Who made inanimate insanity?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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The Inanimate Insanity Wiki is a collaborative wiki focusing on Inanimate Insanity and Inanimate Insanity II, two seasons of an online animated television series, created by Adam Katz.

Is paintbrush a boy or a girl?

This was revealed in Alternate Reality Show. According to Taylor, at the start of the series, Paintbrush essentially had no gender, as it had not yet been decided by the crew.

When was inanimate insanity created?

The series is about a group of anthropomorphic objects that compete for 1 million dollars, lead by the host, MePhone4. It premiered on April 1st, 2011, and is currently airing its second and third season simultaneously.

Who does Adam Katz voice?

He is currently the voice actor for Baseball, Nickel, Test Tube, Lifering, and Apple, and was previously the voice actor for Marshmallow, Taco, Salt, and Pepper.

Will inanimate insanity have a season 3?

Inanimate Insanity Invitational (also known as Inanimate Insanity III/Inanimate Insanity 3) is the third season of Inanimate Insanity, which was first announced on the Inanimate Insanity Direct broadcast that aired on AnimationEpic's YouTube channel on April 1, 2021. The first episode was released on April 3, 2021.

Why We Made Inanimate Insanity Season 3

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What gender is toilet from inanimate insanity?

Toilet, labeled The Buffoon, is a male supporting character on Inanimate Insanity II and was the former assistant to MePhone4 before being fired after being convicted for having a connection with Steve Cobs in "Mine Your Own Business." He is voiced by Taylor Grodin.

What gender is test tube?

Test Tube, labeled The Nerd, was a female contestant on Inanimate Insanity II. She was placed with The Bright Lights.

Who Killed Adam Katz?

Adam Katz, a 19-year-old Deadhead, was killed by Meadowlands security outside a Grateful Dead concert at the Brendan Byrne Arena in East Rutherford, NJ on October 14, 1989.

What is Adam Katz agency?

Adam Katz is an American lawyer and sports agent specializing in baseball. Alongside Joel Wolfe, Katz is the Executive Vice President and Co-Managing Executive of Baseball at Wasserman, a sports agency. Throughout his career, he has represented clients such as Sammy Sosa, Mo Vaughn and Hanley Ramirez.

Is fan from inanimate insanity a girl?

Fan is the first male to be declared safe in Inanimate Insanity II.

How old do you have to be to watch inanimate insanity?

If you are younger than 13 years of age, you are not allowed to make an account due to laws against underage users.

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Who is MePhone4?

MePhone4, labeled The Host, is a major character of Inanimate Insanity, Inanimate Insanity II and Inanimate Insanity Invitational. He is voiced by Mark Katz.

How many contestants are in II?

The 20 contestants are divided into 2 teams of 10. Tissues is eliminated.

How many contestants are in inanimate insanity?

MePhone4 creates a reality show competition called "Inanimate Insanity." 16 contestants compete in challenges for immunity, and the audience decides who is eliminated.

Is firey a boy or a girl?

Firey is a male contestant in Battle for Dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, IDFB, and BFB.

How old is Jacknjellify?

Michael Yiming Huang and Cary Kaiming Huang (born: March 18, 1997 (1997-03-18) [age 24]), better known online as jacknjellify (or their monikers, Michæl H [or fernozzle] and carykh), are American animators and YouTubers of Chinese descent.

What is a fan object?

1. A show, series, etc. that is the fans' object of affection. Learn more in: Sci-Fi Fandoms in the Digital Age: Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who Fandoms and Social Media.

How can you tell if someone is a fan?

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Fan is generally–and very likely correctly–believed to be a shortened form of fanatic. The origin of fanatic (which can be traced back to the Latin word fanum, meaning “sanctuary, temple”) is less often commented on.