Were ww1 medals engraved?

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From June 1917 officers of the rank of Captain but who had a temporary rank of Major could also receive the award. The reverse of the medal was issued plain with no engraving. Some families and recipients engraved their details at their own expense. Over 37,000 MCs were awarded during the war.

Are ww1 medals engraved?

The recipient's service number, rank, name and unit were inscribed on the rim of the medal.

Do ww1 medals have names on them?

Medals were impressed with the name of the recipient and usually included some or all of the following: service number, rank, first name or initial, surname and military unit (Regiment or Corps). This was either on the rim of the medal or in the case of a star, on the reverse.

Are military medals engraved?

All medals are engraved with the substantive rank held by the recipient on the date of qualification, not the rank which may have been attained prior to leaving Service.

Are World War 1 medals worth anything?

Individuals who saw service in the First World War were entitled to claim medals for their service. The most common medals were affectionately known as Pip, Squeak and Wilfred (1914 and 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal). Campaign medals are very common, so they aren't worth huge sums of money.

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Are old Army medals worth anything?

Medals in good condition are more valuable. If you have the original papers and presentation box for your medal, it will be worth more than a medal on its own. Sometimes the story behind a military medal will also influence it's value. Some collectors will pay more for medals that were awarded to certain soldiers.

What do I do with old war medals?

Basically it comes down to four choices: display the items in your home, donate them to a museum or historical institution, store them away or sell them. Before reaching a decision, find out exactly what you have and its value. Start by getting information from the veteran, if he or she is still around, then dig.

How do you name a medal?

4.2 Put last name first of the name of a person that is also the name of the medal; all other elements of that personal name within parenthesis. A second person's name in the name of the medal can be given in normal sequence.

How do I replace my army medals?

Replacing Military Medals

Requests for replacement medals should be submitted on Standard Form 180, “Request Pertaining to Military Records,” which may be obtained at VA offices or the Internet at www.va.gov/vaforms/.

How do I find my family war medals?

Here are my three top tips for trying to find your World War I family medals and tracking down your own little piece of family history!
  1. Medal Tracker. Token Publishing Ltd (the guys behind UK magazine Medal News) have an online medal finding service called Medal Tracker. ...
  2. Militaria Dealers. ...
  3. eBay.

What information is on a ww1 medal card?

These were called Medal Index Cards (MICs). These documents record the medals that men and women who served in the First World War were entitled to claim and include information like: a soldier's name, regimental numbers, ranks and units — compiled with reference to the service and discharge papers.

How do you find out what war medals A veteran was awarded?

For the General Public: if the service member separated from military service before 1960, the public may purchase a copy of the veteran's Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) to determine the awards due and obtain the medals from a commercial source.

Why are medals called Pip Squeak and Wilfred?

The medals' nicknames come from a popular comic strip of the time from the Daily Mirror newspaper. Pip was a dog, Squeak a penguin and Wilfred was a baby rabbit. The name, rank, unit and service number of the recipient are impressed on the reverse of the Star and on the rim of the British War Medal and Victory medal.

How do I display ww1 medals?

According to the general protocol for displaying medals, the highest honors should be placed to the top left in order of precedence. It's also advised to assemble medals of the same category together. For example, all the stars, with the highest-ranking to the top left, and then patches, pins, and ribbons.

What order are ww1 medals worn?

The order of wear of the First World War campaign stars and medals is as follows:
  • The 1914 Star.
  • The 1914–15 Star.
  • The British War Medal.
  • The Mercantile Marine War Medal.
  • The Victory Medal (United Kingdom).
  • The Territorial War Medal.

How do I apply for my father's war medals?

How to apply. Download and fill in the medal application form. Apply through your unit if you're still serving in the armed forces. If you're applying on behalf of someone else, you must include a copy of either your lasting power of attorney or a death certificate.

How do I know what medals I have earned?

You can quickly determine which medals you earned simply by examining your military discharge form (DD-214, WD 53-55, NAVPERS, etc). Listed on the form are all the medals your final military unit deemed, at the time of your discharge, you were authorized to possess.

How do you get grandfather's war medals?

Apply online using the Defence Medals Application Form, select Member is Deceased as the Claimant Status, and Replacement Medals as the Application Type. You can apply for a list of the previously issued awards of deceased relatives who served with Australian forces since World War One.

What does medal name mean?

The west coast of Scotland and the rocky Hebrides islands are the ancient home of the Medal family. The root of their name is the personal name Dougal. The Gaelic form of the name is Mac Dhughaill and literally means son of Dougal.

How do you record a medal?

To start the recording press and hold the clip hotkey (Default: F8) for more than 1 second Medal will greet you with a "Recording started". You will hear Medal's voice notifying you that your recording has started. This can last as long as you desire in your gaming session.

What's the difference between a medal and a medallion?

As nouns the difference between medal and medallion

is that medal is a stamped metal disc used as a personal ornament, a charm, or a religious object while medallion is a large medal, usually decorative.

Can you sell old war medals?

The Selling of Military Awards and Medals: Legality

It is illegal to buy, sell, barter, or manufacture any decorations or medals authorized by Congress for the United States armed forces.

Where can I donate ww1 memorabilia?

  • The Pritzker Military Museum & Library. ...
  • The National World War One Museum and Memorial. ...
  • Library of Congress Veterans History Project (VHP) ...
  • U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center. ...
  • Naval History and Heritage Command. ...
  • Naval History and Heritage Command Archives Branch. ...
  • The National Museum of the Marine Corps.

What do you do with old military stuff?

1. Donate
  • Military institutions. If the uniforms are still decent and wearable, you can donate them to military organizations like the ROTC, where cadets can wear them for training. ...
  • Thrift stores. ...
  • Private companies and shops. ...
  • Non-profit organizations. ...
  • Museums. ...
  • Other public institutions and organizations.

How do I sell my military medals?

The following steps should always be taken when you are looking to sell your military medals.
  1. Do your research. ...
  2. Check you can sell it. ...
  3. Get a valuation from a trusted dealer. ...
  4. Set reserves. ...
  5. Check to see if there are any fees where you want to sell war medals.