Who is sher singh?

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Sher Singh (4 December 1807 – 15 September 1843) was the fourth Maharaja of the Sikh Empire. Elder of the twins of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, founder of the Sikh Empire and Maharani Mehtab Kaur. His reign began on 18 January 1840 following his assault on Lahore which ended the brief regency of Maharani Chand Kaur.

Who is Sher Singh Bahadur?

Sher Singh bahadur is the father of sher Singh, the protagonist of the story Journey by night by Norah Burke.

How did Sher Singh get the title of Bahadur?

Sher Singh was given the title bahadur because he alone carry his brother from the village to the hospital on time. If he would have taken rest in mean while time doctors would not be able to save his brother.

Where did Sher Singh Bahadur live?

Sher Singh's father was known far and wide (a) ........... 'Sher Singh Bahadur'. He lived a quiet. life here in Laldwani village, grazing his cattle, cultivating his bit of land.

What is the name of Sher Singh village?

Sher Singhwala is a village in Bhulath Tehsil in Kapurthala district of Punjab State, India. It was established by Sher Singh Khaira, some time in the late 1800s, who owned the farm land.

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Which movie is based on Sher Singh Rana?

Mumbai, Dec 31: Actor Nawazzudin Siddiqui is gearing up to work on a second biopic - "End of Bandit Queen" - based on the life of Sher Singh Rana, prime accused in the murder of ...

What did Sher Singh see when he was crossing the jungle?

Sher Singh while on his way to the hospital Sher Singh came across a herd of elephants moving along a water body in the jungle. He saw their ears flapping, and their tails swinging as they moved.

Who took Kunwar to hospital?

Sher Singh, the son of the brave and famous Shikari Sher Singh Bahadur is faced with the task of taking his younger brother Kunwar to the city hospital because he is seriously ill. Kunwar had to be carried to the hospital in Kalaghat.

How did Sher Singh know that his brother was dying?

Sher Singh felt that his brother was dying because his mother talked of the hospital at Kalaghat and to all jungle people it was the last resort of the doomed. 2.

What was the brother of Sher Singh suffering from?

Answer: His brother was suffering from a pain in his stomach. His mother suggested that he must be carried to the hospital at Kalaghat. Sher Singh's father worked as the drum beater for the expedition.

Why did the mother feel that Sher Singh would never get to the hospital?

Sher Singh said to his mother that he would go and fetch him but it could have taken him days and they did not have that much time. His mother also could not take him to the hospital as she had to feed the cattle or they would surely have died.

How did Sher Singh take his brother to the hospital?

Sher Singh carried his brother in a Sling.

Sher Singh's brother Kunwar was very ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. Their mother knew how to make a sling. One part of the sling had to be bound around the forehead and another part of the sling had to be bound around the forehead.

What was wrong with Kunwar?

What was wrong with Kunwar? Answer: Sher Singh's younger brother Kunwar was seriously ill. It was not clear what was wrong with him, but the child was constantly crying due to the pain in his stomach and fever.

What is the theme of the story my brother my brother?

This story is about the heroism of a jungle boy in India. Sher Singh was the first son of Sher Singh Bahadur, a famous, courageous hunter. He was about twelve years old. His younger brother Kunwar was suffering from serious illness.

Do you think Sher Singh should have gone to find his father and not taken his brother alone?

Answer: Sher Singh's father was out on a hunting expedition and it would not be possible for him to find his father in time to take his little brother to the hospital.

Why had the mother to stay back home in the story journey by night?

The mother had to stay home to mind the cattles and work the land without which they would all starve. So, Sher Singh was the only person there to take the responsibility and he was eager too. Now his mother tied the little boy to Sher Singh's back with a sari.

Why did Sher Singh breathed a prayer of thanks?

→Prayer after prayer fled up like birds from his frightened spirit. →Sher Singh breathed one more prayer, of thanks this time, and made ready to move at once. →Thank goodness there was a bridge at the second river, he thought, seeing it already as his spirit strove faster than his body.

How did Sher Singh Bahadur get scars on his body?

With great difficulty, Sher Singh managed to move holding on to the things he could get hold of. But the flood water deafened him and the timber banged and bruised him. The water was too cold for him to keep his hold. So he was deaf, blinded, frozen and drowned.

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Twenty men were gunned down on February 14, 1981 allegedly by dacoit Phoolan Devi and her gang seeking revenge for her rape by upper caste men in Behmai village, less than 100 km from Kanpur. Seventeen of the dead were Thakurs, the dominant caste in the village.

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