What is ungifted by gordon korman about?

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Ungifted by Gordon Korman is a very interesting and fun book about a boy named Donovan Curtis who breaks down his middle schools gym with a statue and then after not being found by the school he is accidentally sent to an academy for gifted children.

What is the main idea of the book ungifted?

Donovan's essential ungiftedness changes the shape of the Academy of Scholastic Distinction, and is the driving theme of this book. Ungifted is largely character-driven which is part of its charm.

Is ungifted a good book?

Ungifted is a cute story about a boy who is not gifted accidentally ending up at the school district's gifted school. The interactions between the kids are really well done. ... I highly recommend it to middle grade age kids. It makes a great read-aloud!

Why did Gordon Korman write ungifted?

I wrote UNGIFTED to play around with the idea that there's a little bit of genius inside every kid, gifted program or no. Actually, THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING AT MACDONALD HALL was kind of an accident.

Is ungifted a graphic novel?

An engrossing, humorous, and vitally important graphic novel that should be required reading in every middle school in...

UNGIFTED by Gordon Korman

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What does the word ungifted mean?

: not endowed with a special talent or superior intellectual capacity : not gifted an ungifted performer.

What is the main conflict in ungifted?

Conflict. -The conflict in the story is that Donovan Curtis was in big trouble with the Superintendent. Dr. Schultz made a mistake by accidentally sending him to an Academy for honor and gifted students.

What is the climax of ungifted?

The climax of the story is when Dr. Schultz finds Donovan and he has to clean up the Atlas statue. ... The climax was not really big in the story but that is the main turning point that occurs. He ends up being transferred back to his old high school.

What point of view is ungifted?

The overall point of view is first person, but in each chapter, that “first person” is different. The primary narrator is the book's protagonist, Donovan Curtis.

Is Ungifted a movie?

Ungifted is an upcoming comedy series that was officially announced on March 2, 2021. It is based off of the book of the same name by Gordan Kormam. Not much is known about the series as it is in pre-production.

What books are in the Ungifted series?

Favorites include the New York Times #1 bestseller The 39 Clues: One False Note, The Juvie Three, Son of the Mob, Born to Rock, and Schooled.

Who is the antagonist in Ungifted?

Antagonist: Dr. Schultz, he is the dean of students and makes all the rules. When you get in trouble you go straight to him. He is tall, bald, and sends kids running in fear.

What is the setting in Ungifted?

Setting. The setting of the book takes place at Hard Castle Middle School and The Academy of Scholastic Distinction which is a school for gifted and talented students. This book takes place in the 21st century. The mood of this book is humorous because the characters find themselves in unlikely situations.

What is the rising action of Ungifted?

In "Ungifted" a rising action is when Donovan Curtis is accidentally placed in the Academy of Scholastic Distinction and goes to the valentines dance relocated to academy's gym because the gym from his old school was destroyed and Donovan's two friends wheeled their robot, Tin Man, academy's gym and was badly damaged ...

What happens in Super Gifted?

After years at the Academy for Scholastic Distinction, all Noah dreams of is the opportunity to fail if he wants to. And he's landed in the perfect place to do it—Donovan's school. Almost immediately, Noah finds himself on the wrong side of cheerleading captain Megan Mercury and alpha jock Hash “Hashtag” Taggart.

What does Chloe think about Donovan's giftedness?

What does Chloe think about being gifted? That it is not a gift, because gifts are free. ... He thought it humanized the robotics program.

Who helped Donovan cheat on the retest?

Noah told Donovan that Abigail Lee had helped him, p.

88. In the book, Ungifted, why did Abigail help Donovan on the test?

What grade is Donovan Curtis?

Donovan Curtis (IQ 112) is not gifted. Seventh grader Donovan Curtis is impulsive. Act before thinking is his major character trait and that has made him the frequent focus of appointments with the principal and school meetings with his parents.

What does ungifted mean in Animal Crossing?

Gifted = you gave your villager stuff (gifted clothing, furniture ) Ungifted = Villager is a pure ( never received anything from you.

How does the book ungifted end?

She is rushed to the hospital, gives birth safely, and names the baby girl after the robot built by Donovan and his academy classmates. Everything goes back to normal – or close to normal: Donovan continues to attend his old school, but is allowed to continue participating in the Academy's robotics club.

Is there a sequel to ungifted?

This funny and heartwarming sequel to Ungifted, which has become a word-of-mouth hit, cleverly sends up our ideas about intelligence, heroism, and popularity.

Who is the main character of ungifted?

Ungifted is a 2012 children's novel by Gordon Korman. The story is told with chapters of alternating perspectives. The plot revolves around Donovan Curtis, a troublemaker that gets wrapped up in a major prank gone wrong.