When do sauger spawn?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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Sauger spawn in the spring when water temperatures are between 39 to 43 degrees F. Spawning occurs at night on gravel shoals. Often, sauger spawn immediately after the walleye and in the same locations.

What temp do sauger spawn?

Sauger are generally much smaller than Walleye, rarely exceeding 4 pounds. Ideal spawning conditions for Sauger occur in April and May at water temperatures between 40 degrees and 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where do you catch sauger?

Saugers are often plentiful in dirty rivers, or in deep, dark holes immediately below dams on large rivers like the Missouri or Mississippi. Where the water is clearer and shallower, not so much.

What is the best bait for sauger?

Sauger Fishing Tactics
  • You can fish them similar to walleye, but they tend to hang out near the bottom. ...
  • Work the bait down till you touch the rocky bottom and then begin a slow retrieve to maintain enough action to lure sauger.
  • Use fat nightcrawlers as bait to catch sauger.

How big can a sauger get?

The average sauger reaches 12-13 inches in length.

Sauger Spawning

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What is the world record sauger?

The world record saugeye stands at 12 pounds 13 ounces. If you're curious, the world record walleye weighs 25 pounds and the world record sauger weighs 8 pounds 12 ounces.

What is considered a big sauger?

Any sauger over 20″ is a nice sauger. A 22-23″ sauger is a special fish. Especially if they've had a chance to round out their bellies with eggs or shad.

Are sauger good to eat?

Walleye and Sauger are two of the tastiest freshwater fish out there. Anglers around the Great Lakes and beyond love these guys for their fighting spirit and delicious, flaky meat.

Does sauger taste good?

Saugers taste incredible. The firm white meat of a sauger is sought after. Some locals will tell you they like the sauger's taste better than the walleye's, as they believe the meat is a bit sweeter. Regardless of opinion, they taste good.

Do sauger have teeth?

Sauger have large, sharp teeth. There are two, separate dorsal fins, the first having round black spots and spines and the second having two light, narrow bands and soft rays. Sauger have large, glossy eyes that see very well in dark or muddy waters. Sauger are mostly bottom feeders.

What's the limit on sauger in Tennessee?

Sauger has a daily creel limit of ten, with a minimum length limit of 15 inches.

How do you catch Sauger in Tennessee?

Anglers are most successful from January through March, when saugers are concentrated below dams. Prime fishing spots from boats are in the eddy areas between the generator wall and spill gates and around the lock wall. The lock side of the dam is also popular, casting into the eddy created by the lock wall.

What do you use to catch saugeye?

how to catch Saugeye. Like their parent species, Saugeyes can be taken with light spinning and bait casting tackle using spinners, spoons, or live bait like minnows or night crawlers. These fish can often be caught at night and are considered to be excellent table fare.

Can you catch Sauger in the summer?

Spring, summer and fall offer incredible fishing for both walleyes and saugers as they are active. A fish of Four Seasons! Saugers feed well both on soft and hard water.

How old is a sauger?

Alongside the walleye, the sauger forms the North American clade within the genus Sander, and the sauger is thought to have first speciated into its modern form about 7.3 million years ago.

How fast does a sauger grow?

Sauger fry will begin consuming other fish when they reach 0.5 inches long. Juvenile sauger may reach 3 to 6 inches long after the first growing season. Female sauger may reach 19 inches long and weigh 3 lbs. Male fish mature at 2 to 3 years, while females mature at 4 to 6 years of age.

Is sauger a hybrid?

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks has stocked sauger and saugeye (a hybrid of the walleye and the sauger) in federal reservoirs where walleye have not flourished. ... Saugeye have also been stocked as an additional predator in small lakes with stunted crappie.

What's the biggest muskie ever caught?

The current all-tackle world-record muskie measured 60 1/4 inches and weighed 67 pounds, 8 ounces, a fish caught by Cal Johnson in 1949 at Lake Court Oreilles near Hayward, Wisc. Minnesota's state record measured 56 7/8 inches.

What is the heaviest fish ever caught?

What Was the Largest Fish Ever Caught? According to IGFA records, the largest fish ever caught was a great white shark that weighed an unbelievable 2,664 pounds (1,208.389 kg.). Caught off the coast of Ceduna, Australia, in 1959, it took angler Alfred Dean just 50 minutes to win the fight against this one-ton shark.

What is the biggest bluegill ever caught?

The Biggest Bluegill in the World

The world record bluegill recorded by IGFA or the International Gamefish Association was caught in 1950 at Ketona Lake, Alabama. This bluegill weighed in at a whopping 4 pounds 12 ounces and came in at 15 inches long with an astounding girth of 18-¼ inches.

How old is a 15 inch crappie?

From the surveys I've read, a fast growing fish will usually make it to 10" at 3 years old and 12" by age 5. Don't recall ever seeing any 16" fish removed and aged by IDNR, but I have seen several 15"-15.5" fish that aged between 8-10 years old.