Should i let the ghouls into tenpenny tower?

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hey do you know what the best way is to complete the tenpenny tower quest? Unfortuantly there is no way to make the Humans and Ghouls get along. The best choice is probably to help the Ghouls in as they wil give you the Ghould Mask and Micheal Masters and Bessie Lyn take over the stores.

What happens if you let the ghouls in Tenpenny Tower?

If one convinces Tenpenny to let the ghouls live in the tower and go to Roy with the good news and kill Roy and his friend but still allow the ghouls to live in the tower, everyone will be slain in the tower, when asking the only survivor what happened, she will say "Roy did it," regardless if Roy Phillips has been ...

What happens if I kill Tenpenny?

Effects of player's actions

Gustavo will take over Tenpenny Tower if Tenpenny is killed. If Tenpenny is killed by the Lone Wanderer by a shot to the head, then the people and guards of Rivet City will talk about his death.

Can you get into Tenpenny Tower without blowing up Megaton?

Untitled. Just found out you can get into this suit without blowing up megaton, simply go to tenpenny's balcony and walk around to the left, there will be a door that dose not require a key.

How much karma do you lose for blowing up Megaton?

The detonator will be available for use with no sign of Burke, and Megaton can be destroyed for only the -1000 Karma and no other compensation.

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What is the fastest way to lose karma in Fallout 3?

to loose karma quickly, go to Moriarty's saloon in megaton activate his computer then press B and repeatedly tap A (as quickly as possible you will loose five karma for every time you tap A. This is not exclusive to Moriarty's saloon it can also be done on other computer this is just an example.

What is the fastest way to get bad karma in Fallout 3?

By far the simplest way to acquire Bad Karma in Fallout 3, provided you have the Broken Steel add-on installed, is to take the Devil's Highway perk. It instantly sets your karma to the bare minimum of -2000. ... However, it can only be taken starting level 24, so it's not exactly an option for early-game karma farming.

Can you get into Megaton ruins?

Megaton cannot be entered after it is destroyed, and getting very close will result in a significant dose of radiation. The player character will likely encounter Megaton refugees after destroying Megaton; they are hostile on sight.

How do you get into Tenpenny suite?

The Tenpenny Tower suite is located in Tenpenny Tower. The suite becomes available to the The Lone Wanderer if the player assists Mr. Burke in destroying the town of Megaton and its residents. It is also possible to access the suite by exiting to the outside balcony and entering through the door on the outside.

Will Jericho leave if you get good karma?

Clover and Jericho need bad Karma to be recruited. ... They will not leave if one's Karma becomes good or evil, but unlike Clover, one cannot get them back with a high or low Karma level when the main story separates the player character.

Should I help the ghouls or Tenpenny?

Unfortuantly there is no way to make the Humans and Ghouls get along. The best choice is probably to help the Ghouls in as they wil give you the Ghould Mask and Micheal Masters and Bessie Lyn take over the stores.

Does Tenpenny have a key?

If you have completed Tenpenny Tower and have the ghouls move in with the other non-ghoul residents, Roy Philips will kill Tenpenny. Causing his body to not be available to search. You will now not be able to get his key.

What is Tenpenny Tower in real life?

It's called Whittier, Alaska, and it's like the real-life version of Tenpenny Tower from Fallout 3, except there usually isn't a sniper on the top floor picking people off for fun. Usually. To get to Whittier, you can take a train from Anchorage. The main building where most people live is called Begich Towers.

Where does Anthony Ling go?

Anthony Ling runs a clothing store called New Urban Apparel in Tenpenny Tower in 2277. The owner of New Urban Apparel, he sells all manner of clothing items to the residents of Tenpenny Tower.

Is there a bobblehead in Tenpenny Tower?

Is there a bobblehead in Tenpenny Tower? ... (If you let the ghouls into the tower, then you can still get this bobblehead, but you won't get any reward for finding Argyle for Herbert.)

Can you get Argyle Fallout 3?

Argyle (—2250/1) is the deceased, but once "stalwart ghoul manservant" of adventurer Herbert "Daring" Dashwood. His remains can be found inside Rockopolis in Fallout 3.

How do you open the containment door in Tenpenny Tower?

Entry is sealed off by a sturdy containment door, but can be opened with a terminal in the generator room, which can only be accessed from a staircase behind Tenpenny Tower using a key. The first room is used as storage and contains no valuable loot for the player.

Where is Alistair Tenpennys suite?

The Tenpenny Tower suite is a location in Tenpenny Tower. The suite becomes available to the Lone Wanderer if they assist Mr. Burke in destroying the town of Megaton and its residents.

What to do in Megaton before I destroy it?

Forum:Things To Do Before You Blow Up Megaton
  1. Punch the Mercenary in Craterside Supply.
  2. Have Sticky Wait in Megaton.
  3. Go to every Vender, Buy Everything, Then kill them and take it back.
  4. Be nice to Gob (hey, its his last day on earth)
  5. Kill Lucas Simms and take his hat.

How do I get into the armory in Megaton?

Sheriff Lucas Simms' key will open the armory. If anybody sees the player character entering the armory, the whole town's population will turn hostile. Deputy Steel will always be hostile when entering the armory. The weapons inside the armory are in low condition.

Is there any way to save Lucas Simms?

If the Lone Wanderer chooses to tell Lucas about Burke's plot, it is possible for them to save Simms by killing Burke before he gets to shoot Simms. This also spawns a dialogue choice of Lucas commenting on how he "must be getting slow," and he will thank the player character for saving his life.

How do you get Fawkes?

Recruiting Fawkes: Depending on the player character's Karma, Fawkes may agree to accompany them on future travels as a companion. If the player character's Karma is too low, or if they fire him at any time, Fawkes can be later found wandering around the entrance to Underworld, located in the Museum of History.

What is the max level in Fallout 3?

Why does my Fallout 3 character stop getting XP (Experience Points) upon reaching level 20? Level 20 is the highest level for a character in the game, unless you have purchased and enabled the Broken Steel DLC, which raises that level to 30.

How do you get Butch in Fallout 3?

When you get the call, sabotage the vault's reactor to force everyone to leave. Butch will then be in the Lower Deck bar in Rivet City. He'll join you if your Karma is in that neutral range (About -250 to +250).