When was gertrude ederle born?

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Gertrude Caroline Ederle was an American competition swimmer, Olympic champion, and world record-holder in five events. On August 6, 1926, she became the first woman to swim across the English Channel. Among other nicknames, the press sometimes called her "Queen of the Waves."

When did Gertrude Ederle become deaf?

Tragically, Gertrude slipped on the stairs in her apartment building in 1933 and seriously hurt her back. She could not walk for several years, and never returned to competitive swimming. In the 1940s, her hearing loss became worse and she went almost completely deaf.

Where did Gertrude Ederle grow up?

Born in 1905, Ederle grew up in the New York City area and came from a family of swimmers. Her father, a butcher who owned a meat market, first taught her how to swim by putting a rope around her waist when she was a toddler.

Was Gertrude Ederle deaf?

Ederle, whose hearing was permanently impaired while achieving her English Channel triumph, later became a swimming instructor for deaf children. She was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1965 and the Women's Sports Hall of Fame in 1980.

What year did Gertrude Ederle swim the English Channel?

The German American athlete rocketed to international stardom in 1926, at age 20, as the first woman to swim across the English Channel, a feat only five men had completed, then considered one of the toughest endurance tests in the world.

World's first lady swimer Gertrude Ederle's Early Life of Career and Later Life Biography

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How did Gertrude Ederle get into swimming?

Ederle was born in October 1905 to German immigrants in New York City. She learned to swim at the local public pool and the New Jersey beach, and dropped out of school when she was a teenager to swim competitively. She joined the Women's Swimming Association and won her first local competition award at age 16.

How did Gertrude Ederle make history?

American swimmer Gertrude Ederle achieved fame when she competed in the 1924 Olympics and became the first woman to swim across the English Channel in 1926.

How did Gertrude Ederle go deaf?

Ederle had a hearing problem since childhood and damaged her hearing during the English Channel swim which caused her eventual deafness. She taught swimming to children at the Lexington School for the Deaf. She never married and lived in New York City with several female friends.

How old is Gertrude Ederle 2021?

Gertrude Ederle, the First Woman to Swim Across the English Channel, Dies at 98. Gertrude Ederle, who was called ''America's best girl'' by President Calvin Coolidge in 1926 after she became the first woman to swim across the English Channel, died yesterday at a nursing home in Wyckoff, N.J. She was 98.

Why was Gertrude Ederle important in the 1920s?

In 1926, 19-year-old New Yorker Gertrude Ederle made history by becoming the first woman to swim the English Channel – and in a faster time than the five men who had already achieved the feat.

How long was Gertrude Ederle's swim?

On August 6, 1926, on her second attempt, 19-year-old Gertrude Ederle becomes the first woman to swim the 21 miles from Dover, England, to Cape Griz-Nez across the English Channel, which separates Great Britain from the northwestern tip of France.

Who swam the English Channel 1st?

Matthew Webb, a 27-year-old merchant navy captain, becomes the first known person to successfully swim the English Channel. Captain Webb accomplished the grueling 21-mile crossing, which really entailed 39 miles of swimming because of tidal currents, in 21 hours and 45 minutes.

Who was the first woman born in the world?

Many feminists see Lilith as not only the first woman but the first independent woman created. In the creation story she refuses to allow Adam to dominate her and flees the garden despite the consequences. In order to retain her freedom she must give up her children and in retaliation she steals the seed of Adam.

Has anyone died swimming the English Channel?

Like any extreme sport, Channel swimming has risks attached to it, and over the years ten swimmers have died while attempting the swim.

Who was the first Indian woman to swim across the English Channel?

New Delhi: On September 29, 1959, Arati Saha became the first Asian woman to swim across the English Channel. Born in an Indian-Bengali household in Kolkata, Saha started learning swimming when she was just four-years-old.

Who was the first Indian to swim across the English Channel?

Mihir Sen (16 November 1930 – 11 June 1997) was a famous Indian long distance swimmer and lawyer. He was the first Asian to conquer the English Channel from Dover to Calais in 1958, and did so in the fourth fastest time (14 hrs & 45 mins).

How many sisters did Gertrude Ederle have?

Ederle, a German butcher, and Gertrude Ederle, a housewife. She had five siblings and attended school through her first year of high school before dropping out.

Who was the first Olympic swimmer?

The Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Athens, a male-only competition. Six events were planned for the swimming competition, but only four events were actually contested: 100 m, 500 m, and 1200 m freestyle and 100 m for sailors. The first gold medal was won by Alfréd Hajós of Hungary in the 100 m freestyle.

What inspired Gertrude Ederle?

Later, Ederle said she was most motivated by several encouraging telegrams that her mother had sent from New York, and which her supporters read to her during the swim. In addition, she said, her father had promised that if she made it, he would buy her any sports car she wanted.