What is an example of a credible online source?

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Any website that contains . edu or . gov in the URL code would serve as an example of a credible online source. Other relatively reliable sources include famous online dictionaries and encyclopedias.

What are the credible sources?

What are credible sources?
  • Fact checking.
  • Sources for different purposes.
  • Dictionaries & encyclopedias.
  • Books vs scholarly books.
  • Types of journals. Peer-reviewed journals.
  • News and media.

What is a reliable source online?

A reliable source is one that provides a thorough, well-reasoned theory, argument, discussion, etc. based on strong evidence. Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles or books -written by researchers for students and researchers.

How can you tell if an online source is credible?

Make sure the source is written by a trustworthy author and/or institution. If you are using a webpage, you can usually identify the owner/publisher by the URL, or check for a copyright statement near the bottom of the page. Make sure the author has the proper credentials on the subject matter.

Is .com a credible source?

Check the domain name

Look at the three letters at the end of the site's domain name, such as “edu” (educational), “gov” (government), “org” (nonprofit), and “com” (commercial). Generally, . edu and . gov websites are credible, but beware of sites that use these suffixes in an attempt to mislead.

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What are some examples of reliable sites?

Examples of reliable websites are:
  • The World Factbook.
  • Science.gov.
  • The National Bureau of Economic Research.
  • UK Office for National Statistics.
  • US Census Bureau.

What are not credible sources?

  • Book.
  • Newspapers and magazines.
  • Peer reviewed journals.
  • Peer reviewed articles.
  • PhD or MBA dissertations and research.
  • Public library.
  • Scholarly articles.

Where can I find credible sources?

Credible sources include peer-reviewed journals, government agencies, research think tanks, and professional organizations. Major newspapers and magazines also provide reliable information thanks to their high publishing standards.

Which source is most likely to be credible?

Any type of source, including a book, website, newspaper article, magazine article, journal article, etc. that shows evidence for being accurate and trustworthy would be considered a credible source.

How do you find credible sources on Google?

How to Find Reliable Research on Google
  1. Use Google Advanced Search. This will help you limit your results to a specific selection. ...
  2. The minus sign. When looking for similar words to the one you're using, include the minus (-) sign in your google search. ...
  3. Don't use full sentences.

What is the best example of a reliable source?

Credible Sources:
  • information published within last 10 years;
  • texts written by respected authors;
  • websites belonging to educational and governmental institutions;
  • articles from Google Scholar;
  • academic databases.

What are reliable websites?

With that in mind, here are eight ways to tell if a website is reliable.
  • Look for Established Institutions. ...
  • Look for Sites with Expertise. ...
  • Steer Clear of Commercial Sites. ...
  • Beware of Bias. ...
  • Check the Date. ...
  • Consider the Site's Look. ...
  • Avoid Anonymous Authors. ...
  • Check the Links.

Is Wikipedia a credible source?

Wikipedia is not a reliable source for citations elsewhere on Wikipedia. Because it can be edited by anyone at any time, any information it contains at a particular time could be vandalism, a work in progress, or just plain wrong. ... Wikipedia generally uses reliable secondary sources, which vet data from primary sources.

Is Google sites a credible source?

Google is not an academic source, or indeed, a source at all. "Google" should never be cited as a source. Rather, Google is a search engine designed to help find materials that are available on the internet.

How do I find good sources online?

Finding Credible Sources Online
  1. Start with a simple search. ...
  2. Avoid Wikipedia. ...
  3. Use online scholarly databases such as InfoTrac, LexisNexis, and EBSCO, which provide access to the latest research in hundreds of areas.
  4. Newspapers and magazines are also rich sources of information about what is happening now.

How do you choose a reliable source?

The criteria are:
  1. Currency: Timeliness of the information.
  2. Relevance: Importance of the information for your needs.
  3. Authority: Source of the information.
  4. Accuracy: Truthfulness and correctness of the information.
  5. Purpose: Reason the information exists.

Where can you find a credible or reliable source of information to get accurate details?

In general, print publications with authors and listed sources tend to be reliable because they provide sources which readers can verify. Likewise, Web postings with a . gov suffix (posted by the United States government) are both current and reliable.

How reliable is Facebook?

Contrary to the time-consuming conventional way of preparing a census, researchers have said Facebook can be a reliable resource for the exercise and can provide real-time numbers in comparatively less time.

Is wikiHow reliable?

wikiHow is a trusted knowledge resource for over 150 million monthly visitors spanning 230 countries. Here's how Fastly's edge cloud platform helps them meet growing user expectations by providing the most up-to-date articles in real time.

Is books a reliable source?

Books. Whilst books remain an excellent source of information, they are not always reliable because: Material could be out of date - the long turn around between submission and publication means that even relatively recent publications may contain information that has been superseded.

Is pamphlet a reliable source?

Pamphlets are a reliable source for accurate information. they find on the Internet (Harris Interactive Survey). And with good reason. There are over one billion websites, most of which are neither critiqued nor evaluated, and many of which are outdated.

Which is an indication that a source is credible?

Author – Information on the internet with a listed author is one indication of a credible site. The fact that the author is willing to stand behind the information presented (and in some cases, include his or her contact information) is a good indication that the information is reliable.

How do you know a website is reliable?

Tips for finding reliable websites: Make sure the website is recent or has been updated. Use websites that cite sources. Look for credentials or education of the website author.

Is research online reliable?

Research Online is reliable because you can gather a data or research with an authoritative source. Explanation: When finding details about a topic, you can check it online and check if the source is reliable or not.

Which is an online research source that is not considered reliable?

Answer. About.com articles are not usually considered reliable or credible resource for use in academic research. The About.com guides are technically blogs providing opinions and do not necessarily contain vetted information.