What is a but and ben?

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But and ben is an architectural style for a simple building, usually applied to a residence. The etymology is from the Scots term for a two-roomed cottage.

What is the meaning of but and ben?

1 : back and forth : in and out specifically : from one part of a house to the other. 2 : on opposite sides or at opposite ends of (a house, a corridor) we lived but and ben with them.

What does Ben the Hoose mean?

Awa ben the hoose. Means : 'please leave me alone, and go to another room'

What Bothy means?

A bothy is a basic shelter, usually left unlocked and available for anyone to use free of charge. It was also a term for basic accommodation, usually for gardeners or other workers on an estate. Bothies are found in remote mountainous areas of Scotland, Northern England, Ulster, Wales and the Isle of Man.

What does Ben mean in mountains?

About Ben Nevis

“Ben Nevis” is a translation of the Scottish Gaelic name “Beinn Nibheis”. “Beinn” is a common Gaelic word for “mountain”, “Nibheis” is usually translated as “malicious” or “venomous”.

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Why do the French say Ben?

We know the word oui means “yes,”and non means “no,” but the word ben can be seen as an informal version of the French word bien (well).

What does Ben mean in Scots?

(bɛn ) Scottish. noun. 1. an inner room in a house or cottage.

Are Bothies locked?

All MBA bothies remain closed, and should not be used, even if they are not (yet) locked.

What is a wee bothy?

Wee Highland Bothies

In Scotland a bothy is known as a small hut or cottage, originally one for housing farm labourers or for use as a mountain refuge. ... The Wee Bothies are our version of a Highland Bothy that sleeps up to 4 people.

Whats another word for both?

Synonyms: the two, the two of, the pair of, the pair, and, and also, not only ... but also ...

What does Dinna fash mean?

Dinna fash

A reassuring phrase meaning 'don't worry'.

What is the Scottish word for beautiful?

Bonnie. Female | A quintessential Scottish name that will never go out of fashion, Bonnie is the Scots word for beautiful, pretty, stunning and attractive. Bonnies tend to have an inimitable personality.

What is a Scottish cottage called?

CRUIVE n, a hut, hovel or cottage.

What is a bothy boy?

A bothy is a small house of sorts, with an emphasis on the sorts. ... The term is used for waystations on Scottish trails. But on the great estates, bothys served as home to as many as a dozen workers. Some bothys were no more than a dirt cellar carved out of a hillside with piles of blankets for bedding.

What is a boothy?

Boothynoun. a wooden hut or humble cot, esp. a rude hut or barrack for unmarried farm servants; a shepherd's or hunter's hut; a booth.

Are Scottish bothies locked?

A recipient of the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service, the Mountain Bothies Association is a charity which maintains about 100 shelters in some of the remoter parts of Great Britain. With the permission and support of the owners, these shelters are unlocked and are available for anyone to use.

How many British bothies are there?

The organisation has over ninety bothies, mostly in Scotland but with a few in England and Wales all of which may be stayed in without any charges at all.

How can I stay in bothy?

The whole point of staying in a bothy is to gain access to wilder places, so get there, stay the night, then move on. Any more than two nights in the same place requires permission. Group numbers should never exceed six. If the estate closes the building temporarily, respect its wishes.

What does Auch mean in Scottish?

Ach- (or Auch-) is from the Gaelic word meaning “field”. Ach is generally a prefix used in the lowlands, whereas Auch is the highland variety. Auchterarder for example is 'the upland field of the high stream”, Auchinleck a flat stone field.

What does the name Ben stand for?

Meaning of Ben

Ben means “blessed” and “good speaker” (from Benedict) or “child of good fortune”, “son of the right hand” and “son of the south” (from Benjamin).

What does the Scottish word Glen mean?

A glen is a valley, typically one that is long and bounded by gently sloped concave sides, unlike a ravine, which is deep and bounded by steep slopes. Whittow defines it as a "Scottish term for a deep valley in the Highlands" that is "narrower than a strath". ... The designation "glen" also occurs often in place names.

What is È called in French?

In French, E is the only letter that can be modified with l'accent aigu, the acute accent. With the accent, it may be called either e accent aigu or simply é, pronounced [e] (more or less like "ay").

What are some common French phrases?

Common French Phrases for Conversation
  • Bonjour! ( Good morning, hello)
  • Bienvenue. (Welcome.)
  • Madame/Monsieur/Mademoiselle (Mrs. / Mr. / ...
  • Pardon, excusez-moi. (Pardon, excuse me.)
  • Parlez-vous anglais? (Do you speak English?)
  • Je ne parle pas français. (I do not speak French.)
  • À tout à l'heure! ...
  • Merci/Merci beaucoup.