Was semi pro filmed in flint?

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Semi-Pro is a 2008 American sports comedy film from New Line Cinema. ... The film was shot in Los Angeles near Dodger Stadium (in the gym of the Los Angeles City Fire Department Training Center), in Detroit, and in Flint, Michigan.

Where was Semi-Pro filmed in Flint?

This 'Semi-Pro' scene involving Andre "3000" Benjamin was shot at the Flint River in Flint. It didn't make the final cut in the film. The banks of The Flint River get in for a brief snippet with Tropics player Twiggy. In a real head-scratcher, the above-mentioned celebration scene filmed outside the Capitol Theatre.

Was the Flint Tropics a real team?

They weren't called the Tropics, but there really was a "Semi-Pro" basketball team in Flint in the 1970s. The Flint Pros played in the Continental Basketball Association during the 1972-73 season and for a few games of the 1973-74 campaign before declining attendance forced them out of business.

Was Semi-Pro Based on a true story?

The Amazing True Story Of Victor, The Wrestling Bear

In the 2008 Will Ferrell movie Semi-Pro, which centers on a fictional ABA basketball team, there's a scene where Jackie Moon, played by Ferrell, wrestles with a grizzly bear at halftime of a game.

What team is Semi-Pro based on?

The Flint Tropics is the name of Will Ferrell's fictional basketball team in "Semi-Pro."

Semi-Pro (2008) filming locations, Flint Michigan

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What position is Jackie Moon?

The now-former ABA commissioner offers Jackie a position on the staff of the NBA assistant commissioner, as a marketing director.

Who is Kyle in Semi-Pro?

Rob Corddry as Kyle – Lynn's boyfriend.

Who invented alley oop?

It was invented by a couple of college students at Oklahoma Baptist University. Others say that David Thompson and his teammates Monte Tow and Tim Stoddard at North Carolina State University (Thompson had a 44-inch vertical and certainly popularized the attack for college athletes).

What year is Semi-Pro based?

Plot Summary (2)

It's 1976 in Flint, Michigan.

Who wrote Semi-Pro?

Written by Scot Armstrong (“Old School”) and directed by newcomer Kent Alterman, “Semi-Pro” imagines a fictional ABA team from Flint, Mich., run by Ferrell's Jackie Moon, a one-hit singing sensation, owner, coach and power forward.

Does the CBA still exist?

He says that the league will now operate as a single-owner entity, and the CBA will continue to be the official developmental league of the NBA.

Why did the ABA fold?

Brown saw the writing on the wall and decided that it was better to fold the Colonels for cash, instead of continuing to fight. On June 17, 1976, the Colonels reached a financial agreement with the remaining teams in the ABA and agreed to fold in exchange for $3 million.

What is Semi-Pro based on?

“Semi-Pro” is the comedic story of the Flint Tropics, a fictitious ABA team that didnt quite make it. The Tropics bear similarities to some of the defunct teams of the ABA–the Kentucky Colonels, the Anaheim Amigos and the Spirits of St. Louis.

What is Semi-Pro basketball?

Semi-professional sports are sports in which athletes are not participating on a full-time basis, but still receive some payment. Semi-professionals are not amateur because they receive regular payment from their team, but generally at a considerably lower rate than a full-time professional athlete.

Does Netflix have Semi-Pro?

Sorry, Semi-Pro is not available on American Netflix, but it's easy to unlock in USA and start watching! Get the ExpressVPN app to quickly change your Netflix region to a country like United Kingdom and start watching British Netflix, which includes Semi-Pro.

Was Will Ferrell in Tropic Thunder?

"Tropic Thunder" stars Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. as self-absorbed actors. When the bat's been away, Steve Carell ("Get Smart"), Will Ferrell ("Step Brothers") and Seth Rogen ("Pineapple Express") have all come out to play, and notched up lucrative returns, too.

Why is Semi-Pro rated R?

“Semi Pro” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian) for profanity and some sexual content.

Is Semi-Pro on a streaming service?

Jackie Moon is the owner, promoter, coach, and star player of the Flint Michigan Tropics of the American Basketball Association (ABA). Currently you are able to watch "Semi-Pro" streaming on HBO Max. ...

Is Self alley-oop legal?

It is legal to throw the ball off the backboard as a pass to yourself. The only time it is illegal is when attempting a free throw. While attempting a free throw the ball must hit the rim as well. For reference, see Section III - Dribble of NBA Rule 10.

Why was dunking illegal?

So, in 1967, the NCAA actually decided to ban the dunk, claiming that it was not a “skillful shot” and also citing injury concerns. Whether or not it was a skillful shot was highly debatable and the injuries due to dunking were a very small percentage compared to other injuries that occurred while playing basketball.

When was the first ever alley-oop?

The alley oop originated in the mid-1960's in college play. The play involves a pass from one team member to another, the ball being caught in mid-air, and then a basket being made. Originally, the alley oop did not feature dunking, as dunking was illegal in college basketball games of the time.

Is Semi Pro a good movie?

Semi pro has great material too work with. A goofy movie with a no better goofy actor than Will Ferrell. Ferrell pulls off a hard acting job of a fly by the seat of his pants owner/coach/manager and player etc ABA operator.

When did the ABA and NBA merge?

On August 5, 1976, the National Basketball Association (NBA) merges with its rival, the American Basketball Association (ABA), and takes on the ABA's four most successful franchises: the Denver Nuggets, the Indiana Pacers, the New York (later Brooklyn) Nets and the San Antonio Spurs.

Who was the first NBA team?

On November 1, 1946, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the Toronto Huskies hosted the New York Knickerbockers at Maple Leaf Gardens, in a game the NBA now refers to as the first game played in NBA history.