Why is it called a trumeau mirror?

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A trumeau mirror is a type of wall mirror originally manufactured in France in the later 18th century. It takes its name from the French word trumeau, which designates the space between windows. Such a mirror, usually rectangular, could also hang above an overmantel.

Why is it called a pier mirror?

A pier mirror, or pier glass, is a large mirror designed to fit on the wall space between two windows. They were often designed to hang above a pier table — that is, a table supported by a single pier or column. Hence the name.

What is a French Trumeau mirror?

Trumeau mirrors (pronounced troo-MO) are set in tall wooden frames with a large section of painted or sculptural decoration at the top. ... In French, trumeau is the word for the thin section of wall between two doors or windows. The word was first used to describe a mirror on that section of wall in the early 1700s.

What are French mirrors called?

The trumeau is a mirror (pronounced troo-mo) set into tall wooden frames with a large section of painted or carved sculptural decoration at the top. Almost always the trumeau is rectangular in size.

What is the meaning of Trumeau?

1 : a central pillar supporting the tympanum of a large doorway especially in a medieval building.

Trumeau Mirrors

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What do you mean by peer glass?

A pier glass or trumeau mirror is a mirror which is placed on a pier, i.e. a wall between two windows supporting an upper structure. ... It may be as a hanging mirror or as mirrored glass affixed flush to the pier, in which case it is sometimes of the same shape and design as the windows themselves.

What is foxed mirror?

Foxed mirrors are named after the foxing effect that occurs on their mirror surface, either naturally or artificially. ... A kind of antique mirror, foxed mirrors look great with other antique and vintage pieces but can also offer an engaging juxtaposition in a more modern design.

How can you tell if a mirror is antique?

Glass was placed atop the mercury, and a reaction between mercury and tin caused the mirror-like substance to adhere to the glass. Old mercury mirrors age to create a somewhat sparkly effect. If the mirror has a sparkly, crystalline appearance behind the glass, it likely is an antique.

What is a pier-glass used for?

A pier glass is usually placed in the wall between two large windows. It is used as a camouflage device and a decorative piece to cover the mass of masonry constituting the piers in the wall between two large windows.

How do you antique a mirror without chemicals?

DIY Antiqued Mirror (With No Harsh Chemicals!)
  1. After taping off just the underside of the frame of my cabinet door, I lightly misted the vinegar mixture on the glass. ...
  2. Then working quickly while the vinegar is still wet, spray the Looking Glass all over.
  3. Wait a few seconds (maybe 10 or 15?) and then wipe off the glass.

Can you antique a mirror from the front?

Because of that, I experimented a lot and came up with my own way to antique a mirror from the front with paint – no chemicals at all! This method of antiquing a mirror is fantastic because it costs hardly any money at all, is actually very easy to do, and lets you antique ANY mirror!

What does supplicant mean?

English Language Learners Definition of supplicant

: a person who asks for something in a respectful way from a powerful person or God.

What is a pier glass window?

: a large high mirror especially : one designed to occupy the wall space between windows.

What does Archetectonic mean?

1 : of, relating to, or according with the principles of architecture : architectural. 2 : having an organized and unified structure that suggests an architectural design. Other Words from architectonic Example Sentences Learn More About architectonic.

How do you pronounce Trumeau?

noun, plural tru·meaux [troo-mohz; French try-moh].

Can you tarnish a mirror?

After my first mirror was all cleaned up, I mixed 1/4 parts bleach with 3/4 parts water in a spray bottle, and began misting the back of the mirror. ... The longer you leave the bleach water on, the more it will eat away at the reflective coating and the darker your age spots will be.

How does vinegar age a mirror?

  1. PREPARE. Remove the glass from the frame and wipe with a dry cloth to get rid of any dust.
  2. MIX AND SPRAY THE SOLUTION. Mix a solution of one part vinegar to two parts water into a spray bottle. ...

Can you distress a mirror?

Spray onto the back of the mirror and watch and wait for the mixture to “eat” through the finish. It happens quickly so I like to stand by with a paper towel to blot it off. To get a good amount of distressing, I sprayed more around the edges and shook out some droplets all around the mirror.

What does the term pier glass mean as it is used in paragraph 7?

What does the term “pier-glass” mean, as it is used in paragraph 7? decorative glass.

How were mirrors made in the 19th century?

In the early 19th century, a new, safer method of mirror-making was invented, using silver nitrate to replace the highly toxic mercury. This soon replaced mercury altogether. Today we use aluminium in mirrors. It's lighter and cheaper, and crucially, not poisonous!