When something is caveat?

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A caveat is a warning. When someone adds a caveat to something they're telling you to beware — maybe what they're telling you comes with certain conditions or maybe there's something dangerous lurking.

What does the caveat of something mean?

"Caveat" in Latin means let him beware and comes from the verb "cavēre" ("to be on guard"). Perhaps you've also heard "caveat lector": "let the reader beware," a warning to take what one reads with a grain of salt. English retained "caveat" itself as a noun for something that serves to warn, explain, or caution.

How do you use the word caveat?

Caveat in a Sentence ?
  1. The caveat of the contract includes a penalty fee if the loan is not repaid on time.
  2. After hearing the caveat, Henry decided to go with the services of another attorney.
  3. Before you make your final decision, you might want to consider the caveat in this agreement.

How do you use caveat in a sentence?

The court of appeal inserted a crucial caveat to the case. The teacher gave the unruly student a caveat ; if he continued to misbehave he would end up in detention. She put a caveat on the estate to prevent probate. I'll have to add our usual caveat to the agreement.

What are examples of caveats?

An admonition, caution, or warning. The definition of a caveat is a warning. An example of caveat is a police officer telling someone to stop or they'll shoot.

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What is a caveat on a property?

A caveat is a statutory injunction that prevents the registration of dealings and plans on a title, provided for under the Real Property Act 1900. A caveat operates as a warning on a land title to others by noting a person or organisation's interest in land or property.

Is a caveat a warning?

Issuing a warning to a caveat

A caveat is entered at the Probate Registry to prevent the issue of a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. Once a caveat is in place, the Personal Representative will not be able to administer the estate until it has been removed.

What is a caveat synonym?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for caveat. admonishment, admonition, alarm.

Can you use caveat as a verb?

Caveat too has a history as a verb long preceding modern-day boardrooms. In fact, the Latin root is itself a form of a verb: specifically, a subjunctive form of cavere 'to beware' that translates as 'let him beware. ... In the early days of the English noun, caveat got pressed into service as a verb as well.

Does caveat mean exception?

As nouns the difference between exception and caveat

is that exception is the act of excepting or excluding; exclusion; restriction by taking out something which would otherwise be included, as in a class, statement, rule while caveat is a warning.

What does Raptness mean?

See synonyms for: rapt / raptness on Thesaurus.com. ? High School Level. adjective. deeply engrossed or absorbed: a rapt listener. transported with emotion; enraptured: rapt with joy.

What does a caveat mean in law?

A caveat is a formal notice which is lodged at the probate registry which prevents a grant of probate or a grant of letters of administration being obtained in an estate. It can often come as a surprise to the executors to discover that an application for probate has been rejected due to a caveat being lodged.

How do you respond to a caveat warning?

To respond to the warning, you have to send an “appearance” to the District Probate Registry where you originally applied for the caveat.

What is a caveat used for?

The caveat is a notice to prevent anyone being able to obtain a grant of probate in the deceased's estate, which means that the estate cannot be administered while the caveat is in place.

Is it Caviat or caveat?

Informal To qualify with a warning or clarification: The spokesperson caveated the statement with a reminder that certain facts were still unknown. [From Latin, let him beware, third person sing. present subjunctive of cavēre, to beware.] cav′e·a·tor n.

What is the plural of caveat?

caveat. /ˈkæviˌɑːt/ Brit /ˈkæviæt/ plural caveats. Learner's definition of CAVEAT.

Is Caveated a word?

Informal To qualify with a warning or clarification: The spokesperson caveated the statement with a reminder that certain facts were still unknown. [From Latin, let him beware, third person sing. present subjunctive of cavēre, to beware.] cav′e·a·tor n.

What is the opposite of sycophant?

Antonyms: unservile, sincere, unsubmissive. Synonyms: obsequious, toadyish, fawning, bootlicking. bootlicking, fawning, sycophantic, toadyishadjective.

What is the synonym of restriction?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for restriction, like: constraint, enlargement, limitation, stipulation, limited, confinement, regulation, trammel, prohibition, restricted and restrictions.

Can a property be sold if it has a caveat?

A caveat is a legal notice on your property at the Land Titles Office. The caveat tells people that you have an interest in that property. The property can't be sold until the caveat is removed. ... You must show the registrar at the Land Titles Office that you have an interest in the land.

What happens after a caveat is filed?

After filing the caveat, if the opposite party files an application in a suit or proceeding, the court has to compulsorily serve the notice of the application filed to the caveator. The court will send notice of the application to the caveator and the caveat petition to the applicant.

What happens after caveat appearance?

Following an appearance, the caveat will remain in place and can only be removed if both the caveator and the estate's representative consent, or the court makes a judgment that the caveat ought to be removed. Caveators responding to warnings by way of an appearance must take care.

Is a caveat the same as a lien?

Whereas a caveat is registered on title pursuant to an agreement in writing, a lien is registered on title pursuant to legislation (i.e. the law). ... A lien on title means the owner of the property owes (or may owe if there is a dispute) money to someone.

What is the dictionary definition of exultant?

exulting; highly elated; jubilant; triumphant.