Who was ruth’s family through her hardships?

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Who was Ruth's family through hardship? Dennis's family were the people who helped her through her hardships.

Why does James think his mom won't go to the wedding?

why does james think his mom wont go to the wedding? because she doesnt like weddings since she lost 2 husbands already.

Who was Dennis favorite aunt What did she do after his death?

Over time, he set her up in her own apartment in Harlem, took her out to clubs, and prepared her to become a prostitute. Dennis's favorite aunt, the elderly Aunt Candis traveled to New York from North Carolina to help Ruth with her eight children after Dennis passed away.

Why May James teachers have asked Ruth if James was adopted?

Why may Ruth have gotten upset when the teachers would ask her if her children were adopted? Because her children did not look like her and could get the wrong idea.

What does Ruth say she loves about New York?

What does Ruth say she loves about NY? She loves the movements of the city where everyone is always rushing and wanted to be part of it.

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How does Ruth's extended family treat her?

How does her extended family treat Ruth? they treat her as a grown woman, give her independence.

Why did they finally get married the color of water?

Why did they finally get married? Because it was ironic. Ruth was a church secretary and Dennis was a stout deacon. Who was Ruth's family through hardship?

How did James learn about his mother as a child?

How does James learn about his mother? ... He thought they were going to kill his mom because the whites portrayed them as bad people.

What does James compare his mother's singing to?

James compared his mother's singing to a car trying to start, a Maytag washer, and the shrill voice of Curly from the Three Stooges. ... She sang, though, because she loved God and appreciated church.

What incident makes James worry for his mother's life?

What Incident makes james worry for his mother's life? her family wouldn't allow them.

Who was the oldest sibling in the color of water?

Andrew Dennis McBride Jr. James's oldest sibling. Goes by Dennis.

Why did Mommy Ruth ride her bicycle constantly?

Ruth's Bicycle

After her second husband died, Ruth began the habit of riding her bicycle through the all-black neighborhood in which James and his family lived. To James, this bicycle symbolized her quirkiness and his consequent embarrassment. ... The author comes to view the bicycle as symbolic of his mother's difference.

Why didn't Ruth's parents go to graduation?

At that moment, Ruth felt sure that she had to escape Suffolk. Tateh forbid Ruth to attend her graduation because part of it was to take place in a Protestant church. Ruth defied her father and planned to attend graduation. However, when she approached the threshold of the church, she was unable to go through with it.

Why does Mom say God is the color of water?

She explains that God is “the color of water.” This is where the title of the book comes from. Ruth wants James to understand that he is loved, valued, and important regardless of his skin tone, and so explains that God has no color preferences, as God himself is the color of water, and therefore all colors.

How is the boy in the mirror different from James?

For much of his life James struggles to uncover his unique racial identity, but the boy in the mirror is free from racial confusion. Whereas it take James years to understand who he is and where he has come from, the boy in the mirror “didn't seem to have an ache. He was free.

What were living conditions like back then according to Ruth?

What were living conditions like back then according to Ruth? The living conditions back when Ruth was a child were different and were harder. People died from being sick, there was a depression, and people used guns to hunt and live. There were "shacks with no running water, no foundations, no bathrooms, outhouses.

Why does Ruth say dead?

Ruth explains that she has become, in her words, "dead" to her family as a result of her marriage to Andrew Dennis McBride, James's African-American father. Ruth describes her father, Tateh, (the Yiddish word for father). Tateh was an Orthodox rabbi named Fishel Shilsky.

What disabilities does mameh have?

Mameh / Hudis Shilsky Character Analysis. Ruth's mother, whose full name is Hudis Shilsky. She was born in 1896 in Poland to a wealthy Orthodox Jewish family. Polio paralyzed half of her body, and left her in poor health for the rest of her life.

Why does mameh react to the sailors?

Also because there is no discrimination of color. How does Mameh react to the sailors and why do you think she reacts this way? When the sailors would invite the girls to "Come with us", Mameh would hop out of her chair by the door and stand in front of the big sailors and shake her head saying "No, no, go away.

What were the two most important values that James mom instilled in her children?

James McBride's mother, like Tateh before her, clasps the values of education and religion close to her; according to McBride's depiction in The Color of Water, she enforces them with an iron fist, instilling them in her children as Tateh did to her, Dee-Dee, and Sam, though more out of tough love than for pride.

Is James McBride black?

On the surface, McBride didn't quite fit in; his African American father died shortly before McBride was born, leaving him and his siblings to be raised by their white mother.

How does James initially portray mother?

To his mother, riding her bicycle symbolizes the freedom of movement against the chaos of the world, but to James, it's just a weird way his mom showcases her quirkiness to the rest of the neighborhood. But when James's stepfather, the man he called Daddy, dies, his emotions toward his mother turn to anger.

Who is Dennis in the color of water?

Dennis was a violinist from North Carolina who Ruth met while working at her aunt's leather factory. He was gentle and strong, and fathered eight of Ruth's twelve children. He died from lung cancer at a young age. Read an in-depth analysis of Andrew Dennis McBride.

What happened at the end of the color of water?

She reunited with her friend Frances, reestablishing a friendship that endures to this day. James recognizes that of all the extraordinary elements of Ruth's life, her children are what most define her, and are her crowning accomplishment.