What does dismalness meaning?

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1 : showing or causing gloom (see gloom entry 2 sense 2) or depression the dismal prison twilight— Charles Dickens. 2 : lacking merit : particularly bad a dismal performance. 3 obsolete : disastrous, dreadful.

Is Dismalness a word?

The state or quality of being dismal.

What is the meaning of Dismil?

adjective. causing gloom or dejection; gloomy; dreary; cheerless; melancholy: dismal weather. characterized by ineptness or lack of skill, competence, effectiveness, imagination, or interest; pitiful: Our team played a dismal game.

Is Dismal a feeling?

The definition of dismal is something that is gloomy that makes you feel sad. An example of dismal is a cloudy day. adjective. 9. 2.

What does being haughty mean?

: blatantly and disdainfully proud : having or showing an attitude of superiority and contempt for people or things perceived to be inferior haughty aristocrats haughty young beauty … never deigned to notice us— Herman Melville.

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What is a haughty woman?

Someone who is haughty is arrogant and full of pride. When you're haughty, you have a big attitude and act like you're better than other people. A haughty person acts superior and looks down on others. Haughty people are disdainful, overbearing, prideful, swaggering, and obnoxious.

What's haughty eyes?

1. Haughty eyes: Haughty eyes deals with pride and God hates pride. The eyes are the windows into pride. The phrase, “That person looks down on me!” That's the haughty eye and its full of pride. Pride is the original sin that goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden.

What is a dismal person?

: showing or causing unhappiness or sad feelings : not warm, cheerful, etc. : very bad or poor. See the full definition for dismal in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is the meaning of clutter free?

1 n-uncount Clutter is a lot of things in an untidy state, especially things that are not useful or necessary. Caroline prefers her worktops to be clear of clutter.

How do you use dismal?

Dismal in a Sentence ?
  1. When I saw the doctor's dismal face, I knew the news was not going to be good.
  2. Because the critics called the play a dismal failure, few people purchased tickets for the stage production.
  3. The team ended the school year with a dismal record of one win and eleven losses.

What does a bismal mean?

[ adj ] perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements ; filled with bewilderment ; " obviously bemused by his questions "; " bewildered and confused "; " a cloudy and confounded philosopher "; " just a mixed - up kid "; " she felt lost on the first day of school "

What is the meaning of malady?

1 : a disease or disorder of the animal body told by his physicians that he had a fatal malady— Willa Cather. 2 : an unwholesome or disordered condition poverty, homelessness, and other social maladies.

What is the meaning of Atremble?

: shaking involuntarily : trembling he was white as death and all atremble— Robert Coover.

What beckoned means?

1 : to summon or signal typically with a wave or nod My master beckons. He … beckoned to the other generals to come and stand where he stood.— H. E. Scudder. 2 : to appear inviting : attract the frontier beckons.

What is the synonym of dismal?

Some common synonyms of dismal are bleak, cheerless, desolate, dreary, and gloomy. While all these words mean "devoid of cheer or comfort," dismal indicates extreme and utterly depressing gloominess.

What does the word grappling mean?

1 : to seize or hold with an instrument (as a hook) 2 : to seize and struggle with another Wrestlers grappled in the ring. 3 : to deal with Leaders are grappling with the problem.

What does clutter say about a person?

Clutter in the living room might suggest blockages in your social life, as well as your relationship with yourself, while a cluttered bedroom might relate to issues surrounding your sexual self, fears of intimacy or gender roles.

What is a cluttered mind?

Mental clutter refers to times when our mind has too many thoughts which makes it difficult to process and focus. A cluttered mind is disrupting and it hinders our productivity, balance and even our mental health.

What does clutter up mean?

1. clutter up - fill a space in a disorderly way. clutter. fill, fill up, make full - make full, also in a metaphorical sense; "fill a container"; "fill the child with pride" Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection.

What does it mean to be enjoined from?

1 : to direct or impose by authoritative order or with urgent admonition enjoined us to be careful.

What does mean disregarding?

transitive verb. : to pay no attention to : treat as unworthy of regard or notice Please disregard what I said in my last email. He disregarded her advice. disregard. noun.

What are the 7 sins that God hates?

According to the standard list, they are pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth, which are contrary to the seven heavenly virtues.

What does the Bible say about haughty eyes?

Proverbs 21:4 – A haughty look, a proud heart, and the plowing of the wicked are sin.

What is lying tongue?

This is done by saying something untrue outright, or by fudging the truth. Sinful man classifies lies in different categories. Fabrications are things are entirely made-up.

What is the difference between pride and haughty?

As adjectives the difference between haughty and proud

is that haughty is conveying in demeanour the assumption of superiority; disdainful, supercilious while proud is gratified; feeling honoured (by something); feeling satisfied or happy about a fact or event.