What does ventriloquist mean?

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Ventriloquism, or ventriloquy, is an act of stagecraft in which a person creates the illusion that their voice is coming from elsewhere, usually a puppeteered prop, known as a "dummy".

What does the word ventriloquism mean?

1 : the production of the voice in such a way that the sound seems to come from a source other than the vocal organs of the speaker. 2 : the expression of one's views and attitudes through another especially : such expression by a writer through a fictional character or literary persona.

How do you use ventriloquist in a sentence?

Ventriloquist in a Sentence ?
  1. The children laughed as the ventriloquist made the doll speak without moving his lips.
  2. A skilled ventriloquist can trick the audience into believing that the doll or animal he is controlling is actually alive.

Can anyone be a ventriloquist?

You can learn how to do ventriloquism in a few weeks. Some people even begin to entertain their family & friends after a few weeks. But to become a proficient ventriloquist it can take years. Professional ventriloquists like Jeff Dunham, Terry Fator, Dan Horn and many others rehearse daily to maintain their skill.

Who is the most famous ventriloquist in the world?

Edgar Bergen

The most famous ventriloquist of the 20th century was Edgar Bergen. Bergen taught himself ventriloquism, and commissioned a puppet (called a “dummy” for ventriloquists) he named Charlie McCarthy.

How To Be a Ventriloquist! Lesson 1 | JEFF DUNHAM

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What is it called when you can throw your voice?

The act of ventriloquism is ventriloquizing, and the ability to do so is commonly called in English the ability to "throw" one's voice.

How do you use colloquial in a sentence?

Colloquial sentence example
  1. His colloquial talents were indeed of the highest order. ...
  2. The merchant families of Iannina are well educated; the dialect spoken in that town is the purest specimen of colloquial Greek. ...
  3. His sermons were colloquial , simple, full of conviction and point.

What is a Polyphonist?

: one skilled in polyphony : contrapuntist.

What are antonyms for periscope?

antonyms for periscope
  • loser.
  • owner.
  • stray.

What does dummy mean in slang?

slang a stupid person; fool. derogatory, slang a person without the power of speech; mute. informal a person who says or does nothing. a person who appears to act for himself while acting on behalf of another. (as modifier)a dummy buyer.

Is ventriloquism a word?

the art or practice of speaking, with little or no lip movement, in such a manner that the voice does not appear to come from the speaker but from another source, as from a wooden dummy.

What is colloquial and its examples?

Contractions: Words such as “ain't” and “gonna” are examples of colloquialism, as they are not used widely throughout English-speaking populations. ... A good example is the word “bloody” which is a simple adjective in American English, but is a curse word in British English.

What is colloquial example?

The word is derived from the Latin “colloquium,” which means “conversation.” With repeated use, certain words and expressions take on colloquial meanings: for example, the word “wicked” means “evil”—but it can also mean “excellent.” For example, “the film was wicked.”

What are colloquial sentences?

1a : used in or characteristic of familiar and informal conversation In colloquial English, "kind of" is often used for "somewhat" or "rather." also : unacceptably informal. b : using conversational style a colloquial writer. 2 : of or relating to conversation : conversational colloquial expressions.

Is throwing voice real?

Throwing your voice is a misconception of ventriloquism. Ventriloquists do not really “throw” their voice. People have heard the term so often, many believe it is true. But the truth is: the voice will always come from the ventriloquist.

How can I improve my voice throw?

Raise your tongue.

Use the back of your tongue rather than the tip. Your tongue should be near your soft palate without actually touching it. This action closes off most of your throat. The opening of your throat will need to be narrowed like this in order to produce the muffled voice required for this effect.