Was totally spies cancelled?

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It premiered in France on June 19 and June 23, 2013 and ended with a series finale on October 3, 2013 in Europe. It also originally premiered originally in North America on September 7, 2014 and ended with the final episode of the series on March 1, 2015 in English.

How many seasons are there of Totally Spies?

"Totally Spies!" is an animated television series produced by the French/Canadian/American company Marathon Production and the Canadian Company Image Entertainment Corporation. There have been 156 episodes divided into 6 seasons and 26 episodes each.

Is Totally Spies appropriate?

Parents need to know that there are no obvious redeeming features about this series. It does make for fun enough sleepover material, and there are hints of travel and cultural exploration, but in terms of everyday viewing, there are much more worthwhile shows for tweens.

Will there be a Totally Spies live action?

Totally Spies! is an American action-adventure-comedy spy film based on the homonymous French-Canadian animated television series, being directed by Brad Bird. It is produced by Banijay Studios North America and Alcon Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, being released on TBD 2018.

What is the best totally spies episode?

Totally Spies: 5 Best Episodes (& 5 Worst), According To IMDb
  1. 1 Best: "Like, So Totally Not Spies, Part 1" (Season 4) — 7.7.
  2. 2 Worst: "Futureshock!" (Season 4) — 5.2. ...
  3. 3 Best: "Malled" (Season 1) — 7.7. ...
  4. 4 Worst: "So Not Totally Groove-y" (Season 5) — 5.2. ...
  5. 5 Best: "Queen For A Day" (Season 1) — 7.7. ...

What Happened to Totally Spies

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How old are they in totally spies?

Spies are called "16 year old popularity queens" ("Green with N.V.")

Who is the oldest in totally spies?

In the episode "Do You Believe In Magic", it is revealed Alex is the youngest of the three girls (and Clover the oldest).

What episode of Totally Spies do they become spies?

"Totally Spies!" The Elevator (TV Episode 2004) - IMDb.

How did Totally Spies meet?

They meet the super-popular girl Mandy, who seems friendly at first, but soon tricks them into getting sprayed by a chai vending machine. Clover presents new friends a change of clothes, but they find themselves sucked into a locker and down a chute to one of the offices of WOOHP. They meet Jerry and a WOOHP agent Tad.

Where can I watch all seasons of Totally Spies?

But we have some good news for you: All six seasons of Totally Spies are on Amazon's Prime Video. Not a Prime Video subscriber? No problem. A host of full episodes of the animated series are available to stream for free on YouTube.

Do clover and Blaine break up?

Blaine. Blaine was Clover's boyfriend from Season 5, though they later broke up before Season 6 and becomes her second ex-boyfriend after Fernando in post Season 6. Prior to the break-up, he was sent to Australia and they agreed to keep seeing each other.

What does Totally Spies Alex like?

Alex is a mixture between a tomboy and a girly girl, she is the most athletic and fitness-minded spy of the team. She loves to play sports, especially soccer, video games, and is always trying out some new fad diet. Alex is also the most naive and absent-minded.

Who made Totally Spies?

Totally Spies! is a French action comedy series created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel mainly produced by French animation company Marathon Media and French broadcaster TF1, and for seasons 3-5, was co-produced with Canadian company Image Entertainment Corporation.

Is Charlie's Angels Totally Spies?

Totally Spies was a bit like a Charlie's Angels animated series. ... This show was on ABC Family for Season 1 in November 2001 - June 2002 and then after Season 1 was over ABC Family dropped the show and then July 2003, Cartoon Network picked up the show and renewed the show for a Season 2 and some more seasons!

What time is totally spies set?

Stuck in the Middle Ages with You

While pursuing a strange figure who has kidnapped military scientists, the girls are transported back in time to the year 1136.

Are totally spies in high school?

— "Game Girls"

Three action girls—Alex, Clover and Sam—are (totally) spies and also regular high school (later college) students working for the World Organization of Human Protection (more commonly called "WOOHP" for short), an ultra-top secret spy agency that fights global crime.

Who is Dean in totally spies?

Biography. Dean is a WOOHP agent who first appeared in "Evil Promotion Much?" as their trainer, and was later shown in "Déjà Cruise" as Jerry's sidekick for the girls' Super Agent Human Assets Test. The girls have shown some romantic interest in Dean and he is the only boy who can resist Clover.

What does whoop stand for in totally spies?

The World Organization Of Human Protection (WOOHP) is a worldwide spy agency in "Totally Spies!". Founded and headed by Jerry Lewis, WOOHP uses cutting edge technology and highly skilled agents to fight crime all over the world.