Were a foregone conclusion?

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phrase. If you say that a particular result is a foregone conclusion, you mean you are certain that it will happen. Most voters believe the result is a foregone conclusion. Synonyms: certainty, open-and-shut case, sure thing, dead cert [informal] More Synonyms of foregone conclusion.

What is foregone conclusion?

1 : a conclusion that has preceded argument or examination. 2 : an inevitable result : certainty the victory was a foregone conclusion.

How do you do the foregone conclusion?

You can refer to something that seems certain to happen as a foregone conclusion. It was a foregone conclusion that I would end up in the same business as him. The championship result was almost a foregone conclusion.

Where is a foregone conclusion from?

The term comes from Shakespeare's Othello (3.3), in which, after hearing Iago's lie about Cassio talking in his sleep of his love affair with Desdemona, Othello says this “dream” is a “foregone conclusion”—that is, it clearly denotes that his wife has been unfaithful to him with Cassio (as Iago intended him to believe ...

What does not a foregone conclusion mean?

phrase. DEFINITIONS1. something that seems certain to happen. It soon became clear that a victory for Federer was not a foregone conclusion. Synonyms and related words.

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What does a sorry sight mean?

a sight that one regrets seeing; someone or something that is unpleasant to look at. Well, aren't you a sorry sight! Go get cleaned up and put on some fresh clothes. See also: sight, sorry.

What is a moot point?

The meaning of 'moot' is a moot point – whichever variety of English you speak. ... Later a moot point, initially a legal issue, became used more widely to mean one that was open to argument, debatable or uncertain.

What does make a conclusion mean?

A conclusion is the last part of something, its end or result. ... The phrase in conclusion means "finally, to sum up," and is used to introduce some final comments at the end of a speech or piece of writing.

What does Forever and a Day mean?

See synonyms for forever and a day on Thesaurus.com. 1. For a very long time, as in He's been working on that book forever and a day. This hyperbolic expression probably originated as a corruption of the now obsolete for ever and ay. Shakespeare used it in The Taming of the Shrew (4:4): “Farewell for ever and a day.”

What does full circle mean?

: through a series of developments that lead back to the original source, position, or situation or to a complete reversal of the original position —usually used in the phrase come full circle.

What does forgone mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to give up the enjoyment or advantage of : do without never forwent an opportunity of honest profit— R. L. Stevenson decided to forgo dessert for a few days.

Who made foregone game?

Foregone is a fast and fluid 2D action-platformer packed with legendary loot and stunning pixel art, created and published by Big Blue Bubble. It was released in Early Access on the Epic Games Store on February 27, 2020.

Is it forego or forgo?

The lesson here is that forego implies something comes before something else as well as doing without something; however, forgo only means "to do without." In other words, if you "forego" or "forgo" dessert, you might not be satiated; if dessert "foregoes" dinner, you might be too full for dinner.

What is the meaning of all well that ends well?

—used to say that a person can forget about how unpleasant or difficult something was because everything ended in a good way We almost didn't make it here, but all's well that ends well.

What is alternative forgone?

Opportunity cost is the value of the next best alternative forgone as a result of making a decision. ... If, from an individual perspective, studying economics and sleeping are the two best alternatives for spending a given hour of time, then the cost of each can be expressed as the value of the other.

What does bee all and end all mean?

be-all and end-all in American English

(ˈbiˌɔl ənd ˈɛndˌɔl ) 1. a thing or person regarded as incapable of improvement; acme; ultimate. 2. chief or all-important element.

What does forever and always mean?

The word always is an adverb and is often used to mean that the action you are describing will last at all times. ... Forever is also used as an adverb to describe the action taking place. Â Forever is a relatively new word to the English language and is taken to mean for eternity, or if you prefer, never ending.

What does the saying break the ice mean?

To remove the tension at a first meeting, at the opening of a party, etc.: “That joke really broke the ice at the conference; we all relaxed afterward.”

What does it mean to keep your fancy-free?

English Language Learners Definition of fancy-free

: having no responsibilities : not held back by ties to other people.

What is a conclusion example?

For example, if you write a paper about zoo animals, each paragraph would probably be about one particular animal. In your conclusion, you should briefly mention each animal again. “Zoo animals like polar bears, lions, and giraffes are amazing creatures.” Leave your readers with something to think about.

What is the root of conclusion?

The word conclusion comes from the Latin concludere, which combines con-, "completely," and claudere, "to shut."

What's a sentence for conclusion?

Examples of conclusion in a Sentence

The evidence points to the inescapable conclusion that she was negligent. The logical conclusion is that she was negligent. What led you to that conclusion? They haven't yet arrived at a conclusion.

What does I love moot mean?

In internet slang, moots is short for mutual followers, referring to people who follow and generally actively engage with each other on social media. Moots is also commonly found in its singular form, moot.

Why do people say moot point?

By the early 20th century, 'moot point' began to mean "an issue that lacks practical significance." ... The term “moot point” has been used since the mid-19th century to mean an unsettled issue appropriate for law-school debate.

Why is it called a moot?

“Moot” is an old legal term. It originated in the twelfth century and meant either “A meeting, an assembly of people, esp. ... “Moot court” is so called because points are debated in them, not because the points debated are, well, pointless to debate.