Who are kokanastha brahmin?

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Origin. The Chitpavan are also known as Konkanastha Brahmin. ... The Chitpavans were apparently the last major community to arrive there and consequently the area in which they settled, around Ratnagiri, was the least fertile and had few good ports for trading.

Which caste is higher in Brahmin?

The Brahmins are the caste from which Hindu priests are drawn, and are responsible for teaching and maintaining sacred knowledge. The other major castes, from highest to lowest, are the Kshatriya (warriors and princes), Vaisya (farmers or merchants), and Shudra (servants and sharecroppers).

Are Deshastha Brahmins superior?

This puts Deshastha presence on the Desh between 1100 and 1700 BC. As the original Brahmins of Maharashtra, the Deshasthas have been held in the greatest esteem in Maharashtra and they have considered themselves superior to other Brahmins.

What are Bengali Brahmin surnames?

Bengali. Bengali Brahmin surnames include Banerjee, Bagchi, Bhaduri, Bhattacharjee, Chakraborty, Chatterjee, Ganguly, Goswami, Ghoshal, Lahiri, Maitra, Mukherjee, Sanyal, etc. A Brahmin name is often the name of the clan or gotra, but can be an honorific, such as Chakraborty or Bhattacharya.

Is paranjape a Brahmin?

Paranjape or Paranjpe or Paranjpye is a Chitpavan brahmin surname.

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Are Chitpavan Brahmins?

The Chitpavan Brahmin (चित्पावन ब्राह्मण) or Konkanastha Brahmin (कोकणस्थ ब्राह्मण) a Hindu Maharashtrian Brahmin community inhabiting Konkan, the coastal region of the state of Maharashtra. ... As per the 1901 census, about 5% of the Pune population was Brahmin and about 27% of them were Chitpawans.

What caste is gadre?

Gadri also called Gaadri or Gadre; Punjabi: گادڑی ; is a Jat clan, today mainly found in north western India and Pakistan.

Is Tendulkar a Brahmin?

Tendulkar was born into a Rajapur Saraswat Brahmin family, in Mumbai. ... Tendulkar was a part of the 2011 Cricket World Cup winning Indian team in the later part of his career, his first such win in six World Cup appearances for India.

Is Pandey a Brahmin?

Pandey is a surname of the Hindu Brahmins communities of Northern and Central India. ... The name Pandey (meaning pundit or Expert) indicated Brahmins who specialized in all 4 Vedas as well as Puranas and preaching vedic knowledge and conducting vedic practices.

Is Sharma a Brahmin?

Sharma is a Brahmin Hindu surname in India and Nepal. The Sanskrit stem ṣárman- (nom. sarma) can mean 'joyfulness', 'comfort', 'happiness'. ... According to Vabisya Purana, Sensharma or Sharma is the first Brahmin surname.

How many types of Brahmins are there?

The Brahmans are divided into 10 main territorial divisions, five of which are associated with the north and five with the south. The northern group consists of Sarasvati, Gauda, Kannauj, Maithil, and Utkal Brahmans, and the southern group comprises Maharashtra, Andhra, Dravida, Karnata, and Malabar Brahmans.

Which surnames are Brahmins?

Mishra, Pandey, Bharadwaj, Deshmukh, Deshpande, Kulkarni, Desai, Patil, Jothi, Kaul, Trivedi, Chaturvedi, Agnihotri, Mukherjee, Chatterjee, Acharya, Goswami, Desai, Bhat, Rao, Hegde, Sharma, Shastri, Tiwari, Shukla, Namboothiri, Iyer, Iyengar and what not. Brahmins use their caste names as surnames with much pride.

Which are the highest Brahmins?

The Himalayan states of Uttarakhand (20%) and Himachal Pradesh (14%) have the highest percentage of Brahmin population relative to respective state's total Hindus. According to the Center for the Study of Developing Societies, in 2007 about 50% of Brahmin households in India earned less than $100 a month.

Which is the highest gotra in Brahmins?

They are (1) Shandilya, (2) Gautama Maharishi, (3) Bharadwaja, (4) Vishvamitra, (5) Jamadagni, (6) Vashista, (7) Kashyapa and (8) Atri . To this list, Agastya is also sometimes added. These eight sages are called gotrakarins, from whom all 49 gotras (especially of the Brahmins) have evolved.

Who are the top most Brahmins?

The seven major Brahmin Gotras take the names of the saints whose lineages they represent: Vishvamitra, Jamadagni, Bhradwaja, Gautama, Atri, Vasishta and Kashyapa. Over time however, as the Brahmin caste expanded, several more Brahmin Gotras appeared.

Which is the highest caste in India?

At the top of the hierarchy were the Brahmins who were mainly teachers and intellectuals and are believed to have come from Brahma's head. Then came the Kshatriyas, or the warriors and rulers, supposedly from his arms.

Is Yadav a low caste?

Classification. The Yadavs are included in the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) category in the Indian states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal.

Are Tripathis Brahmins?

Tripathi or Tripathy (Devanagari: त्रिपाठी) is an Indian Hindu Brahmin family name.

Which caste is gadaria?

The state government issued a notification on Tuesday for including Gadaria among the Scheduled Caste (SC) category.

Which caste is limaye?

Limaye is a family name, common among the Chitpavan Kokanastha Brahmin community in Kokan, Maharashtra, India. The names Karandikar, Dixit and Khasgiwale are supposedly derived from the same clan.

Is Mehta a Brahmin?

As surname used by Brahmins

Among Bania, Mehta surname is popularly used by Vaishnav Vania, Among Brahmins, Mehta surname is popularly used by Anavil Brahminsand Nagar Brahmins of Valsad and Surat regions of Gujarat.

Is Bhatt a Brahmin?

Bhatt residing in Uttarakhand are mostly Hindu Brahmins. They speak Hindi, Kumauni or Garhwali language and are priests in the local temples.

Who is Tyagi caste?

Tyagi originally called Taga, is a cultivator caste who claim Brahmin status. The landholding community is confined to Western Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan. They are often considered the highest of the agricultural castes.

Is Tyagi a lower caste?

Tyagi originally called Taga, is a cultivator caste who claim Brahmin status. ... In 1931, they were classified as a cultivating middle caste rather than as Brahmins, along with the Jats and Bhumihars. As of a 1990 report by the Backward Classes Commission, Government of Haryana, they were mostly engaged in farming.

Is Tyagi a Rajput?

They claim a Rajput origin and their social status is the same as that of Jats. Their chief occupation is agriculture and they have been declared an agricultural tribe in the districts of Rohtak, Delhi and Karnal.