Who jury is still out?

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If the jury is (still) out on a subject, people do not yet know the answer or have not yet decided if it is good or bad: The jury's still out on the safety of irradiated food.

How do you say the jury is still out?

jury is still out (on someone or something)

Fig. a decision has not been reached on someone or something; the people making the decision on someone or something have not yet decided. The jury is still out on Jane. We don't know what we are going to do about her.

Do the jury is out?

—used to say that something has not yet been decided or has not yet become clear The jury is still out on whether the new company will succeed.

What does verdict still out mean?

said to mean that people have not yet formed an opinion about something or reached a decision.

What is the meaning of still out?

informal. it has not yet been decided or agreed on.

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What does this word mean still?

: to become motionless or silent : quiet. transitive verb. 1a : allay, calm stilled their nerves. b : to put an end to : settle. 2 : to arrest the motion of.

What was still meaning?

It basically means that things haven't changed. Example: I loved you when we were married and I still do.

Is there a finger in every pie?

If you say that someone has a finger in every pie, you mean they are involved in a lot of things. ... He's a man with fingers in a lot of pies.

What jury deliberations are?

Jury deliberation is the process by which a jury in a trial in court discusses in private the findings of the court and decides with which argument to agree upon.

What does to have a finger in every pie means?

: to have an interest or share in something a sharp talent agent who has a finger in nearly every pie in show business.

What is your verdict?

A verdict is a decision made after a lot of considering, usually made by the jury in a courtroom. If you've finally decided that the test was unfair, that's your verdict and you should talk to the teacher about it.

How many jurors are there in a case?

In a criminal case, the unanimous agreement of all 12 jurors is required.

What does deadlocked mean in a trial?

When there are insufficient jurors voting one way or the other to deliver either a guilty or not guilty verdict, the jury is known as a “hung jury” or it might be said that jurors are “deadlocked”. ... If a verdict still cannot be delivered, at some point the judge will declare a mistrial due to the hung jury.

What does the jury is in mean?

If the jury is (still) out on a subject, people do not yet know the answer or have not yet decided if it is good or bad: The jury's still out on the safety of irradiated food.

What does the jury has spoken mean?

phrase​mainly spoken. DEFINITIONS1. used for saying that people have not yet decided what they think about someone or something.

Has attained meaning?

transitive verb. 1 : to reach as an end : gain, achieve attain a goal. 2 : to come into possession of : obtain he attained preferment over his fellows.

What is a jury verdict?

The formal decision or finding made by a jury concerning the questions submitted to it during a trial. The jury reports the verdict to the court, which generally accepts it. The decision of a jury is called a verdict.

What happens in jury deliberation?

The clerk in the courtroom asks the presiding juror for the verdict. The verdict is read into the record in open court by the clerk, the judge, or some other court official. The judge may ask for an individual poll of each juror to see if you agree with the verdict.

What is a jury foreman?

A head juror is called the "foreperson", "foreman" or "presiding juror". The foreperson may be chosen before the trial begins, or at the beginning of the jury's deliberations. The foreperson may be selected by the judge or by vote of the jurors, depending on the jurisdiction.

Is there a finger in every pie sentence?

To be involved in several different activities or enterprises at once, especially when maintaining some level of influence over those activities. Monica wouldn't be so busy and stressed if she didn't have a finger in every pie. Paul has his finger in every pie when it comes to local businesses.

What does the metaphor wet blanket mean?

: one that quenches or dampens enthusiasm or pleasure.

What does butter finger mean?

noun, plural but·ter·fin·gers.( used with a singular verb) a person who frequently drops things; clumsy person.

How do you use still?

We use still to show that something continues up to a time in the past, present or future. It goes in front of the main verb: Even when my father was 65, he still enjoyed playing tennis. It's past midnight but she's still doing her homework.

How do you use still in a sentence?

Still as an adverb
  1. They have been together for 40 years and they are still very much in love.
  2. We're still waiting for our new couch to be delivered.
  3. She still goes to French classes every week. ( ...
  4. He's still studying. ( ...
  5. I'm still hungry. ( ...
  6. She bought a car two months ago and she still hasn't taken any driving lessons. (

Have still to meaning?

The meaning is slightly different. The "have still to" form means that the action is required and as yet not performed. The "still have to" form means that the requirement for the action is still in force. It does not say whether the action has been performed in the current instance.