Where does the word propinquity come from?

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"Propinquity" and its cousin "proximity" are related through the Latin root "prope," which means "near." That root gave rise to "proximus" (the parent of "proximity") and "propinquus" (an ancestor of "propinquity").

What is an example of propinquity?

Proximity; nearness. The definition of propinquity is nearness in place or time, or similarity of nature. ... An example of propinquity is the nearness of a slaughterhouse to a hotel, making it difficult to rent rooms.

What's the difference between propinquity and proximity?

As nouns the difference between proximity and propinquity

is that proximity is closeness; the state of being near as in space, time, or relationship while propinquity is nearness or proximity.

What is the origin of the word other?

Old English oþer "second, the second of two; additional, further" (adj.), also as a pronoun, "one of the two; a different person or thing from the one in view," from Proto-Germanic *anthera- (source also of Old Saxon athar, Old Frisian other, Old Norse annarr, Middle Dutch and Dutch ander, Old High German andar, German ...

What is the opposite of propinquity?

propinquity. Antonyms: distance, remoteness, longitude, separation. Synonyms: nearness, proximity, contiguity, adjacence.

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What propinquity means?

1 : nearness of blood : kinship. 2 : nearness in place or time : proximity.

What is the synonym of propinquity?

proximity, closeness, nearness, adjacency. rare contiguity, contiguousness, vicinity, vicinage. 2'propinquity of descent'

What does ither mean?

ither. / (ˈɪðər) / determiner. a Scot word for other.

Is others a correct word?

Other's is the correct possessive singular form of the word other. Others is the plural form of the word other. Others' is the possessive plural of others.

What is residential Propinquity?

Residential Propinquity, in which people living in the same area or within neighborhoods of each other tend to come together. Acquaintance Propinquity, a form of proximity in existence when friends tend to have a special bond of interpersonal attraction.

What is the Propinquity filter?

The Proximity Search filter lets you filter for the candidates that are closest to a particular location, such as a company office. To use it, enter a zip code or city into the filter's search field, and then select a radius: 10 miles (15 km)

Why does Propinquity increase attraction?

All other things being equal, the more often a person is exposed to a particular stimulus, the more favorably that stimulus tends to be evaluated. ... Thus, according to the mere exposure explanation, propinquity influences attraction because physical closeness increases familiarity and hence liking for other persons.

Is propinquity common in the United States?

Which term has the definition: marriage to someone from a different social group? True or false: Propinquity, choosing to have relationships with people in close geographical proximity to us, is common in the United States. Consider the major theoretical perspectives routinely explored throughout the text.

Who created propinquity theory?

This is because constant exposure can lead to increase in trust. The propinquity effect was proposed by American psychologists Leon Festinger, Stanley Schachter and Kurt Back in their 1950 paper, “The Spatial Ecology of Group Formation”.

What is the rule of propinquity?

Rule of propinquity. The rule of propinquity is quite simple, "the closer you are to power the more power you have." It can be found at the highest levels of government as well as in the most remote social networks.

What word class is nobody?

pronoun. no person; no-one.

Can others be possessive?

As we've already established, “other's” is the possessive form of “other”.

What part of speech is most?

Most is the superlative form of much and many and can be used in the following ways:
  • as an adverb (before an adjective or another adverb): a most interesting lecturethe question that is asked most often. ...
  • as a determiner (before a noun): Most shops will be closed over the Christmas holiday.

What does out there in the ether mean?

So, to say that something is in the ether means that it is something being communicated from place to place; it has no precise location, just as a radio broadcast can be heard from many different places. The idea of ether as the medium for light and radio died out after the Michelson-Morley experiment's null result.

Is it either or ether?

Either , as we all know, means one or the other: “You will need to choose either the red shirt or the blue one.” Ether, on the other hand, refers to a volatile, highly flammable liquid, used chiefly in industry and as an anesthetic: “Ether is used by doctors to put patients to sleep.”

What's the diff between either and ither?

As determiners the difference between either and ither

is that either is each of two while ither is other.

What is propinquity in risk management?

Propinquity. This term is used to describe the perceived potential for the consequences of a risk to affect the individual or group directly. The closer the impact is to those assessing the risk, the higher is its perceived probability.

What is the meaning of propinquity sociology?

Definition. Propinquity refers to the proximity or physical closeness of one person to another. The greater the degree of propinquity, the more likely that two people will be attracted to each other and become friends.

Does feckless mean pointless?

Someone feckless is lacking in feck. ... So something without feck is without effect, or ineffective.