over 122 feet in diameter. The hefty pizza was made on December 10, 1990.

What is the biggest pancake in the world?

The largest pancake was created in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, in 1994, by the Co-Operative Union, Ltd. It was 49 foot (ft) wide and one inch (in) thick. The pancake weighed three tonnes (that's the weight of an African elephant!).

Where is the biggest Waffle House?

Atlanta-based, food chain Waffle House is slated to open its newest location in Centennial Olympic Park. Located at the corner of Andrew Young International Boulevard and Centennial Olympic Park Drive, the new location will be the chain's largest store.

What do Londoners call each other?

Mate. Everyone is a 'mate', the woman at the shop, the man working in reception or the postie. People are even your 'mate' during an argument or if they are an arch enemy, like, if there is an altercation in the pub you'll hear: "Alright, get out of my face, mate."

Why are chavs called chavs?

"Chav" may have its origins in the Romani word "chavi", meaning "child". ... In the 2010 book Stab Proof Scarecrows by Lance Manley, it was surmised that "chav" was an abbreviation for "council housed and violent". This is widely regarded as a backronym.

How do Roadman say hello?

The British tend to say 'hello'. The Muslims say 'Salum Wa Alaykum'. In the world of London roadman slang, we say 'safe'. Secondly, safe is a means of complimenting someone's friendly character.

What does Big Man Ting mean?

In slang, BMT can be an acronym for Big Man Ting, a Jamaican English phrase meaning “grown-up thing” and referring to adult matters or concerns. Jamaican speakers may use big man ting with the effect of “for real,” “seriously,” or “no joke,” e.g., Big man ting, that new single from Drake is the greatest.