What does calling someone a douche mean?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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Also called douche . Slang: Vulgar. a contemptible or despicable person.

What makes someone a douche?

A shallow and stupid person, usually male, with an arrogant demeanor and an over inflated ego. Often tries way too hard to be cool and/or funny, but it usually comes off as embarrassing and pathetic. A douche bag will often behave like an asshole in order to get laughs or look cool.

What is douche slang for?

A douche is a type of hygiene product women use to clean their vaginas. Douche is also a common slang word for "jerk": the variation douchebag is extremely popular. There's no clear way to define what a douche is, though anyone acting arrogant, jerky, or nasty might be described as one.

Douchebag | Definition of douchebag

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