When was charlotte hungerford hospital built?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is a 109-bed community hospital located in Torrington, Connecticut.

How old is Charlotte Hungerford Hospital?

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is a 109-plus bed, acute care facility serving the regional health care needs of thirty towns in northwest Connecticut. The Hospital was founded in 1916 as a gift by industrialist Uri T.

What hospitals are in Torrington Connecticut?

46 Hospitals near Torrington, CT
  • Charlotte Hungerford Hospital. 53% patient experience rating. ...
  • The Hospital of Central Connecticut Bradley Memorial Campus. ...
  • Bristol Hospital. ...
  • The Hospital of Central Connecticut - New Britain General Campus. ...
  • Saint Mary's Hospital. ...
  • Saint Francis Hospital. ...
  • Hartford Hospital. ...
  • Midstate Medical Center.

Does Charlotte Hungerford Hospital have a NICU?

The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) staff are vital not only to your infant's health but also to your understanding of your infant's condition.

How many beds does Charlotte Hungerford Hospital have?

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is a 109-bed, general acute care community hospital in Torrington, Connecticut, that serves as a regional health care resource for 100,000 residents of Litchfield County and Northwest Connecticut.

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