Where can i watch the detour?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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How to Watch The Detour. Right now you can watch The Detour on Hulu Plus. You are able to stream The Detour by renting or purchasing on Vudu, Google Play, and Amazon Instant Video.

Is the show The Detour on Netflix?

Is The Detour on Netflix or Hulu? Netflix has a few TBS series on their streaming service but since The Detour is so new, it's not on there right now. In fact, most aren't on there so you probably won't see The Detour on Netflix in the immediate future.

Is The Detour on Amazon Prime?

Watch The Detour Season 1 | Prime Video.

Is The Detour on Hulu?

“The Detour” airs its Season 4 finale Tuesday, Aug. ... Seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Hulu. Season 4 hits Hulu in 2020.

Where can I watch detour Season 4?

Currently you are able to watch "The Detour - Season 4" streaming on Hulu, Sling TV, DIRECTV, Spectrum On Demand, TBS or buy it as download on Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video.

Giving your kids 'the talk' - The Detour

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Is the detour on HBO?

Watch Detour (HBO) - Stream Movies | HBO Max.

Is The Detour worth watching?

Best TV Comedy since THE BRINK. Definitely well worth a watch. ... One of the best comedy shows around! I randomly came across The Detour on a streaming service and I'm so glad that I did.

What should I watch after detour?

8 TV Shows You Must Watch if You Love The Detour
  1. The Last OG (2018-)
  2. Miracle Workers (2019-) ...
  3. Maron (2013-2016) ...
  4. Arrested Development (2013-) ...
  5. Two and a Half Men (2003-2015) ...
  6. Parks And Recreations (2009-2015) ...
  7. Glow (2017-) ...
  8. Shameless (2011-) ...

Did they cancel The Detour?

TBS has canceled the Jason Jones-led comedy 'The Detour' after four seasons. The Aug. 20 season four finale now doubles as a series finale for the show that rebooted itself as a new family adventure every season.

Where can I watch the detour Season 2?

Currently you are able to watch "The Detour - Season 2" streaming on Hulu, Sling TV, DIRECTV, Spectrum On Demand, TBS or buy it as download on Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video.

Where can I watch The Detour in India?

The Detour—created by former correspondents of The Daily Show Samantha Bee and Jason Jones, and streaming in India on Amazon Prime Video—is a comedy on the run, a show about a family scrambling and improvising while the show around them does the same at breakneck pace, the stakes getting higher and situations ...

Why is The Detour rated MA?

Cartoonish violence; no blood. Sex (including sexual acts such as hand jobs) is implied, with some sexual situations (including characters accidentally taking their kids to a strip club), blurred nudity, sexually charged kissing, etc.

Will there be a season 4 of The Detour?

The Detour has officially reached the end of the road. TBS has canceled the Jason Jones and Natalie Zea-starring comedy after four seasons, EW has confirmed.

Who is Gene in The Detour?

The Detour (TV Series 2016–2019) - Phil Reeves as Gene - IMDb.

Will The Detour have a Season 5?

The Detour: Cancelled; No Season Five for TBS Comedy Series.

What does Deture mean?

1 : to send by a circuitous route detour traffic around an accident. 2 : to avoid by going around : bypass detour an accident site. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About detour.

Who plays Nate's dad on The Detour?

On Tuesday, the sitcom flashes back to one humiliating stop, when ex-con artist mom Robin and bumbling dad Nate (Natalie Zea and Jason Jones), plus goofball son Jared (Liam Carroll), took on a Japanese game show. Here's more from the parents of The Detour.

Is The Detour a movie?

Detour is a 1945 American film noir directed by Edgar G. Ulmer starring Tom Neal and Ann Savage.

How old are the kids in the detour?

The duo play Delilah and Jared, the 13-year-old twins of Nate and Robin Parker — and they are adorably clueless about some of the R-rated scenes that happen on the TBS comedy.

Who plays Nate's mom in The Detour?

And as you can see in the exclusive clip above, the woman playing Nate's mother is none other than guest star — and Jason Jones' real-life wife and fellow executive producer — Samantha Bee (Full Frontal).

What is the product in The Detour?

After challenging his boss Gene (Phil Reeves, Veep), Nate got fired and is dragging along his family to his work conference to blow the whistle on PFR. In the final episodes of The Detour season 1, it's finally revealed the mystery product was a hand sanitizer that Nate found out was dangerous to humans.

Where was Season 3 of The Detour filmed?

Alberta will be the location for eight of the 10 episodes of Season 3 of TBS's The Detour, which he co-created with Samantha Bee, his wife and fellow Daily Show alumna, based on their own family vacations. Season 1 was shot in Georgia and Season 2 in New York.

How long is the movie Detour?

Detour (1945) - Detour. It might be extremely low-budget and it might not have any major stars but Detour (1945), with a brisk running time of only 68 minutes, may be the most bleak and nihilistic film noir thriller ever made....and that's a compliment.

Who played the piano in Detour?

To save on production costs, Leo Erdody, the film's composer, was recorded and filmed playing two classical piano pieces - Frédéric Chopin's "Waltz No. 7 in C# minor" and Johannes Brahms' "Waltz Op.