Whats a sentence for expeditious?

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The most expeditious way to get through the evening is by humouring me. The rules require us to notify counsel by reasonably expeditious means.

How do you use expeditious in a sentence?

Expeditious in a Sentence ?
  1. When I order fast food, I expect to receive it in an expeditious timeframe.
  2. The man was saved because of the doctor's expeditious diagnosis.
  3. Because expeditious shipping is included with all deliveries, I don't mind paying the company's membership fee.

What is the meaning expeditious?

fast, rapid, swift, fleet, quick, speedy, hasty, expeditious mean moving, proceeding, or acting with celerity. fast and rapid are very close in meaning, but fast applies particularly to the thing that moves fast horses and rapid to the movement itself.

Can expeditious people?

Some common synonyms of expeditious are fast, fleet, hasty, quick, rapid, speedy, and swift. While all these words mean "moving, proceeding, or acting with celerity," expeditious suggests efficiency together with rapidity of accomplishment.

Is expeditious an adjective?

Fast, prompt, speedy. Completed or done with efficiency and speed; facilitating speed.

expeditious - 10 adjectives which are synonyms to expeditious (sentence examples)

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Does expedient mean fast?

Use expedient for "advantageous" and expeditious for "speedy," like how fast you plan for an expedition to Antarctica, or across the street.

What is a big word for hurry up?

hasten, quicken, rush, speed (up), whisk.

What does expeditious manner mean?

adj characterized by or done with speed and efficiency; prompt; quick.

Is expedient a bad word?

Expedient has two connotations, once neutral and the other — more common — slightly pejorative: Something that is expedient may be suitable, but the word more likely reflects what is done out of self-interest or because it is most convenient rather than the best solution.

What is expeditious delivery?

The meaning of 'expedited shipping' is a little vague, but essentially it refers to any method of delivery that is guaranteed to arrive at its destination faster than 'regular' delivery methods. Think of expedited delivery as an umbrella term for things like express delivery, next-day delivery and same-day delivery.

What is expeditious response?

adjective. characterized by promptness; quick: an expeditious answer to an inquiry.

What does expeditious fashion mean?

adj characterized by or done with speed and efficiency; prompt; quick.

What is expeditious trial?

An expeditious trial is primarily in the interest of the accused ... learned Judge may proceed to expeditiously dispose of the cases preferably by holding the trial from. Supreme Court of India.

Is expeditiously a real word?

The adverb expeditiously can describe something you do quickly and efficiently, but the word has a formal sound to it that makes whatever you're doing sound fancy. ... You'll often hear the word used in formal contexts. A police spokesperson might talk about an investigation that will be handled expeditiously.

What does expeditiously mean in law?

expeditiously means that the department complete the report of its initial investigative findings and recommendations concerning the existence of probable cause within 6 months after its receipt of the complaint.

What does Indubitability mean?

: too evident to be doubted : unquestionable.

Is expedient good or bad?

An expedient is an action that achieves a particular purpose, but may not be morally right. ... If it is expedient to do something, it is useful or convenient to do it, even though it may not be morally right. When things go wrong it is expedient to say it was a management failure.

What does Propitiously mean?

1 : favorably disposed : benevolent. 2 : being a good omen : auspicious propitious sign. 3 : tending to favor : advantageous.

How do you use the word expedient?

Expedient sentence example
  1. Before considering observational data, it is expedient to mention various sources of uncertainty. ...
  2. Nothing could be more false than the common opinion that as a financier his sole expedient was to multiply the emissions of assignats. ...
  3. But soon another and cheaper expedient presented itself.

What is a nebulous person?

nĕbyə-ləs. The definition of nebulous is someone or something that is vague or unclear. An example of nebulous is a plan that doesn't describe the intended outcome.

What is a meteoric?

1a : of or relating to a meteor. b : resembling a meteor in speed or in sudden and temporary brilliance a meteoric rise to fame. 2 : of, relating to, or derived from the earth's atmosphere meteoric water. Other Words from meteoric More Example Sentences Learn More About meteoric.

What does Celerity mean?

celerity • \suh-LAIR-uh-tee\ • noun. : rapidity of motion or action : swiftness.

How do you say hurry up in a nice way?

The Direct Method
  1. I need you to get a move along.
  2. You're a bit behind schedule and need to get moving.
  3. Please, can you speed up, you are holding everyone up!
  4. You need to go faster.
  5. Please try to finish up in the next few minutes.
  6. We need it no later than the end of (date/time).
  7. You need to have it finished by (time).

What is the meaning to hurry up?

: speeded up : completed in a hurry a hurry-up dinner.

What kind of word is hurry?

verb (used with object), hur·ried, hur·ry·ing. to drive, carry, or cause to move or perform with speed. to hasten; urge forward (often followed by up). to impel or perform with undue haste: to hurry someone into a decision.