Was does heady mean?

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1a : willful, rash heady opinions. b : violent, impetuous. 2a : tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated heady wine being in such distinguished company was a heady experience. b : giddy, exhilarated heady with his success.

Does heady mean intellectual?

marked by or showing good judgment : shrewd, intelligent. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

How do you use the word heady?

Heady sentence example. Lost in the heady sensations, Deidre wriggled and strained beneath him. She didn't know what to do to return to the heady high she'd been on.

What is a heady moment?

adjective. A heady drink, atmosphere, or experience strongly affects your senses, for example, by making you feel drunk or excited. ... in the heady days just after their marriage. Synonyms: exciting, thrilling, stimulating, exhilarating More Synonyms of heady.

Where does the word heady come from?

heady (adj.)

late 14c., "headstrong, hasty, impetuous," from head (n.) + adj. suffix -y (2). First recorded 1570s in sense of "apt to go to the head." Related: Headily; headiness.

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What does Headiness mean?

1. a. Intoxicating or stupefying: heady liqueur. b. Tending to upset the mind or the balance of senses: standing on a heady outcrop of rock.

Who is a heady person?

b : violent, impetuous. 2a : tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated heady wine being in such distinguished company was a heady experience. b : giddy, exhilarated heady with his success. c : rich a heady sauce a heady variety. d : impressive a man of heady accomplishments.

What does Hector mean in English?

Definition of hector (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. : to behave in an arrogant or intimidating way : to play the bully : swagger. transitive verb. : to intimidate or harass by bluster or personal pressure football players being hectored by their coach.

What does Inebrate mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to make drunk : intoxicate. 2 : to exhilarate or stupefy as if by liquor.

What does cerebral mean?

1a : of or relating to the brain or the intellect. b : of, relating to, affecting, or being the cerebrum cerebral edema cerebral arteries. 2a : appealing to intellectual appreciation cerebral drama. b : primarily intellectual in nature a cerebral society books for cerebral readers.

What does heady mean in text?

Something that's heady is extremely thrilling. You might have a heady feeling as you walk up on stage to get your high school diploma. Use the adjective heady to describe a sensation that is so exciting it makes you a little dizzy, a bit like being intoxicated.

What does heady mean in cooking?

Rate & Review. Descriptor of wine that is notably full bodied and high in alcohol content.

Is heady a Scrabble word?

Yes, heady is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does high minded mean in the Bible?

: marked by elevated principles and feelings also : pretentious too high-minded to read any fiction — Alfred Kazin.

What does heady glass mean?

Heady glass refers to pipes that emphasize aesthetic and artistic skill over pure functionality. These glass masterpieces demonstrate the breadth of technical talent and the height of human imagination, combining both in astounding proportions.

What is mean by potent?

1 : having or wielding force, authority, or influence : powerful. 2 : achieving or bringing about a particular result : effective. 3a : chemically or medicinally effective a potent vaccine. b : rich in a characteristic constituent a potent drink. 4 : able to copulate —usually used of the male.

What is a rheumy eye?

(ruːmi ) adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] If someone has rheumy eyes, their eyes are red and watery, usually because they are very ill or old.

Can inebriated mean high?

If inebriate comes from juniper, the source of gin, that's a strong association to alcohol. It would be a stretch to use the term for highs other than alcohol intoxication, but not wholly impermissible.

What does Nagate mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to deny the existence or truth of negated and denied her own honest reactions— Sara H. Hay. 2 : to cause to be ineffective or invalid Alcohol can negate the effects of some medicines. Other Words from negate Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More About negate.

Why is Hector a Mexican name?

180–200 CE. Hector (/ˈhɛktər/) is an English, French, Scottish, and Spanish given name. The name is derived from the name of Hektor, a legendary Trojan champion who was killed by the Greek Achilles. The name Hektor is probably derived from the Greek ekhein, meaning "to check", "restrain".

Did Hector and Achilles really fight?

As the Greeks stormed the Trojan castle, Hector came out to meet Achilles in single combat—wearing the fateful armor of Achilles taken off the body of Patroclus. Achilles aimed and shot his spear into a small gap in the neck area of that armor, killing Hector.

Does Hector mean bully?

The definition of hector is to bully. An example of hector is to constantly make fun of someone. A bully. (person, proper) In Homer's Iliad, the greatest Trojan hero, killed by Achilles to avenge the death of Patroclus: he is the eldest son of Priam and Hecuba.

What does slackening mean?

1 : to make less active : slow up slacken speed at a crossing. 2 : to make slack (as by lessening tension or firmness) slacken sail. intransitive verb. 1 : to become slack or slow or negligent : slow down. 2 : to become less active : slack.

What is the meaning of out of wood?

Out of difficulties, danger or trouble, as in We're through the worst of the recession—we're out of the woods now, or That pneumonia was serious, but Charles is finally out of the woods. This expression, alluding to having been lost in a forest, dates from Roman times; it was first recorded in English in 1792.

What does the word exigent mean in English?

1 : requiring immediate aid or action exigent circumstances. 2 : requiring or calling for much : demanding an exigent client.