Who is the founder of nccf?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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NCCF CEO and President Jennifer Tolle Whiteside worked with Rod as a fundholder and board member for more than fifteen years.

When was Nccf founded?

NCCF was established on 16 th October, 1965 to function as the apex body of consumer cooperatives in the country. It is registered under the Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act, 2002.

What is Nccf on a cruise?

They are called “non-commissionable fees” (NFC) because the travel agent is not paid a commission on those fees. So the bottom line is that by listing part of a cruise fare as “non-commissionable fees” the cruise line is able to increase its profit by reducing the amount of commissions they pay travel agents.

What is a Nccf fee?

Posted March 12, 2011. NCCF = Non-Commissionable Cruise Fare = Same as port charges. Actually, government taxes are also non-commissionable, as is airfare and transfers.

What is NCF charge on cruise?

NCF - Non-Commissionable Fees (sometime Non-Commissionable Fare). The portion of the Cruise price on which the cruise line does not pay commission to the travel agency, i.e., the Port charges and Taxes.


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What is non-commissionable cruise fare?

They are "non-commissionable fares," a set of miscellaneous fees that are bundled into that advertised ticket price. ... These fees have nothing to do with government levies, and cruise lines are free to raise and lower them to reflect their costs. They can also charge solo travelers twice if they choose.