Should gerbils have a wheel?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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Many gerbils enjoy running on wheels. Any wheels should have a solid surface and have a solid back wall. Their tails and other body parts can get caught in and injured on wheels with rungs or cross-supports. A solid wheel such as a Silent Spinner or Wodent Wheel is a good choice.

What size wheel does a gerbil need?

A good size for a gerbil wheel is about seven or eight inches in diameter. This allows your pets space to run without it having to be at an uncomfortable angle, which could put pets off exercising.

Do gerbils need two wheels?

No, 2 gerbils and 1 wheel should be fine. They should have a solid wheel, but they often use it as a bathroom so you have to wipe it out daily. 8 inches will be great for females, but 9 inches is for males. 11 inches is ideal for both genders.

Can gerbils share a wheel?

They can use any kind of wheel. Many gerbil owners will so no mesh wheels, but there is no proof of gerbils getting bumble foot.)

Is it cruel to keep gerbils?

Keeping gerbils as pets isn't cruel if you take care of them and provide them with everything they need: other gerbils, a large enough cage and deep bedding layer, enrichment to keep them from getting bored, and a nutritionally well-balanced diet.

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