Where are the refs from in the super bowl?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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The rest of the officiating crew: Umpire Fred Bryan, Down Judge Sarah Thomas (the first female official in Super Bowl history), Line Judge Rusty Baynes, Field Judge James Coleman, Side Judge Eugene Hall, Back Judge Dino Paganelli.

How are refs chosen for Super Bowl?

The NFL's highest-rated official at each position is selected to work the Super Bowl. This is determined by the league using an evaluation system to grade each official's calls during the year.

How much do refs get paid to ref the Super Bowl?

Getting the opportunity to officiate the Super Bowl is a high honor. But it also comes with a nice pay day as well. While the exact number is not known, the most commonly reported number as of 2019 was between $40,000-$50,000.

Who is the referee for the Super Bowl 2020?

Sarah Thomas Will Be the First Woman to Officiate the Super Bowl. In 2020, four women broke down some of the last remaining gender barriers in sports. In December, Becky Hammon made basketball history when she became the first woman to coach in a NBA regular-season game.

Where is the female referee in the Super Bowl from?

After a high school state championship game in her native Mississippi, Thomas received a phone call from Gerry Austin. Austin himself was a former NFL referee. He has officiated two Super Bowls and served as a side judge for a third in his career.

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What does an NFL ref make?

According to the major sports sites (including FanDuel), NFL referees make about $205,000/year.

Who is the girl referee?

Who is NFL referee Maia Chaka? Chaka and Thomas were the only women chosen of 21 referees for the NFL Officiating Development Program in 2014. As part of that training, she has worked NFL preseason games over the years and counted NFL vice president of officiating evaluation and development Wayne Mackie as a mentor.

How many officials are in the Super Bowl?

There is also an umpire, head linesman, line judge, field judge, back judge and the aforementioned side judge. To determine which seven officials will be selected for the Super Bowl, the NFL uses an evaluation system to grade each official throughout the season.

Who are Super Bowl officials?

The Super Bowl LV officiating crew:
  • Carl Cheffers - Referee.
  • Fred Bryan - Umpire.
  • Sarah Thomas - Down Judge.
  • Rusty Baynes - Line Judge.
  • James Coleman - Field Judge.
  • Eugene Hall - Side Judge.
  • Dino Paganelli - Back Judge.
  • Mike Wimmer - Replay Official.

What is Sarah Thomas salary?

Sarah Thomas leads a lavish life with her millions of dollars. Although they haven't enclosed her detailed net worth and figures, she makes $180,000 as an average annual salary today.

Do NFL referees have other jobs?

They are paid well, but most of them have "day" jobs during the week and throughout the offseason. Some, including referees Walt Anderson and Terry McAulay, are officiating supervisors at the college level. Others have careers entirely unrelated to football.

How much does a NFL ref make an hour?

This was an increase of around $56,000 from their previous amount. After a series of lockouts and protests, the NFL and the Referees Association agreed-upon on this higher compensation for all game officials. In comparison, the average referee outside of the NFL makes around $16.26 per hour.

Who is the female referee in Super Bowl 2021?

Meet Sarah Thomas, the NFL's first woman official.

Who is the female umpire in the Super Bowl?

Five Things to Know About Sarah Thomas, the First Woman to Referee a Super Bowl. NFL official Sarah Thomas has spent her career breaking barriers, and her role in Super Bowl LV is no different.

Which referee threw the most flags in the Super Bowl?

As we noted in the officiating section of ESPN's Super Bowl preview this week, referee Carl Cheffers' regular-season crew led the NFL in flags at 16 per game in 2020.

Do the officials get Super Bowl rings?

The winning team can typically present any number of rings to whomever they choose, including usually, but not limited to: players (active roster, inactive roster, or injured reserve), coaches, trainers, executives, personnel, and general staff.

Who is the black NFL referee?

Chaka said before the game “it's a privilege that I've been chosen to represent women and women of color in the most popular sport in America.” WASHINGTON — Editor's note: The attached video is from March 2021, when the NFL announced Maia Chaka was added to its officials roster.

How many female referees are in the Super Bowl?

At the 2021 Super Bowl, three women will be making history: referee Sarah Thomas and Tampa Bay Buccaneers assistant coaches Maral Javadifar and Lori Locust. Sarah Thomas, who is currently in her sixth season as an NFL referee, will become the first woman to officiate a Super Bowl.

How many female NFL refs are there?

During the coverage, fans were wondering how many female referees are in the NFL in 2021. Presently there are just two – Maia Chaka and Sarah Thomas. Sarah Thomas was the first female to be hired as a full-time NFL official, something she accomplished in 2015.

Where is Sarah Thomas now?

Thomas resides in Brandon, Mississippi.

What's the average age of an NFL ref?

What's the average age of NFL referees? A quick google search says the average nfl ref is 51 years old. We see how much a players speed and skills deteriorate once they get over 30.

What is the highest paid NFL referee?

Who is the highest paid NFL referee? The NFL referees who were paid the most in the 2020-2021 season were Brad Allen and Walt Anderson, but their salaries have not been disclosed.

What are the 7 officials in football?

  • Referee.
  • Umpire.
  • Down Judge.
  • Line Judge.
  • Field Judge.
  • Side Judge.
  • Back Judge.