Whats a weary willie?

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Emmett Leo Kelly was an American circus performer, who created the clown figure "Weary Willie," based on the hobos of the Great Depression in the 1930s. According to Charles W. Carey, Jr.: Kelly’s creation of Weary Willie revolutionized professional clowning and made him the country’s most familiar clown.

What does the term Weary Willie mean?

: one who avoids or dislikes work a general truancy by the Weary Willies, leaving the work-gluttons to do their share and do it better — Manchester Guardian Weekly specifically : tramp the railroad had helped to create the Weary Willie — S. H. Holbrook.

Why is Emmett Kelly famous?

Emmett Kelly was a gifted entertainer who gained world fame as the hobo clown, "Weary Willie." He and his family moved to a farm near Houston, Missouri when he was six. ... It was while working for an advertising agency that he created the hobo clown character for which he would later become famous.

Who is the most famous clown ever?

Here's a look at pop culture's most famous clowns.
  1. Ronald McDonald. Ronald McDonald, the face of the McDonald's franchise, is not very well-liked. ...
  2. Bozo the Clown. ...
  3. Krusty the Clown. ...
  4. Pennywise the Dancing Clown, a.k.a. It. ...
  5. The Joker. ...
  6. Twisty the Clown. ...
  7. John Wayne Gacy, a.k.a. Pogo the Clown, a.k.a. The Killer Clown. ...
  8. Happy Slappy.

Why is Emmett Kelly sad?

The character caught on with audiences during the Great Depression in the United States. They could identify with a character who wasn't too successful and was sad about his various (comic) failures. Additionally, Kelly and Eva divorced, and he worked his sadness over the divorce into his clown act.

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What worried willies?

“Weary Willies” were Civil War vets who wandered about the land, setting up makeshift shelters for themselves, existing on handouts. The term at least acknowledges that they had been through an ordeal. ... By the war's end, the term was applied to anyone who attacks someone with the intent of robbery.

Did Richard Thomas play on Bonanza?

In 1970, he was in a leading role in NBC's Bonanza in an episode called "The Weary Willies". He then appeared in soap operas such as The Edge of Night (as Ben Schultz, 1961), A Flame in the Wind, and As the World Turns (as Tom Hughes, 1966–67), which were broadcast from his native Manhattan.

Did any of the Waltons date each other?

In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com on the fifth anniversary of his death, Learned, 79, reveals that she and Waite 'were in love' off screen and they even went on a date.

What happened to the original John Boy?

He famously played John-Boy Walton on the beloved show. However, a few years before the final episode of the show aired, Thomas left the cast. ... According to the news agency, Thomas had won an Emmy Award for his work on “The Waltons.” However, “in 1977 he decided to quit the series to pursue other opportunities.”

How did the Waltons end?

The Waltons end up saving the day when they gather everyone they can find to attend the celebration. In the closing epilogue, John Boy recounts that the Baldwins' zest for life would inspire him to write another book and return to New York. The cast reunited for a total of six made-for-TV movies.

Who played the weary Willies on Bonanza?

In this episode Lee Purcell plays Richard Thomas's love interest.

Are any of the Waltons still alive?

In 2013, the world said goodbye to Joe Conley, a.k.a. salesman "Ike Godsey," who died at 85 from dementia. "Emily Baldwin" actress Mary Jackson also passed away in 2013. She was 95 years old. ... Despite the deaths among the Waltons cast, many actors on the series are still living now.

Is there a real Waltons Mountain?

While the television series took place on a fictional "Walton's Mountain," in Virginia, and the book on "Spencer's Mountain" in Wyoming, both are actually based on Hamner's hometown of Schuyler, VA.

Why did Olivia Walton leave the show in season 7?

Actress Michael Learned, who played Olivia, left the show because she was dissatisfied with the small size of her role. Olivia Walton fell ill with tuberculosis and was admitted to a sanatorium in Arizona. She apparently has recovered herself as she appears in subsequent reunification films.

Why was Michael Learned missing from the Waltons?

1978 Michael Learned decided to quit her contract and leave the successful series "The Waltons". Her departure from the show was declared to the TV audience by tuberculosis disease of "Ma Walton" and her long stay in a sanatorium.

Where did Olivia Walton go in Season 7?

Olivia is leaving Walton's Mountain, hustled off with tuberculosis to an Arizona sanatorium while her family somehow forges a path between unbearable grief and unbearable stoicism.

Why did Rose leave the Waltons?

Learned reportedly decided to quit thinking she had enough money to sustain herself and her children but it proved otherwise in the future as she herself confessed.

Are the Waltons the richest family in America?

The Walton family is an American family whose collective fortune derived from Walmart makes them the richest family in the United States of America.

Did the Waltons House really burn down?

Ranch in Burbank. The original exterior set of the Waltons' house burned down years ago, but the home was rebuilt in a new location for reunion specials.

Did Waltons own Waltons Mountain?

The show follows John Walton Jr. (known as John-Boy) and his family. ... Hollywood based the show on Hamner's book, Spencer's Mountain, about a family in rural Virginia. Warner Brothers owned the rights to the book and movie version of Spencer's Mountain so the names were changed to avoid confusion.

What is Kami Cotler doing now?

Today, Kami Cotler mostly stays out of the major limelight. Her acting really ceased when she pursued her education at the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned a degree in the social sciences. ... She went on to work with an education consulting business to ensure students get the best shot.

Who has died from the Waltons show?

Andrew Duggan (John Walton) 1988 at age 64 of throat cancer in Westwood, CA. Edgar Bergen (Grandpa) 1978 age 75 of a heart attack in Las Vegas, NV. Ellen Corby (Grandma) 1999 age 87 natural causes in Woodland Hills, CA. Dorothy Stickney (Miss Emily) 1998 age 101 at her home in NYC.

How long did Waltons?

Beginning in September 1972, the series subsequently aired on CBS for nine seasons. After the series was canceled by CBS in 1981, NBC aired three television film sequels in 1982, with three more in the 1990s on CBS.

When was John Boy replaced on the Waltons?

Wightman replaced Richard Thomas in the role of John-Boy Walton in the TV series The Waltons. He played the role beginning with the show's eighth season in 1979 until the end of the series in 1981.