Mechanical Repairs

    Our industry Trained technicians can understand the automotive working of your vehicle and maintain a standard Petrol Vehicle mechanically whether its cooling clutch brakes or servicing. Plus our LPG services are utilised to maintain, restore or increase your fuel efficiency, with a range of LPG conversions, taken on a case by case basis, importing our own parts, with a system designed specifically for you vehicle this process takes a little longer but with much better end results! our customers have appreciated our high level of perfection. we have motivated the latest trend of LPG via tuneable vapour injection to increase the fuel efficiency and maintain the vehicles power. these  systems utilise the vehicles on board computers and sensors to accurately deliver gas to each cylinder. We offer to our customers most of the main brands on the market in tuning and diagnosis software. with LPG diminishing since the rebate was removed by the government, it is important to find a good auto center with the relevant software for checking and monitoring your vehicles LPG system including engine light and system faults (beeping changeover switch) , as we have invested heavily in the past 10 years to maintain industry leading software.